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Project Lana | Graduation - PP Linh


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Một trong những Intern nhiệt tình, luôn có mong muốn làm những điều tốt đẹp cho cuộc sống.

Chúc em sẽ thành công !

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Project Lana | Graduation - PP Linh

  1. 1. Beyond the dreamBeyond the passion
  2. 2. I am one of a kind Fighter Easy to be stress =) Love challenges Stubborn Daring
  3. 3. A new chapter has opened  I’m glad to have opportunity to work with the marketing team @ Webtretho, Project Lana  Short period with the team, but I have learnt many things which I could not express through words.
  4. 4. A good starting point •Soft skills about Ecommerce; Digital marketing; PR/seeding etc.. •Work as a team •United team •Good colleagues Soft skills Spirit •Spirit of doing something good for society, especially for women Team work Experience •More experiences in marketing, especially online industry
  5. 5. Special My 1-0-2 boss:  For giving me an opportunity to learn E-commerce industry, to touch my dream; my passion through practicing.  For giving me a chance to accomplish my mission of doing “Motivation for women” project
  6. 6. Big To the team
  7. 7. A new chapter of new chapter  I end the chapter with WTT today, WTT is one of my good memories about careers.  I love my job as a marketer, I have chosen Marketing as my dream, my career, and I would never regretted about it  It’s gonna be a new chapter of new chapter in my career profile. No matter where I work, I would do my best, as my passion of working, as a pride of marketer
  8. 8. When I end this journey, does not mean doors lose… I believe there’s a door opens tons of opportunity.
  9. 9. I would live my passion
  10. 10. No falls no successes …. And that’s what I believe
  11. 11. Thank you for helping me to create more matured Phương Linh. From Linh with