Open house script aug dec 2012


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Aquí esta el documento para que lo descarguen y se lo lleven aprendido para este sábado. Cualquier duda mi mail es

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Open house script aug dec 2012

  1. 1. OPEN HOUSEBruno: Hi, good morning to all of you! I´m Bruno and this is your show () Are you ready to startcreating wonderful Christmas crafts?Fatima: Hi everyone, I´m Fatima and in today´s program we will give many many tips ondecorating your Christmas tree, on making some delicious cookies and other stuff.Bruno: So, what are we waiting for? Let´s get started with our first section of our program.Fatima: Sure, this section is very important because if you look good you feel good! Our friendsDafne, Genesis, Alma, and Dany will tell us what we should wear to look amazing on ChristmasEve.Bruno: Wow, that´s something I hadn´t thought about…let´s see what tips are they going to giveus!SECTION 1: WHAT TO WEAR ON CHRISTMAS EVE?Dafne: Hi good morning, so today we will have as the main piece of your outfit the scarfs! Scarfsnowadays are so in fashion. Here we have many different types that will make you lookfantastic!Genesis: Everyone says that the main purpose of scarfs is to cover your neck and chest, but Ireally consider that is highlighting your eyes and making you look glamorous!Alma: You´re totally right Genesis! So we highly recommend you that on your holidays youshould wear one!Dany: Well, that´s why I have arranged a complete outfit that I´m sure you´ll love, and that youcould make something similar to this at home! First leggings, I´m sure all of you have ones athome. Then a long sweater that will mark you´re shape, and the center piece THE SCARF.Dafne: Yes, you can also try matching the colors of the scarf with the leggings!Alma: And a coat if it is too cold!Genesis: Yes, I love it perfect for the occasion!Rodrigo: Hey, hey girls but what about boys! I don’t have any idea of what is in or out offashion!Alma: Don’t worry Rodrigo, we have just the perfect combination for boys too!
  2. 2. Dafne: First, denim jeans and a dress shirt.Genesis: A coat or a jacket, and THE SCARF! And…Dafne, Genesis, Alma, Dany: YOU´RE READY!Bruno: Now I know what to wear!Fatima: Me too, thank you guys for this fashion emergency section!Bruno: Mmm, Fatima are you hungry or it´s just me?Fatima: I´m starving, let’s see what Monica, Angel, David and Saul Abraham are preparing…SECTION 2: GINGERBREAD COOKIESMonica: Hello guys do you want to know how to make this delicious gingerbread cookies? Let´sget started!Angel: We printed the recipe so that you can try it at home!David: First I will tell you the ingredients; you will need flour, baking powder, ginger, nutmeg,cloves and cinnamon. Mix them and set aside.Saul Abraham: Then, in a bowl mix the shortening, molasses, brown sugar, water, egg andvanilla. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.Angel: Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius, cut the dough with the cookie cutters and placethem on the oven plate. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, then take them out the oven, let them cooland decorate them!Monica: You can use as many colors and figures as you like! Aww, they look so lovely!Bruno: Thanks guys! Let´s now go with my friends Sergio, Saúl Jonathan, Erick and Andres.Fatima: They will teach us how to stay in fit during the Holidays!
  3. 3. SECTION 3: EXERCISESergio: We all know that on Christmas holiday it´s impossible to make diet!Andres: So that´s the reason we will tell you some easy exercises you can do at home!Saúl Jonathan: The first is called CRAB-CRAWL. Take a seat on the ground. Lift your rear off theground in a bridge with your hands just outside your shoulders. Next, walk backwards 8 to 10feet, stop and then reverse the motion forward.Erick: Do this exercise three times for 30 to 45 seconds each. This routine works on yourshoulders, triceps and core.Hernan: We can guarantee you that you will notice de difference in just one week! MAKES THE DEMONSTRATION, WATCH IT ON THE SITE ABOVE)Saúl Jonathan: The second one is called SIDE-PLANK. Lie on the ground on your side. Yourshoulder should be in-line with your elbow. Lift and hold in the planked position for 30 to 60seconds. Repeat on the other side.Andres: Make three sets, each you will hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.Erick: This is great for your obliques and core.Hernan: You wont have to worry about those areas anymore. Follow the steps and make this ahabit! MAKES THE DEMONSTRATION, WATCH IT ON THE SITE ABOVE)Saúl Jonathan: Making this exercises at home you´ll have an excellent shape for this holidays!Fatima: Thanks guys, it is important to tell our watchers that girls or boys can perform theseexercises!Bruno: Yeah, and they are easy to do too! But now we are going to section we have beenwaiting for!Fatima: Let´s go with our friends Mafer, Eduardo, Jorge, and Gaby.
  4. 4. SECTION 4: DECORTAING YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE!Jorge: Good morning, we will give you tips how to decorate your Christmas tree this year!Mafer: This year what we recommend is to have a bit of fun doing it!Eduardo: Whatever you use you make it special if you do it with your family and friends.Gaby: To decorate this tree, we will be using red, green and gold. You can use spheres indifferent colors, you can choose a variety of ribbons, tie it into bows. Use as many ornaments asyou like! You can add snowflakes, Santa´s stockings.Mafer: You can try also making by your own all the spheres!Jorge: Today we have a simple way to teach you! You will need a piece of fabric of whatevercolor you like, balls of Styrofoam, and ribbon. Wrap the balls with the fabric and make a bow ontop!Eduardo: Feel free to use your imagination!(WHILE Gaby IS EXPLAINING…Mafer, Eduardo AND Jorge SHOULD BE DECORATING THE TREE)Bruno: thanks, now you have a simpler way to make your Christmas ornaments!Fatima: Yes, I definitely think that when you make this things with your hands, you enjoy muchmore this period of the year.SECTION 5: SNOWMAN IN A PENClaudia: Hi everyone thanks for joining us today! We will make some little snowman in a penthat you will adore! Yes, taking Christmas all the way to school, or to the office or wherever youneed a pen! They are very useful at the kitchen or in one side of the telephone at home!Enrique: Let’s get started in our project, we have placed on the rows some plastic bags withmaterial in order for you to make this art craft with us! So please take the bags and let´s begin!Nancy: In order to make this beautiful art craft, you will need: a pen, Styrofoam balls in 3different sizes, glue, black foami and orange foami. All the material included on the plastic bags.Carolina: First you need to pit the Styrofoam balls to make the pen fit.
  5. 5. Claudia: The, you place all the balls on the pen, take the black foami circles and paste them withglue as the eyes and buttons, next the orange triangle as the nose, and finally the black hat onthe top.Enrique: As easy as that, you can also try if you like, to glitter the balls to make it more shinny!Carolina: You can give this pen to someone special as a gift too!Nancy: We hope you´d like making this beautiful Snowman´s pen with us!Fatima: I want one! With these easy steps you can make it at home too!Bruno: Yes, get the material and try making it with the kids at home!Bruno: Thanks for watching us, we hope you had enjoyed our show!Fatima: See you tomorrow with more easy tips to perform at home! Thank you!Music starts (_________starts playing and everyone gather around to sing)Song: Jingle bells____________ starts with an intro and then all start singing.Oh, jingle bells, jingle bellsJingle all the wayOh, what fun it is to rideIn a one horse open sleighJingle bells, jingle bellsJingle all the wayOh, what fun it is to rideIn a one horse open sleigh(sing it 2 times)