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Ict study case

  1. 1. 5257800-231775Name: Vania Lundina<br />Grade:10<br />ICT-Study Case<br />In South Africa occur engine-manufacturing company, has started manufacturing complete cars. They are looking to sell cars throughout Africa. The factory is in East London and the main office In Johannesburg, where the manager, Simpson organizes the day to day running off the business. The main office employs a lot of workers to produce the company payroll for all the workers in East London and for those in Johannesburg. There is also a human resources department in the main office in Johannesburg, which keeps all the files on each worker. Simpson has asked CP firm and advertising company to publish the business on a large scale. The publish company employs four people including the manager, his name is Mazola. They need to have regular meeting to discuss their progress with various jobs. This is difficult as they are very rarely in the office together as they all do a lot of their works at home. <br /><ul><li>Case A:
  2. 2. The company uses robotic arms, to control a number of processes. Give two reasons why they use these robotic arms? (2 points)
  3. 3. Robotic arms are able to work more accurately than human does. This will help the company to produce high-quality products.
  4. 4. They increase productivity within a short cycle time.
  5. 5. Case B:
  6. 6. Describe how robotic arms are used into of these processes! You will need to make 2 points for each process. (4 points)
  7. 7. In car manufacture company, robotic arms are used to complete many processes of the manufacturing. Using different end effectors, a list of jobs can be carried out by the robotic arms. The types of effectors used are: welding guns, grippers, drills, screwdrivers/spanners, spray guns, polishers and etc. Computer controls the robotic arms, but if the end of the effectors is changed then the programming system also has to be changed.
  8. 8. Case C:
  9. 9. Describe how the movements of the robotic arms were originally programmed into the computer. (5 points)</li></ul>Like the arm of a human worker, a robotic arm incorporates an articulation system or skeleton, and a set of muscles, which together function in much the same way as their biological counterparts. The skeleton is composed of rigid links that connect varying numbers of joints that are able to slide, twist or rotate. The robot's muscles come in the form of actuators that convert hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic energy into power for each joint. Next there is an electronic nervous system of wires and sensors that carries commands to the muscles of the robotic arm and then back to an external computer. So originally, it works the same way as the human body system.<br /><ul><li>Another case A:
  10. 10. Mazola decides he needs to get in touch with his fellow executive. This has to be done as soon as possible. Describe at least two methods by which they could exchange ideas without having to travel into work! (4 points) (Include in your answer additional they would need to add to their home, computers and printers) </li></ul>He could use the teleworking and telecommuting. Tele itself means at a distance, so teleworking means working at a distance. Teleworking doesn’t have to be done at home, as long as the person bring along a computer/laptop with him/her. Fax machines are also needed to share the papers that are used for their work. <br /><ul><li>Another Case B:
  11. 11. Mazola has considered a number of ways in which ICT could be used to advertise the company but has decided on a web page. Discuss the reason for his choice when compared with the other ICT alternative. (6 points)
  12. 12. The World Wide Web is used all around the world. Nowadays, the Internet also provides facilities for people to use. The web page are designed to let the user access the page easily and instantly. There are also web applications that would ease the user to create some kinds of advertisement or promotion. This will also help the company to sell/advertise its product worldwide with the cheaper cost.