Selecting a website developer and/or a SEO person - August 2014


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You know your business needs a website but you don’t have the time or the expertise to develop the site yourself. However, it seems like every person and their dog is offering website development and SEO services, and all at widely varying rates.Use these slides to help you to develop a checklist which will help you select the best website developer and/or SEO person for your business.

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Selecting a website developer and/or a SEO person - August 2014

  1. 1. Allison Miller, Vanguard Visions Salisbury / Modbury Selecting a website developer and/or a SEO person
  2. 2. You’ll find these slides at:
  3. 3. Session Overview • Why is now a good time to be getting a business website? • Getting a website • Selecting a website platform • Selecting a website developer • Selecting a SEO person • What will you investigate further? • Workshop evaluation
  4. 4. Why is now a good time to be getting a business website?
  5. 5. CC-BY Image: Telecommunications - Better infrastructure / access • 92% of Australian business have internet access • Australian Bureau of Statistics (2013) • 79% of Australian homes have the internet • Good e-practice guidelines for disadvantaged learnersin VET (2013) • 90% of Australians have an internet-enabled smartphone • AIMIAMobile PhoneSurvey(2013)
  6. 6. Internet is already a game changer Source: Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd (2013) –
  7. 7. Connected Small Business, Deloitte Access Economics, 2013 Website = Generating more income
  8. 8. Getting a website
  9. 9. Planning a website “The 3 Biggest Things You May Want To Consider Before Building A Website” video by Hayley Wilson
  10. 10. Define your target market CC-BY Image: Clipart – Target with arrow by anonymous -
  11. 11. What’s its purpose What’s your website’s call to action? CC-BY Image: Megaphone Shout Action Call Scream Loud Speak by Mickyroo -
  12. 12. What content? CC-BY Image: Image: Content Spray Paint Logo - D23 Expo 2011 – Marvel Panel -
  13. 13. CC-BY Image: Branding Naming your site URL Visuals Themes? Colour Schemes? Fonts? Logos? Banners?
  14. 14. Designing your site map Home Page Online Shop Portraits Families Individuals Other photos Landscapes/architecture Services Model shoots/portfolios Weddings Latest news (blog) Contact Us Possible website site map for a photographer’s website
  15. 15. Maintaining and managing CC-BY Image: TL4458 : High Maintenance Life
  16. 16. Selecting a website platform
  17. 17. Types of websites • Google Sites • Weebly DIY websites • WordPress • Joomla Open source websites • Adobe Business Catalyst • Blogger Proprietary websites
  18. 18. Some basic considerations •Which website platform? •Where hosted? •How/Who will maintain/change? •Can you get your content out? •Search engine optimisation (SEO) support tools? •Have a blog? •What data analytics does it provide? •Keep spammers/security threats out?
  19. 19. Comparing platforms CC-BY Image: Functional requirement Platform A Platform B Platform C Provider or Third party hosted Open Source Blog Online shop Export information Others?
  20. 20. Selecting a website developer
  21. 21. Selecting a website developer More information - questions to ask my web developer technology/setting-up-an-online-presence/questions-to-ask-my-web-developer 1.Ask for quote 2.What other services can they offer 3.What work flow/processes do they have? 4.Who owns the content / design? 5.What’s in the contract? 6.Other things?
  22. 22. Selecting a SEO person
  23. 23. What is SEO? CC-BY Image:
  24. 24. What is good SEO? Well designed/functioning site SEO back-end tool Popular Key words (Headings & in text) Hyperlinking (internally / externally) Unique content - images, video (Alt tags)
  25. 25. Driving people to your website Blogging Email lists Social media Online forums Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Other online advertising Traditional advertising
  26. 26. Keywords CC-BY Image: by Cambodia4kids Beth - Tags: Keywords to describe digital objects - “Great content first, keyword research second!” – Jason Chesters 4 Key Steps the Pros Use to Get Traffic from Search Engines by Jason Chesters
  27. 27. Which keywords? CC-BY Image: by Cambodia4kids Beth - Tags: Keywords to describe digital objects -
  28. 28. Which SEO person? “If they promise a search position, steer well clear of them” Not even Google can guarantee you no 1 spot Considerations before contacting • Website designed with SEO in mind • Clear SEO objectives
  29. 29. Which SEO person? More information - questions to ask my SEO person technology/web-analytics-tools-and-tactics/improving-your-seo-ranking 1.Good quality content (over keywords) 2.Previous examples of work? 3.Work-flow/process likes? 4.Pay on milestones / benchmark? 5.Understand your target market? 6.SEO reporting? 7.Methods/techniques? 8.How SEO works? 9.Who will be doing the SEO? 10.Contractual arrangements?
  30. 30. Measuring your SEO ROI CC-BY Image: DIRECT ROI INDIRECT ROI Immediate sales/contracts Sales/contracts which come at a later time Increased hits on your website Referrals for business from unknown sources Reduced time spent on customer service or information provision Increased enquiries about your business
  31. 31. CC-BY Image:
  32. 32. Getting some quotes / advice CC-BY Image: • Do a SEO web search for web developers / SEO people in your industry / locality • Read blogs / articles by website developer / SEO people • Read testimonials on website developer / SEO people websites • Ask in the ‘Adelaide Word of Mouth/Referral Groups’ in FB and LinkedIn • Ask Polaris Centre / BECs
  33. 33. What will you investigate further?
  34. 34. Workshop evaluation
  35. 35. Allison Miller 0400 732 270 Register for eUpdates: Connect on: Twitter - Facebook -