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Teenage issues story


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Published in: Social Media
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Teenage issues story

  1. 1. Teenage Issue Story A girl was on her twitter account and she posted a picture of her naked because she thought this would make her more popular in school (she was a geek) . She then got lots of likes and she thought this was positive and she would be so popular but when she got to school somehow her principal had seen it and he threw her out of school. Her mum and dad were furious, she then went on twitter again and there were 1000 likes to her surprise. She then wanted to go on other social media sites to show the world because she wanted fame, she made a facebook and she got 300 friend requests in one day. One of them was a boy who messaged her saying “Your so beautiful, I know you don't know me but we should start talking cause I am sure we will be great friends and I will help you no matter what”. She then started talking to him about her school and where she lives and sent him more pictures, he then asked her if they could meet. She said yes. They met up at 9pm in an alleyway down the road from her but it wasnt the boy she saw on his profile picture it was an adult man who dragged her away and abducted her. When they got to his house, he killed her, everyone heard about it on the news, forums were made, statuses were made and everyone looked up to her she finally got her wish...she was famous.