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What does multichannel mean, cover and imply?

Published in: Business
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  1. 1. The multichannel experienceVanina Delobelle, Ph.D.March, 2013
  2. 2. ‘’Multichannel retailing defines the customer touchpoints across allthe channels. It relates to the experience customers are getting byinteracting with the product/brand on websites, rewards, stores,social media, call center, mobile, email, TV, catalog, print…’’ Vanina Delobelle
  3. 3. Multichannel is thecombination of marketing 360, ecommerce and technology Vanina Delobelle
  4. 4. Web The web is the vehicle used to sell the products but also to present the content related to the purchasing cycle. At each step thecustomer will need a certain type of information that will help him advance towards his purchase. Vanina Delobelle
  5. 5. Mobile This covers both mobile phones and tablets. It is a simple continuation of the web.Customers consume the same information on the go. They buy, they read and they decide on different places. Vanina Delobelle
  6. 6. Loyalty cardsThe points are fostering returning customers but also it is the best asset a company has to get a true 360 view of the customer data. Whatever he does across the channels, the loyalty card is the glue to all of them. Vanina Delobelle
  7. 7. StoresIn stores, customer should be ableto experience the products. The stores should be a bigentertainment experience where customers can play, get special offers as soon as they walk in,should be greeted as VIP based on what we know about them. The stores should offer workshops,games, detailed information on the products. They should be able toorder all the products (and should not be limited only to what isavailable in store). They should be able to get the product right awayas they will not wait at the Cashier, they can return their products or they can reserve them and get them as they stop by. The store should be the big Disney of the brand. Vanina Delobelle
  8. 8. SocialBe wherever the customers are! The brand should know how to talk on the different supports. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, blogs, forums, Q&A…they all represent a different segment of customers. They do not want to get to you,they want you to get to them and show them love Vanina Delobelle
  9. 9. Email Emails are not dead but it does not mean they need to be boring. Customers still spend a lot of time reading emails but they want emails to be relevant to them. Personalization ofthe content is therefore key to success. Vanina Delobelle
  10. 10. Call CenterWhen customers call/chat, they want it to be fast. They want you to know right away the answer to their question and they want you to know all about them so that you canrecommend the best thing forthem. The call center agent should be the customer’s personal shopper! Vanina Delobelle
  11. 11. TV Each American still spends 34h a week watching TV. They areinfluenced by commercials but also as they consume already movies, they will be buying products straight from their TV. Vanina Delobelle
  12. 12. Weekly Ads Can they become moreinspirational and easier to scan?Do we need all this information? Why not pushing the weeklyad on the customers’ mobile as they walk into the store and only with the product they areconsuming or the product they are interested in? Vanina Delobelle
  13. 13. PrintWhether we consume more and more content on the internet, we still have relations to printsin many occasions. How shouldmy brand be represented? How do I link print and digital using QR codes for example? Vanina Delobelle
  14. 14. Store Signage This is to become more predominantly digital. Prices can change on the fly, contentcan be adjusted as the customer interacts with the signage. Wetalk about RFID but it might be interesting that depending on who you are, you can get a different message on the product/brand directly while you are in the aisle. Vanina Delobelle
  15. 15. PackagingIt tells a lot to your customer about how you are considering him and the quality of service you offer. All attention counts at each touch point! Vanina Delobelle
  16. 16. What does all this imply? Vanina Delobelle
  17. 17. Consistent experience If you are great, you have to be great all the time! The customer should recognize your touch, shouldunderstand you wherever he interacts with you. You cannot have a greatwebsite and cheap stores. You cannot have a great brand but not talk tocustomers on social. You cannot have a great mobile site but a bad ecommerce experience. Think about how you stay consistent across the channels. Once you set the bar, stick to it! Vanina Delobelle
  18. 18. Branding What is your brand? What does it represent to customers? Who is it addressing to? What are your segments, your personas? WHO ARE YOU? Saying your name is not enough, youneed to have a story attached to it and talk about it to the people it will resonate to. Understand your customers! Vanina Delobelle
  19. 19. …but most of all, it means… Vanina Delobelle
  20. 20. TECHNOLOGY Our world is run with technology. The technology improves the experience. It brings consistency, it brings efficiency and reduces frictions. Technologies evolve as fast as customers’expectations. You have to keep moving, you have to keep up with it. We are now used to travel by plane, why do you still force me to use wagons? Vanina Delobelle
  21. 21. There is nomagic behindmultichannel …there are experiences and atechnology to enable them. Vanina Delobelle
  22. 22. …and… Vanina Delobelle
  23. 23. CHANGEMANAGEMENT It will impact how you are organized, theskill sets you are hiring, your processes…and your culture… Vanina Delobelle
  24. 24. …are you willing to do what it takes? Vanina Delobelle
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