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Lifelong learning or continuous professional development (CPD) is becoming more and more important. But how do we manage this learning and the knowledge that we create. This presentation offers some ways that an eportfolio can support this.

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  • Introduce yourself
  • This is an example of an eportfolio created by Jason Renshaw, at teacher at the GTEC at The Gordon in Victoria. This eportfolio is being used to collect different VCAL Literacy Resources and Templates.This page can be viewed at: http://eworks.maharasites.com/view/view.php?id=8599
  • Eportfolios provide a ‘one stop shop’ to help staff maintain currency by:Providing a space to develop an annual learning plan which highlights how maintaining professional and vocational currency will be achieved. This can be mapped to performance appraisals/reviews.Having a place to track PD by collecting evidence of currency, such as certificates of participation; examples which demonstrate the incorporation of current industry practice; and/or keeping a ‘learning log’ or ‘reflective journal’, making demonstrating currency at any point in time very easy. This evidence can also be used for RPL, a promotion or grant funding.Enabling colleagues or managers, mentors or coaches the opportunity to view the progress of a staff member’s ongoing professional development through ongoing access to and commenting on the eportfolioHelping people to develop or strengthen their digital literacy by learning how to manage their own learning using an eportfolio
  • This is an example of a continuing professional development (CPD) template developed by a University of South Australia staff memberView this page at: http://ep.unisa.edu.au/view/view.php?id=827
  • This is my eportfolio page which helps me manage my own professional development planView this page at: http://digitalcapability.com.au/view/view.php?id=549
  • Even before thinking about which eportfolio system or tool to use to manage staff PD, there are a number of steps to go through:Engage with all key stakeholders about how what the benefits and challenges of using an eportfolio to manage staff PD will beUse this information to help formulate a clear purpose statement about how and why the eportfolio will help staff manage their PD and what types of PD will be managed within the eportfolioInvolve HR and managers in the implementation process, as the information gathered in the eportfolio will also serve some of their needs for performance reviews and reportingDevelop an integration strategy which highlights when and how the eportfolio will be integrated in to existing staff development processesCo-ordinate a communication strategy which outlines when and how key stakeholders will be informed and introduced to the eportfolioDetermine what key functions will be required of the eportfolio system to support staff effectively manage their PDInvestigate what resourcing will be required to implement the eportfolio system and support staff it on an ongoing basis
  • The Australian Computer Society use an eportfolio to help students demonstrate their skills and ability against the industry’s standard, which is the “Skills Framework for the Information Age” as part of their study program, as well as plan and manage their future academic/career goals. This means their students will have a structure to be able to demonstrate to potential employer to get a job or to an existing employer to gain a promotion.This information could also be used to gain grant funding or seeking investment funding or a loan.View this page at: http://eportfolio.acseducation.edu.au/user/view.php?id=60
  • In this screen shot, the student is documenting the evidence they have for demonstrating different components of the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA).This screen shot highlights what the key skills areas are in the SFIA and what evidence the student has to demonstrate that he has met this criteria.View this page at: http://eportfolio.acseducation.edu.au/view/view.php?id=429
  • In this screen shot, the student is presenting their learning goals, and how these have been/will be achieved. The student has listed where and how they will achieve their Academic Goals, and when they have been achieved.This information is useful for the student to have all of this in the one place for managing the PD, using in a performance review or adding to a resume or grant application.View this page at: http://eportfolio.acseducation.edu.au/view/view.php?id=430
  • Eportfolios for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) - 270613

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    3. 3. Example of use: Jason Renshaw, The Gordon VCAL Literacy Teacher To view this page, click here
    4. 4. Eportfolios as a one stop shop for CPD
    5. 5. Examples of use: University of South Australia – Continuing Professional Development registration standard To view this page, click here
    6. 6. Examples of use: Allison Miller – Managing professional development plans To view this page, click here
    7. 7. Getting Started Eportfolios to manage Staff PD Engage stakeholders Clear purpose Involve HR/Managers Integration strategy Comms strategy Key functions Resourcing
    8. 8. Case study: Australian Computer Society – Demonstrating industry standards To view this page, click here
    9. 9. Case Study: Australian Computer Society – Demonstrating industry standards To view this page, click here
    10. 10. Case Study: Australian Computer Society – Demonstrating industry standards To view this page, click here
    11. 11. Resources Eportfolio Communities of Practice For additional online Social Bookmarking resources, click here
    12. 12. Eportfolio Forum University of Canberra 2-3 October 2013 bit.ly/2013eportfolioforum follow ePortfolios Australia: Twitter: twitter.com/eportfoliosaust Facebook: facebook.com/eportfoliosaust Slideshare: slideshare.net/eportfoliosaustralia Updates: bit.ly/eportaustupdates
    13. 13. Resources Eportfolios Training Services Publications Presentations & Articles Support for implementing eportfolios
    14. 14. vanguardvisionsconsulting.com.au Allison Miller 0400 732 270 allison@vanguardvisions.com.au vanguardvisionsconsulting.com.au