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Teen pregnancy issue


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Teen pregnancy issue

  1. 1. Teen Pregnancy<br />Vania L.<br />Grade 10 SVP<br />
  2. 2. Teen pregnancy is the term used when an underage girl become pregnant, usually refers to girls from 13-17 years old. There are no easy choices in teen pregnancy. As the problem continues, teen pregnancy become a serious social issue. <br />
  3. 3. Statistics<br />Teenage pregnancy remains a huge problem in many countries. <br />About 16,4%teen pregnancies happen each year<br />80% of these teen pregnancies are accidental<br />50% of the pregnancies end up in abortion<br />
  4. 4. Teen pregnancy statistic of some countries on 2008<br />
  5. 5. Cause #1: Lack of education on safe sex<br />Many teenagers are not taught about birth control or how to handle peers who pressure them to have sex before they are ready.<br />Solution:<br />Parents shouldn’t hesitate to discuss about safe sex with their children. Schools can also provide sex educations for students. <br />
  6. 6. Cause #2: Poverty <br />The rate of pregnant young women from low income families are higher than those who come from middle and upper income families. In the areas of economic disadvantaged, contraception is not available.<br />Solution:<br />Low income families are often associated with low education. Therefore, parents should try as much as possible to put their children into school<br />
  7. 7. Cause #3: Low self-esteem<br />Girls who have low self-esteem or depressed may have the desire to do sexual activity in order to make themselves feel better. For them, doing sexual activity may give them warmth and remedy.<br />Solution:<br />Detecting girls with depression or serious problems during their adolescence period. Do consultations if necessary.<br />
  8. 8. Medical problems<br /><ul><li> Those <17 years old may encounter dangerous risks when giving birth because their pelvis are not fully developed and may be not wide enough
  9. 9. This limitation may cause infant mortality and even young women dying in child birth
  10. 10. Teenagers require a lot of nutrients for their body and their baby</li></li></ul><li>Social problems<br /><ul><li> Teen moms and dads are usually being dropped out from their school, this limits their opportunity on having good career and they may end up in poverty
  11. 11. Younger siblings tend to place less value on keeping their virginity before they got married</li></li></ul><li>Problems for the child<br /><ul><li>Children from teen mothers have been found to have learning disabilities and behavior problems in school
  12. 12. This happens because teen mothers often chose to continue their own lives and take care of the baby at some other time
  13. 13. Children are more likely to suffer health, social and emotional problem</li></li></ul><li>Teen pregnancy in Indonesia<br /><ul><li>During 1950s, young pregnant women were isolated and considered disgraceful. Nowadays, there are institutions that take care of teenage mothers.
  14. 14. 57% of the teen moms end up in abortion
  15. 15. There are 41 new teen moms every month in Bali
  16. 16. A children institution in Yogyakarta took care of 6 teenagers for their pregnancy </li></li></ul><li>Teen pregnancy in the US<br /><ul><li>US teen pregnancy rates are higher than those of other developed countries  52,1%
  17. 17. After more than 10 years decline (1991-2005), the rate of teen pregnancy rise again (3% from 75.4 per thousand)
  18. 18. It costs $7 billion annually  public assistance, child health care, foster care, lost tax revenues and involvement with the criminal justice system</li></li></ul><li>
  19. 19. Global Awareness<br />American reporter opinion on Indonesian teens:<br />An American reporter said that Indonesian teenagers are so free, exceeding the freedom in his country. Before joining the “Journalist Visit Programme”, Indonesia as a country with Moslem majority population would be a country that stick on religious principles, ethics and morals. Indonesian and American lifestyles are not much different<br />
  20. 20. With proper communication and education, the number of teen pregnancies can be drastically reduced. The unstable emotion and the curiosity of teenagers are common, but with a wider knowledge on sex and teenage problems, the number of teen pregnancies may be reduced.<br />
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