Air Pollution in Linfen<br />Vania Lundina<br />A manufacturing industry is dealing with the process of transforming raw m...
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Air pollution in linfen


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Air pollution in linfen

  1. 1. Air Pollution in Linfen<br />Vania Lundina<br />A manufacturing industry is dealing with the process of transforming raw materials into production of goods. In the production of these finished goods, there are both positive and negative impacts, which are given to the environment known as the externalities. The externalities are the side effects that are experienced beyond the industrial sites besides what is seen on the cost and price. One of the examples of positive externalities of an industry is the availability of jobs, while the example of the negative externalities is industrial pollution.<br />Industrial pollution might exist in the form of air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution and other types of it. A coal industry in Linfen city in China is one example. The industry’s activities had given a vital impact in the form of air and water pollution. Linfen city has been found to be the most polluted city on Earth. Its air is turning grey, and the well water is contaminated with toxic waste. It is measured that breathing in Linfen is equivalent to smoking 3 packs of cigarettes in a day.<br />Linfen city in China was known as the city of “Fruit and Flower”. It once became the city which billions of Chinese people are proud of. Unfortunately, the policy of Deng Xiaoping in setting up the economy on a new course had changed people’s point of view. In 1978, people began to build new factories. All these constructions required energy, which was all supplied by the coal industries in Shanxi. Incidents started happening. Chemicals from the industries have leaked into the atmosphere and polluted water with arsenic. Linfen is the worst affected city.<br />For the first time in decades, locals have jobs and something to eat. But at the same time, the number of deaths caused by the activities of coal industry was also increasing. Certain number of diseases was infecting the locals, both children and adults. Cases of bronchitis, pneumonia and lung cancer were counted as the most severe problem in Linfen. People also kept drinking the water that was mixed with arsenic chemical from the industrial waste. Drinking the elevated concentration of arsenic found in water resulted in Arsenicosis disease. The study of toxicology in China found that 52% of water in Shanxi province is polluted and unsafe.<br />Furthermore, the activities conducted by the coal industry give some impacts to the social community. Residents around the industry frequently complained about the air condition. They are claiming that they literally choke on coal dust in the evenings. One resident said, “We only see the sun a few days in a year, the color of our city is black.” The streets are also covered with thick dust, leaving footprints whenever a person is walking on it. <br />In 2004, Chinese government began its campaign to shut down thousands of private coal mining industry, including many in Shanxi province. At the beginning of the year, many of the small industries were closed down. The government was focusing on two aspects: applying the restriction on conducting local coal industry and at the same time encouraging people to work on other forms of economic activity. They are hoping the city will be cleaner and greener for the future.<br />By the end of this year, the city of Linfen plans to shut down 160 of 196 of its iron factory and 57 of 153 of its coal-producing factory. Small, highly polluting industry will be replaced with larger, cleaner, more regulated facilities useful for the environment. Emissions will be cut further by shifting from coal to gas for central heating. Last year, Linfen's residents gained 15 more days of clean, breathable air as a result of the new-implemented initiatives. In addition to air quality improvement, the local government also hopes to prevent serious coal mine accidents, which at this point are the cause of more than 10 deaths annually. <br />Bibliography<br /><ul><li>2006.Three Locations in Russia Are Among The World’s 10 Most Polluted Places. 2010. July. 23. <>
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