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Regeneative skincare by MEDIPOST


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Introduction of skincare business at MEDIPOST

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Regeneative skincare by MEDIPOST

  1. 1. 01 Skincare Business
  2. 2. The first and largest cord blood bank in Korea with 235,000 units under storage (43% market share) 01 MEDIPOST: Major Business Platforms Stem cell banking World’s leader in MSC therapeutics with CARTISTEM, PNEUMOSTEM and NEUROSTEM Stem cell therapeutics Optimization of trophic factors derived from hUCB-MSC for skin rejuvenation Stem cell based cosmetics
  3. 3. 01 Paracrine action of MSC • Much of therapeutic efficacy of adult stem cells (MSC) are explained by paracrine action (physiological intervention by trophic factors secreted by stem cells). • Collection of such trophic factors (stem cell conditioned media) would be a good alternative to stem cell itself for therapeutic efficacy especially for skin disorders or aging.
  4. 4. 01 Paradigm Shift in Cosmetics Industry • Skincare at the cellular level is proposed as the next generation beauty solution, so called, regenerative skincare. • Stem cell conditioned media is at the center of the regenerative skincare as active ingredients. Source: Amazon Japan
  5. 5. 01 NGF37: hUCB-MSC based conditioned media by MEDIPOST • NGF37 is an optimized conditioned media of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) derived from freshly obtained human umbilical cord blood (hUCB). • NGF37 is prepared by MEDIPOST under strict GMP process for its stem cell therapeutics. MSC Collection Donor Eligibility Test MSC isolation, Purification Cell Culture Cell Thawing QC Final Product Cell Culture for Expansion (STEP1) Cell Washing Cell Culture for CM accumulation (STEP2) CM Filtering CM Collection Preparation of NGF37
  6. 6. Overview • NGF37 is a collection of trophic factors secreted by human cord blood derived mesenchymal stem cells (hUCB-MSC) optimized for skin rejuvenation Safety • All safety testings have been completed required by regulatory authority in Korea (general, genetic, skin/eye and phototoxicity) • Strict donor eligibility test applied to all cord blood as a source materials Registration • NGF37 is a trade name for human cord blood cell conditioned media registered to ICID (INCI 22747) and CAS (#871903-86-5) Manufacturing • NGF37 is manufactured at GMP facility of MEDIPOST under sterile conditions (class100) NGF37 Overview • NGF37 (New Born Growth Factor 37) contains 37 key elements essential for skin rejuvenation. • Safety and efficacy of NGF37 is proved by non-clinical and clinical studies.
  7. 7. Selected Product List Brand Channel Product Name Image Volume NGF37 Content CELLPIUM Consumer CELLPIUM PREMIUM EX HYBRID TONER 120ml 5,000 ppm CELLPIUM PREMIUM EX HYBRID EYE CONTOUR 35ml 5,000 ppm CELLPIUM PREMIUM EX HYBRID ESSENCE 50ml 5,000 ppm CELLPIUM PREMIUM EX HYBRID YOON CREAM 55ml 5,000 ppm NGF37 Clinic / Hospital NGF37 TOTAL SOLUTION SYNERGY AMPOULE 35ml 70,000 ppm NGF37 PROFESSIONAL AMPOULE 2ml*10ea 100,000 ppm NGF37 CELL REPAIR CREAM EXTRABARRIER 75ml 4,000 ppm
  8. 8. NGF37 Total Solution Synergy Ampoule • The product was originally offered exclusively to clinics and hospitals for VIP customers. • Recently launched to TV home shopping (CJ O shopping) with a big commercial success. Dropbox link to the shopping show 2017.11.4 2017.11.28 2017.12.10 2017.12.28
  9. 9. (Recent breakthrough) NGF-574H 01 0 w 4w 8w 16w hair density hair diameter hair growth Not commercialized yet [POC clinical trial with alopecia patients][Ex vivo study with human hair follicles] • NGF-574H is a newly developed hUCB-MSC conditioned media specifically optimized for hair loss prevention and hair growth by MEDIPOST’s proprietary “priming technology”. • NGF-574H is awarded New Excellent Technology 2017 by Ministry of Health and Welfare Korea.