From Soap to Hobbits: Content Marketing Lessons for Associations from Major Brands


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Content marketing is exploding, and major brands like General Mills, Dove, Charbroil and many more are leading the way. What are their approaches with stories, photos, videos, and other content that are getting results and what are the lessons for association executives?

In this presentation from ASAE's Great Ideas 2014 Conference, participants were shown content examples from major brands with discussion that focused on what works in connecting the audience to a brand and how brands are effectively associating themselves with stories and concepts.

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From Soap to Hobbits: Content Marketing Lessons for Associations from Major Brands

  1. 1. From Soap to Hobbits: Content Marketing Lessons for Associations from Major Brands Tues, March 11 9 AM Hashtag: #ideas14 LD5 Jay Daughtry (@ChatterBachs) Frank Fortin (@FrankFortin) Kim Howard (@KimHowardDC) Ray van Hilst (@RvanHilst)
  2. 2. #ideas14 LD5 “The balance has shifted. If you’re the buyer and you’ve got as much information as the seller… you’re no longer the only one who needs to be on notice. In a world of information parity, the new guiding principle is caveat venditor – seller beware.” Daniel Pink To Sell Is Human #ideas14 LD5
  3. 3. Individuals are now in control of when and how they interact (and buy) #ideas14 LD5
  4. 4. #ideas14 LD5 #ideas14 LD5
  5. 5. #ideas14 LD5 Content Marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined and understood current and potential consumer bases with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Content marketing subscribes to the notion that delivering information to prospects and customers drives profitable consumer action. Content marketing has benefits in terms of retaining reader attention and improving brand loyalty.
  6. 6. #ideas14 LD5 Content Marketing Examples • White Papers • Infographics • Webinars • Emails • Fact Sheets • Blogs • Video • Micro Video (Vine,Instagram, etc.) • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  7. 7. #ideas14 LD5 Content Marketing in 2014 • 92% of marketers plan to use content marketing • Spending is increasing • b2b-content-marketing-benchmarks-budgets-and-trends
  8. 8. #ideas14 LD5 Content Marketing in 2014 • Staffing for Content Marketing (Director of Content) • Content quality will grow – Hummingbird – Celebrity creators • • • • Google+ and Slideshare will be essential • Content curation will be more important • Conversion, not engagement • Native advertising
  9. 9. #ideas14 LD5#ideas14 LD5
  10. 10. #ideas14 LD5 Dove Real Beauty Sketches View Online:
  11. 11. #ideas14 LD5 Wheaties and Blippar
  12. 12. #ideas14 LD5 The Kingsmen and the Green Giant
  13. 13. #ideas14 LD5 Motorola Solutions- HC1 View Online:
  14. 14. #ideas14 LD5 View Online:
  15. 15. #ideas14 LD5 Air New Zealand Hobbit Safety Briefing View Online:
  16. 16. #ideas14 LD5 Charbroil
  17. 17. #ideas14 LD5
  18. 18. #ideas14 LD5
  19. 19. #ideas14 LD5
  20. 20. #ideas14 LD5
  21. 21. #ideas14 LD5
  22. 22. #ideas14 LD5
  23. 23. #ideas14 LD5
  24. 24. #ideas14 LD5
  25. 25. #ideas14 LD5
  26. 26. #ideas14 LD5
  27. 27. #ideas14 LD5
  28. 28. #ideas14 LD5 Take Aways • You don’t need an army to get it done • Content possibilities are everywhere • Stoke the common interest … dare I say passion? • Video, video, video • Different channels, different purposes – Awareness – Email acquisition – Sell tickets, sponsorships, and stuff • Experiment … and be ready to move on
  29. 29. #ideas14 LD5#ideas14 LD5
  30. 30. #ideas14 LD5 Content Marketing for Associations • Industry News • Press Releases • Magazine Articles • Videos • Education • Blogs • Newsletters • Microsites
  31. 31. #ideas14 LD5 Get Started • Content Audit – What do you have? – Where is it? • Identify your channels – Where should it go? • Institutionalize – Get everyone on board – Adopt the Manifesto
  32. 32. #ideas14 LD5 Content Marketer’s Manifesto (Top 5) #1 – I am a Marketer – If you are creating content – even editorial – you are engaged in marketing #2 – I hold the hottest tool for retention – Content – Relevant content is the best way to create value #3 – My content is aligned with the organization’s goals – I create content that achieves my organization’s goals #4 – I am in the influencing behavior game – My purpose is to provide value through content to influence and drive behavior #5 – I have an ongoing dialogue – Content topics are driven by ongoing discussion and listening to their needs.
  33. 33. #ideas14 LD5 Content Pyramid Formal Informal Right Now 3 Years from Now
  34. 34. #ideas14 LD5#ideas14 LD5
  35. 35. #ideas14 LD5 Our “Clients” • American Telemedicine Association – Driving attendance to annual meeting • The ESOP Association – Leveraging a successful affinity program to drive member engagement and recruit non-member ESOP companies • NAIOP (National Association of Industrial and Office Properties) – Drive traffic and use of the organization’s industry related library of articles, presentations and videos. Secondary goal of getting people to submit articles.
  36. 36. #ideas14 LD5 Let’s Practice!! • On your table – Volunteer organization – Brief bio or background – Business problem or strategic goal • Your Task – Develop a content marketing plan that addresses that need – What is the story you’ll tell? – How will you use all channels? – What defines success? – How will you measure it?
  37. 37. #ideas14 LD5 Contact Us Jay Daughtry Relationship Development Manager Personify @ChatterBachs Frank Fortin Chief Digital Strategist and Communications Director Massachusetts Medical Society @FrankFortin Kim Howard Publisher and Director of Surveys Association of Corporate Counsel @KimHowardDC Ray van Hilst Director of Client Strategy and Marketing Vanguard Technology @RvanHilst