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Paper 6 The Victorian Literature

Hello Friends This is my presentation about Oliver Twist Is symbolism.

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Paper 6 The Victorian Literature

  1. 1. Department of English Name : Baldaniya Vanita Velabhai Semester: 2 (part : 1) Roll no: 29 Subject : The Victorian Literature Paper: 6 Topic: Oliver Twist (symbolism) Email id : Guidance by: Heenaba Zala
  2. 2. Image of Charles Dickens Acquaintance of Charles Dickens Born: 7 February 1812. Died: 9 June 1870. Notable Works: 1) the Pickwick papers. 2) Oliver Twist. 3) A Christmas Carol. 4) David Copperfield. 5) Hard Times. 6) Little Dorrit. 7) A Tale of Two Cities. 8) Great Expectations.
  3. 3. Image of Oliver Twist Oliver Twist Author: Charles Dickens Year of Publication: 1838 Type of Work: Novel Age: The Victoria Age
  4. 4. Symbolism (Oliver Twist) Symbolism London- Corrupti on God- Fear Work- house- Remote Area Child- Innoce nt
  5. 5. London= corruption
  6. 6. Child= Innocent
  7. 7. Work-house = Remote area
  8. 8. God = Fear
  9. 9.  The novel of symbolic presentation.  The soul, or cultural synthesis, “expresses itself in a universal language of symbols.”
  10. 10. The novel is shot through with another symbol, obesity, which calls attention to hunger and the poverty that produces it by calling attention to their absence.