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Mijn Accounts


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Tja, dit was huis werk en moest er dus op..

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Mijn Accounts

  1. 1. By: Milan Marin Emilian van Gool My Computer Accounts
  2. 2. First Class Easy to use Personal Customizable Automatically Includes All E-mail Adresses
  3. 3. Gmail Personal Customizable Compatible Cool
  4. 4. iGoogle Very Cool Customizable Fun Funny Immensly Usefull
  5. 5. Wikispaces Cool Useful Used a lot in MS/HS Customizable
  6. 6. IMac account Cool Customizable Compatible Funny Not Very Portable
  7. 7. Blogger Cool Easy to use Customizable Nice to use
  8. 8. Thank you for watching!!! Hi hi hi, they don't know...