Running your business from anywhere - August 13


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These are an updated version of the Running your virtual business from anywhere slides for the Salisbury/Modbury Digital Enterprise program.

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  • iPadsWifiSurvey at end
  • Raise your hand if you think running your business from anywhere is important?Discuss with the group:Ask everyone to write in the Question box “Why is running your business from anywhere important?”Ask some of those who put their hand up to take the mic and explain “Why is running your business from anywhere important?”
  • Being able to run your business from anywhere means you can:Continue to work on the go, and grab snippets of time to complete tasks eg reading your emails while waiting for the dentist or in a queueRespond to customers’ needs as they ariseChoose where you liveHowever, there are some disadvantages to being able to work from anywhere, such as:The blurring of the lines between work and your private life That you have to have the tools which allow you to work on the runNeeding internet access, which is not available everywhereThe services you use are ‘in the Cloud’
  • Discuss with the group:“Why is now a good time to start running your business from anywhere”
  • Australia has recognised that in order to remain economically competitive it needs to improve its digital infrastructure through the National Broadband Network (NBN). The NBN isHigh speed internet - Faster than we can imaginefrom 100 megabits per second to a peak speed of one gigabit per second*Changing the landscape -Not just with digital fibre but with digital opportunitiesAllowing wider access 93% fibre to the premise7% Fixed Wireless/Satellite* NBN Co Ltd, 2010, Corporate Plan 2011-2013
  • But we don’t have to wait until the NBN reaches us, as the internet is already a game changer, with a number of industries significantly changing or being ‘broken’, for example :Music industry being changed by ‘peer to peer’ file sharing which significantly impacted the number of retail musiceBooks means that we are seeing less and less bookstoresMurdoch can’t dump his newspaper shares quick enough as it’s a dying industryPlaces like Harvey Norman, Myer etc are feeling the impact of online shoppingDeloitte Access Economics (NBN Business Readiness Survey) is predicting that:One third of business are significantly being impacted by the internet now, with nearly 5 out of 10 businesses feeling some impact (32% + 17%) on the short fuse
  • We are seeing more and more people turning to the web to shop, study and search for information about products and services.Online education and shopping are among the top five industries predicted to grow by around 10% both in 2012 and 2013, and beyond
  • Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). The name comes from the use of a cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it contains in system diagrams. Cloud computing entrusts remote services with a user's data, software and computation.(
  • What terms do people know – how are they using these?What will you do differently in your business?
  • One early SpiderOak Blue Private Cloud customer is the Department of Defense. Oberman says he can't discuss specifics of the deployment at the moment but notes that over 10,000 users are presently involved and that the deployment is likely to serve over 100,000 users eventually. "It's pretty significant," he said.
  • So what cloud services allow you to effectively run your business from anywhere?We will look at a variety of services grouped under: Communication, Admin/Finance and Personnel Management tools.
  • Cost of infrastructure, subscriptions, data plans,
  • Security – of devices, passwords, back ups, privacy, sync (viruses?)
  • Interoperability – between devices, using apps, browsers, systems – open data formats
  • Online sites update more regularly –staying up to date
  • What will you investigate further and why?
  • Ask participants to complete the online workshop evaluation
  • Running your business from anywhere - August 13

    1. 1. Running your business from anywhere Allison Miller, Vanguard Visions Consulting Modbury & Salisbury
    2. 2. Session Overview • Pros/Cons of running your business from anywhere • Your business on the go toolkit • Communication Tools • Admin/Finance Tools • Personnel Support • Key Considerations
    3. 3. Why run your business from anywhere?
    4. 4. Pros: • Anytime / anywhere productivity • Improved customer service • Supports Sea / Tree Change Cons: • Work-life balance • Multi-deviced • Need internet connection • Work in the Cloud Why run your business from anywhere? Image: „In the middle of nowhere!‟ by Jennifrog -
    5. 5. Why is now a good time?
    6. 6. Image: “NBN Connection” by Vanguard Visions Consulting - National Broadband Network = NBN • High speed internet - Faster than we can imagine • from 100 megabits per second to a peak speed of one gigabit per second* • Access for everyone • 93% fibre to the premise • 7% Fixed Wireless/Satellite • Changing the landscape - • Not just with digital* NBN Co Ltd, 2010, Corporate Plan 2011-2013
    7. 7. Internet is already a game changer Source: Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd (2013) – economics/05660fd56ab1e310VgnVCM1000003256f70aRCRD.htm
    8. 8. Top five industries to fly in 2013 in Australia Source: Ibis World (2013) –
    9. 9. Your business on-the-go Toolkit
    10. 10. Image: Laptop: – Tablet: - Smartphone: – PocketWifi - Your Business on the go Toolkit
    11. 11. Image: Laptop: – Tablet: - Smartphone: – PocketWifi - Getting your Business on the Go Toolkit to talk to one another
    12. 12. Image: Cloud Computing aka “the Cloud”
    13. 13. Pros: • Anytime, anywhere, any device • Quickly ‘scale up’ • External backup-storage/services • Reduced license costs • Collaboration • Synchronisation Cons: • Where is the data? Security/Privacy/Confidentiality • Need internet connection • Vendor lock-in Using the Cloud Image: „Open Sky‟ by Vanguard Visions Consulting -
    14. 14. Types of Cloud Services Image: 'What Type of Cloud?: Private, Public or+Hybrid?' -
    15. 15. Some Examples of Public Cloud Services
    16. 16. Some Examples of Private Cloud Services
    17. 17. Your business on-the-go support services
    18. 18. Communication Tools
    19. 19. Some Examples of Online Email Services
    20. 20. Some Examples of Virtual Meeting Services
    21. 21. Some Examples of Social Media Services
    22. 22. An examples of an internal Social Media Service
    23. 23. Admin/Finance Tools
    24. 24. Some Examples of Online Calendar Services Image: icalendar: outlook calendar:
    25. 25. Some Examples of Admin Support Services
    26. 26. Some Examples of Online Accounting Services
    27. 27. Some Examples of Online Sharing/ Collaboration Programs Image: '#BOFA 2009.04.20 Inbox Bank of America | Online Banking | Customer Service | Mail List_1240282668937„ -
    28. 28. Some Examples of Online Payment Gateways Image: '#BOFA 2009.04.20 Inbox Bank of America | Online Banking | Customer Service | Mail List_1240282668937„ -
    29. 29. Some Examples of Online To-Do-Lists Image: '#BOFA 2009.04.20 Inbox Bank of America | Online Banking | Customer Service | Mail List_1240282668937„ -
    30. 30. Personnel Support
    31. 31. Some Examples of Online Project Management Services
    32. 32. Some Examples of Online CRM Services
    33. 33. Key Considerations of operating a virtual business from anywhere
    34. 34. Costs Benefits/ROI Image: Qr-ing it everywhere -
    35. 35. Security Image: University of Adelaide – Hub Central -
    36. 36. Interoperability Image: Adelaide Mini-Maker Faire -
    37. 37. Changes Image: Changes: Changes:
    38. 38. The web is a portal to your business Image: 'An artist's impression of a portal or door to the spirit world' -
    39. 39. What will you investigate further?
    40. 40. Workshop evaluation
    41. 41. Want to know more? More info: Register for eUpdates: Follow on: Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn - Google+ - Pinterest -
    42. 42. Allison Miller 0400 732 270