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mmBOP - Solve the top 3 frustrations of doing business online - 010514


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Every small business needs an advantage in the growing digital economy - something that puts them ahead of other businesses. Doing business online isn’t always easy so it is important to focus your resources effectively and avoid becoming 'digital roadkill'.

We surveyed small businesses in March 2014 and asked, what are the three biggest frustrations of doing business online?

Through this presentation we will outline the results and present practical solutions based on those businesses who have a digital advantage now and those that want one. This starts by undertaking a Digital Health Check and building an action plan to improve your online:

- focus and effectiveness
- investment and return
- engagement and relationships
- productivity and practices

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mmBOP - Solve the top 3 frustrations of doing business online - 010514

  1. 1. Solve the top 3 frustrations of doing business online Wendy Perry, Workforce BluePrint Allison Miller, Vanguard Visions Ian Newton, TAFE NSW – North Coast 1 May 2014 - #mmBOPau
  2. 2. #mmBOPau Facilitators
  3. 3. #mmBOPau Webinar protocols • Webinar is recorded • 1 person speaking at a time – all muted • Get involved – use questions/chat box and raise your hands • Put a smile in your voice when using a mike
  4. 4. #mmBOPau What’s next?
  5. 5. #mmBOPau Small Business Online Survey – March 2014 What's frustrating you about doing business online?
  6. 6. #mmBOPau Question? What are your top 3 frustrations for doing business online?
  7. 7. #mmBOPau CC-BY Image: from Wikipedia - Join Digital Enabled Capability Development Network
  8. 8. #mmBOPau Frustrations we can solve: Why be online? How to get started? Who to engage with?
  9. 9. #mmBOPau Question? Any other frustrations?
  10. 10. #mmBOPau How can mmBOP help? 2014 Stay Smart Online Week Free Webinar: Top tips for protecting your business online 3 June 2014
  11. 11. Doing Business Online Where is your business on the Digital Superhighway Matrix? KNOW about doing business online DON’T KNOW about doing business online KNOW how to do business online DIGITAL NAVIGATOR (Destination) DIGITAL BLINDSPOT (Overtaken) DON’T KNOW how to do business online DIGITAL HITCHHIKER (Transit) DIGITAL ROADKILL (Death)
  12. 12. #mmBOPau Case studies • Hitchhiker - Fringes • Blindspot - Harvey Norman, David Jones • Roadkill - Borders • Navigator – The Aston Club, Uber and Braintree
  13. 13. #mmBOPau
  14. 14. #mmBOPau
  15. 15. #mmBOPau
  16. 16. Focus and effectiveness (Strategy) The Roadmap needed to be a digital business survivor Investment and return (Sustainability) The Fuel needed to run your digital business Engagement and relationships (People) The Passengers needed to interact with your digital business Productivity and practices (Business processes) The Car needed to drive your digital business Doing Business Online – Where are your business’ strengths and gaps? Rate your business out of 10 for each dimension
  17. 17. #mmBOPau Text
  18. 18. #mmBOPau Navigator Balanced Scorecard 1. Develop the product concept - strategy 2. Scale the offer – productivity and practices 3. Measure and increase the lifetime value of a customer - sustainability 4. Acquire customers at scale – engagement and relationships Michael Fox – Shoes of Prey
  19. 19. #mmBOPau • Bespoke Women’s Shoes • 3 founders - range of complementary skills • Addressed Key Problems: • Style • Access • Customisation • Constantly fine tuned the concept Concept
  20. 20. #mmBOPau Scale the Offer • Team had considerable technical expertise • Used cloud services for scalability • Increased team size but used outsourcing for production
  21. 21. #mmBOPau Measure and increase the lifetime value of a customer • LTV = Expected Life x Avg. Revenue per User x Gross Margin • Repeat business is the best business • Increase the value to your customers • Raise Productivity – bigger margin
  22. 22. #mmBOPau Acquire customers at scale 16 yr old youTuber, Juicystar07 aka Blair Fowler - fashion tips webinar broadcast
  23. 23. #mmBOPau Acquire the right customers • 13 to 16 year old girls liked designing shoes on website but didn’t buy – but required massive scale up of website • Article in Wall Street Journal and other business and ebusiness blogs about the success of the webinar informed the right customers i.e. business women with high disposable income and a need to dress formally • Sales increased dramatically
  24. 24. #mmBOPau Question? What do you need to do to solve your frustrations of doing business online?
  25. 25. #mmBOPau Future Webinars & Programs • Social Media Strategies for Small Business – webinar - 8 May 2014 - 7.30 pm AEST • Engaging Young People via Social Media – 6 June 2014 – 2.30 pm AEST • mmBOP – all programs and tools
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  29. 29. Thank You #mmBOPau