Three wedding stories by tiffany bridals


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Three wedding stories by tiffany bridals

  1. 1. love Maggie dresses and figured that I would probably wear one when I got married. On our first trip out I tried on about 5 dresses and liked most of them but wasn’t completely sold on which one to get. I thought that I would like something very simple. Then I was looking on the Maggie website again and saw Jocelyn, which was not exactly the “simple” I had in mind. I went back to the store to try it on and I loved it. The store only held a maggie sottero bernadette 10 sizes too big for me so I couldn’t get a true idea of what it would look like on me but I just had a feeling that this dress would not dissapoint me and it turned out great. When I put it on for the first time I didn’t want to take it off. Know More:
  2. 2. Know More: When I started looking for a wedding dress, I knew that I wanted to wear a Maggie dress. They always say that when you find your dress you know right away. I tried on about 8 or 9 maggie sottero marion , and I loved all of them. I thought that I would never be able to decide. My mom and dad came in from out of town to help me choose my dress. I was finally settled on Selma, but wanted to go to one more store, which had the only dress on my list that I had not tried yet, the Hampton dress. When we walked in and I saw it, I fell in love. I loved the way it looked in pictures but the pictures did not do that dress the justice it deserves.
  3. 3. I spent months trying to find my dress, looking on the internet, going to the local shops…none of which gave me my "wow" that I had imagined I would get when I found the dress. Then I found this site, I saw so many beautiful dresses, but Victoriana stuck out in my mind. I went to a local boutique and they just so happened to have Victoriana and when I tried it on and saw myself in the mirror…I shouted "Wow!" I loved this maggie sottero v7018sa , and everyone at my wedding dropped their jaws seeing me in it. So many guests complimented the dress and one is begging me to let her have it when she gets married. Thank you so much for making me so beautiful because of this elegant gown! Know More: