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Ngf37 story book


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More comprehensive description of NGF37, a human umbilical cord blood derived stem cell conditioned media, used as an active ingredient for MEDIPOST skincare products

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Ngf37 story book

  1. 1. 01 NGF37 Story Book
  2. 2. 01 Stem cell and aging • Stem cell constantly produces new cells to replace aging cells in human body and maintains life by fighting against aging process. • Prof. Mark Knoepfler at UC Davis even writes in his book titled “Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide” that human ultimately dies in the process aging by depletion of stem cells. #1 :Source: “Stem Cell: An Insider’s Guide”
  3. 3. 01 Stem cells in anti-aging • Anti-aging mechanism of stem cell is done either by 1) self replication and differentiation into new cells to replace aging cells (differentiation model); or by 2) secreting a cocktail of trophic factors activating aging cells and endogenous stem cells (paracrine model) in the body. • The cocktail of trophic factors secreted by stem cell is called stem cell conditioned media and can be used as an anti-aging agents in skincare product if collected in appropriate and legitimate way.
  4. 4. 01 Stem cell and aging in skin • Human skin constantly refreshes itself in a cycle of 28 days (4 weeks), and the refreshing process is controlled and governed by skin stem cell present in epidermis and dermis in the skin. • Skin stem cell rapidly decreases in number after at the age of 30s and 40s, thus the skin refreshing process is slowed down, which is a root cause of skin aging #2 Ref: H. Akamatsu et al., (2016) J. Dermatol 43: 311
  5. 5. 01 Regenerative skincare • The ultimate solution for skin aging lies in the anti-aging at the cellular level, and the various trophic factors present in stem cell conditioned media is the best solution to reverse and activate aging skin stem cells. • Prof. Uyama Keiko at Tokyo dental university declares that cosmetics industry is in the process of paradigm shift and anti-aging at the cellular level by stem cell conditioned media (“Regenerative Skincare”) is in the next wave. #3 Source: “細胞美人”
  6. 6. 01 Quality Matters • The quality of stem cell conditioned media depends on the quality of stem cell it is derived from. • Stem cell will age as other types of cell, and thus the regenerative capacity decrease as it ages. • It should be noteworthy in selecting stem cell based cosmetics to carefully check whether the conditioned media is derived from healthy and young stem cell. #4 Ref: Yao B. et al., (2016) Int Wound J 13: 1252 줄기세포의 노화
  7. 7. 01 NGF37: conditioned media from hUCB mesenchymal stem cell • NGF37 is a conditioned media from human cord blood stem cell freshly obtained from new born baby. • Regenerative capacity of cord blood stem cell is far higher than those from other sources (i.e. adipose). • MEDIPOST’s cutting edge cell culture technology overcomes a scarcity of cord blood stem cell. • NGF37 is processed by strict MFDS regulation in Korea and manufactured under GMP guideline. MSC Collection Donor Eligibility Test MSC isolation, Purification Cell Culture Cell Thawing QC Final Product Cell Culture for Expansion (STEP1) Cell Washing Cell Culture for CM accumulation (STEP2) CM Filtering CM Collection Preparation of NGF37 Cord blood Collection
  8. 8. Overview • NGF37 is a collection of trophic factors secreted by human cord blood derived mesenchymal stem cells (hUCB-MSC) optimized for skin rejuvenation Safety • All safety testings have been completed required by regulatory authority in Korea (general, genetic, skin/eye and phototoxicity) • Strict donor eligibility test applied to all cord blood as a source materials Registration • NGF37 is a trade name for human cord blood cell conditioned media registered to ICID (INCI 22747) and CAS (#871903-86-5) Manufacturing • NGF37 is manufactured at GMP facility of MEDIPOST under sterile conditions (class100) NGF37 composition • NGF37 consists of various trophic factors secreted by cord blood stem cells that contains 37 growth factors essential in skin rejuvenation. • NGF37 is registered to ICID as a legitimate cosmetic ingredient, and its safety is fully proved by non- clinical and clinical studies based on the strict regulation by MFDS in Korea
  9. 9. NGF37 safety and efficacy • NGF37 skin safety (no irritation and no allergy) was proved by clinical study. • NGF37 efficacy on skin rejuvenation was tested by clinical study against 15 skin disorders and troubles including hydration, elasticity, resilience, wrinkle reduction, skin tone & brightness, soothing and dark spot & pigmentation.