How to triple your internet shop income


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How to triple your internet shop income

  1. 1. Vanj D. Padilla Certified Blog EntrepreneurAteneo De Manila University
  2. 2.  More and more households are having their own broadband internet connections at home. Almost three in every ten households are connected. Connected ! Soon to be connected !
  3. 3. Mobile broadband internet products and servicesoffered by the telcos are becoming more affordable,highly mobile. Cheap rates are being offered eachand every month.Example: surf all you want for P50, unlisurf for P60The globe tattoo superstick, wifi everywhere, PLDT’sweRoam etc…
  4. 4. Mobile internet is the “craze” nowadays. Wifi- readyphones, Smartphones, Androids, Blackberry, Tabletsetc. They all seem to outsmart one another.Laptops and netbooks are becoming moreaffordable that even students can afford buyingthem.The economy is not fighting back so more and morepeople are hard on cash, hard on resources, cutback on wants and spend less on trivial things.Lifestyles are changing. Photos are digitally shared,documents are either emailed or copied on USB tocut printing costs, those things.
  5. 5.  Make your internet shop as a virtual office for individuals who do freelancing like online writing , graphic design, blogging, data mining, information marketing ,online promotion. You can create a package price ranging from 5,000 pesos upto 15,000 pesos per month.
  6. 6.  Be our affiliate and get a referral fee for every website client that you can refer. Earn P3,000-P5,000.00 per website that we develop.
  7. 7.  Earn P500 per web hosting and domain name sold per client per year.Who are your prospective clients? Business Owners Bloggers LGUs Existing website owners but unsatisfied with current providers
  8. 8.  Earn P1,400.00 per client per month just by referring them to us for website management and/or social media management.
  9. 9.  Earn 15% per seminar attendee that you refer. So that ranges from P52.50-P75.00 per ticket sold.
  10. 10.  Social Media Marketing Program (1month) Online Reputation Management (1month) Blog Entrepreneurship (1 month) Digital/Online Journalism (1 month) Event Management w/hands on (3 months) Experiential Tourism Entrep (3months) Video Production/ Internet TV Production (1month) On the Job Trainees (basic/adv)REFERRAL FEE= P500- P2,000.00 per trainee
  11. 11.  Events are good promotional activities for your business and a good source of additional income too. We offer 15% commission for every event ticket you sell. But if its our tie-up event, we split the profits. We do any event, including Guinness events.
  12. 12.  In blogs, in your screen/desktop, in websites make every available online space for rent to clients who need promotion, branding, and online ads. We pay 20% commission to every online ad transaction that we can place.
  13. 13.  Manage a client’s Social Media presence- Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linked In, blog and earn about P5,000.00 per client per month. We offer the training online at your very own convenience.
  14. 14.  We pay $5 per blog post for Asinan Influential Blogger (AIB ) members. If you don’t know how to blog yet, we’ll teach you how. If you wanted to be an AIB member to avail of all the privileges, sign up now…
  15. 15.  Join us and together let’s give your internet shop a continuous income stream.. Later on , we will be introducing an online store mechanism where members can actually shop, refer, get freebies and earn more commissions. Membership fee until March 15, 2011 P2,500.00 payable within 2 months From March 16 onwards, it will be P4,500.00
  16. 16.  Multi- Affiliate is entitled to all of the above mentioned income streams, meaning you get to earn from every referral you enroll. P2,500 until March 15,2011 P4,500 onwards Affiliate is for students who wanted to learn blogging and get paid by blogging or who wanted to have discounts on our trainings. P500.00/year
  17. 17. Members from today’s seminar will have the chance to earn from the future members that our team will eventually refer.So consider this invitation as a privilege. We don’t force you to join us, but we showed you all the benefits of being our business partners.It’s a win-win situation for both of us.
  18. 18. Thank You Very vanj@pangalatalk.comwebsite: www.asinaninfluentialbloggers.commobile: 0917.572.8265/ 0939.432.4404office: 2nd Fl. I & C Building, Quezon Blvd. Malasiqui, Pangasinan VANJ D. PADILLA Founder, AIB Certified Blog Entrepreneur Ateneo De Manila University