What do Visitors Really Think of Your Association Website?


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What do Visitors Really Think of Your Association Website?

  1. 1. What Do Visitors ReallyThink of Your Website? Dec 5 – 10:30 AM H u b Ta g : # t e c h 1 2 L C 2 L i n d a C h re n o Amanda MacEvitt Ray van Hilst
  2. 2. How do your membersREALLY use the web? #tech12  LC2  
  3. 3. “Google  is  my  homepage  so   everything  starts  there.”  “I  Google  something  at  least  12  to  14  3mes  a  day.”   “Google  is  my  primary  research  source.”   “If  I  need  something  I  Google  it.”   “I  keep  up  to  date  on  my  industry   with  Google  alerts.”  
  4. 4. Cluttered Online World•  They turn to Google first•  Competition drives users to other sites•  Your association website is not top of mind #tech12  LC2  
  5. 5. How Often Do You Visit Your Association’s Website? 1.9%   2.4%   Daily   10.5%   A  few  Hmes  a  week   44.7%   40.5%   A  few  Hmes  a  month   A  few  Hmes  a  year   I  have  never  visited  the  site  Data  Sampling  from  10  AssociaHons,  Vanguard  Technology   #tech12  LC2  
  6. 6. Your Website is NOT a Destination•  At most your members visit “a couple of times a month”•  At worst they visit a few times a year. #tech12  LC2  
  7. 7. They Don’t Stay Long •  Users leave Web pages in 10–20 seconds –  However pages with a clear value proposition hold attention for much longer •  The average page visit is less than a minute. –  Users only read a quarter of the content on the pagehNp://www.useit.com/alertbox/page-­‐abandonment-­‐Hme.html   #tech12  LC2  
  8. 8. F-Shaped Patterns•  Users first read in a horizontal movement, usually across the upper part of the content area.•  Next, they move down the page a bit and then read across in a second horizontal movement –  Typically covers a shorter area than the previous movement.•  Finally, users scan the contents left side in a vertical movement. #tech12  LC2  
  9. 9. Layout Implications•  Communicate user value quickly –  Base navigation and layout on key user needs –  Keep the user and let them explore based on their need•  Differentiate between functional and operational navigation•  Build a relationship and then convert #tech12  LC2  
  10. 10. How Users Read Online•  Users don’t read… they scan –  Headers and subheads –  Highlighted words –  Bullets and lists•  They “Satisfice” –  Click on the first relevant link•  They “muddle through” #tech12  LC2  
  11. 11. “Get  rid  of  half  of  the  words  on  the  page,  then  get  rid  of  half  of  what’s  leU.”     Steve  Krug’s  3rd  Law  of  Usability   #tech12  LC2  
  12. 12. Readability Improvements•  Highlight keywords•  Use meaningful, relevant sub-headings•  Bulleted lists•  One idea per paragraph•  Inverted pyramid style, start with the conclusion•  Half the word count (or less) than conventional writing #tech12  LC2  
  13. 13. Content Considerations•  How often is content refreshed?•  Who is your audience?•  Is it interesting and approachable?•  Is it relevant to your readers pain points?•  Do you have visual content?•  Is your content global ready? #tech12  LC2  
  14. 14. What members think of yourcurrent site #tech12  LC2  
  15. 15. What Members Like Best 1.  Events – 50.8% 2.  Industry Resources and Tools – 42.6% 3.  Member Directory– 37.7% 4.  Industry News – 31.1% 5.  Association News – 27.9%Vanguard  Technology    AssociaHon  Redesign  Benchmarking  Survey,  2012   #tech12  LC2  
  16. 16. What They Don’t Like 1.  Can’t find info they need – 62.1% 2.  Can’t remember login – 48.5% 3.  Poor usability – 45.5% 4.  Outdated content – 19.7% 5.  Lack of content – 10.5%Vanguard  Technology    AssociaHon  Redesign  Benchmarking  Survey,  2012   #tech12  LC2  
  17. 17. #tech12  LC2  
  18. 18. Website Review #tech12  LC2  
  19. 19. Key Questions•  Do you know who I am? –  Do you have content I want? –  Can you solve a problem I have?•  Do I know what to do? –  Where do I find the information I want? –  How do I discover what you have to offer? #tech12  LC2  
  20. 20. Quick Review Checklist•  First Impression: or  •  Where does your eye go first: –  Top Left Top Center Top Right –  Bottom Left Bottom Center Bottom Right•  Do you see organization name?•  Do you like the colors? Yes or No•  Do you like the look? Yes or No #tech12  LC2  
  21. 21.  www.nasn.org  NaHonal  AssociaHon  of  School  Nurses   #tech12  LC2  
  22. 22. •  Healthcare Businesswomens Associations www.hbanet.org #tech12  LC2  
  23. 23. Distance  EducaHon  and  Training  Council:  hNp://www.detc.org   #tech12  LC2    
  24. 24. Specialty  Equipment  Market  AssociaHon:    hNp://www.sema.org   #tech12  LC2  
  25. 25. California  Hospice  and  PalliaHve  Care  AssociaHon:    www.calhospice.org  #tech12  LC2  
  26. 26. Open Review #tech12  LC2  
  27. 27. More Sites to Review•  www.trpa.net•  www.nellco.org•  www.forestprod.org•  www.acaplanners.org•  www.isawwa.org•  www.assocforum.org•  www.highroadsolutions.com #tech12  LC2  
  28. 28. Before and After #tech12  LC2  
  29. 29. #tech12  LC2  
  30. 30. #tech12  LC2  
  31. 31. Finishing Touches #tech12  LC2  
  32. 32. Have You Considered?•  508 Compliance•  Search Engine Optimization•  Non-Dues Revenue•  Conversion•  Error Pages•  Site Performance•  Cross Platform and Mobile Ready #tech12  LC2  
  33. 33. #tech12  LC2  
  34. 34. from  the  MarkeHngSherpa  2012  Website  OpHmizaHon  Benchmark  Report,  average  conversion  rates  broken  down  by  industry   #tech12  LC2  
  35. 35. #tech12  LC2  
  36. 36. Top 10 Must Have’s For Your Association Website1.  Clean, uncluttered layout (so the user isn’t confused)2.  User centric navigation (make the user feel at home)3.  Navigation clues – breadcrumbs and footer links (so the user doesn’t get lost)4.  Consistent page elements (so I know where to look)5.  Good, relevant content written in plain English (for the web)6.  Real photos of your members (not stock)7.  Conversion points with Calls-to-Action (CTA) (so you can sell stuff)8.  Responsive web design (for future devices)9.  Google analytics (so you know what works… and what doesn’t)10.  Social integration and sharing (so your content can be shared) #tech12  LC2  
  37. 37. Resources•  Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug•  25 Website Must Haves by Hubspot•  SEO for Associations•  Go Radical: Could MySpace and Digg Be Role Models?•  Useit.com – Jakob Nielsen’s Site•  Crazyegg.com – Heat Mapping•  fivesecondtest.com – Click testing and more•  Before and After Page Design by John McWade•  Hubspot Marketing Grader•  How to Make Your Website Awesome In Seven Weeks by John Haydon #tech12  LC2  
  38. 38. www.vtcus.com/tech12 #tech12  LC2  
  39. 39. Get in Touch•  Linda Chreno, CAE, IOM –  lindachreno@gmail.com•  Amanda MacEvitt –  amacevitt@osa.org•  Ray van Hilst –  rvanhilst@vtcus.com #tech12  LC2