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IB Topic: Homelessness- Rm 20


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IB Topic: Homelessness- Rm 20

  1. 1. HomelessIB Exhibition project by Olivia, Jacinta, Bawi Len,Justa, Laura
  2. 2. Central Idea:People’s actions have aneffect on the world.
  3. 3. Lines of InquiryPeople have a positive influence on thehomeless.People have a negative influence on thehomeless.People working together have thepower to make a change in the worldfor the homeless.
  4. 4. FACTS Homeless means someone who unfortunately donot have a home to live in. There are about 3 million people experiencinghomelessness worldwide. In 2012, the homeless population in the UnitedStates equals 633,782. In 2012, there were 162,246 homeless childrenin the United States. Five top homeless states:1. California (20.7%)2. New York (11.0%)3. Florida (8.7%)4. Texas (5.4%)5. Georgia (3.2%)
  5. 5. FACTS In 2012, 62% of the homeless weresheltered, which meant they stayedin emergency shelters or transitionalhousing. In 2012, 38% of the homeless wereunsheltered, which meant they livedon the streets, or in cars, inabandoned buildings, or other places.
  6. 6. Key Concept: CausationWhat causes homelessness?Loss of job, unable to pay for homeLow paying jobs; povertyLess secure jobs; hard to find jobsDecline in public assistanceLimited housing assistanceHousing too expensiveOut of jail
  7. 7. Key Concept: CausationWhat causes homelessness?Natural disasters, such astornadoes, earthquakes,hurricanesWars; Death of someoneDomestic Violence (abusivesituations)Mental illnessAddictions, such as alcohol or drugs
  8. 8. Key Concept: CHANGEHow did being homeless changepeople’s lives?No home; living in the streets, stores, churches, withother familiesNo moneyHungry all the time; eat leftoversWorn out clothesFeelings of sadness, depression, guilt, loneliness,worthlessExtremely cold in winter monthsHot and dehydrated in summer months
  9. 9. Key Concept: ResponsibilityWhat can people do for the homeless?Take Action!Understand who the homeless are- be a friend; treat them withrespect, treat them how you want to be treated; see them asindividuals and find out what they need; respond with kindnessBring food; feed themHave a fundraiserDonate money, recyclables, clothes, groceries, toys, things theyneedTutor the homeless; take them on tripsVolunteer at a homeless shelterTeach about the homeless
  10. 10. Homeless sHelterDid you know that we have a homeless shelter herein Milwaukee to the homeless? The place is calledthe Milwaukee Rescue Mission. It is located at:830 North 19thStreetMilwaukee, WI
  11. 11. mIlWAUKee resCUe mIssIoNThe Milwaukee Rescue Mission is a homeless shelter that providescare and support to people who are in need. They have thefollowing programs: Safe Harbor – the Mission’s refuge forhomeless, hurting men Joy House – the place of safety andsupport for homeless mothers with children Cross Trainers Academy – a K-6thgrade Christianschool for at-risk children in the city of
  12. 12. mIlWAUKee resCUe
  13. 13. mIlWAUKee resCUe
  14. 14. mIlWAUKee resCUe mIssIoNOn May 15th, 1893,Reverand B. Faye Millsand a group of Christianbusinessmen organizeMilwaukee RescueMission to help thehomeless. Since then,the Milwaukee RescueMission has reached outwith compassion for thepoor, hungry, andhomeless of
  15. 15. MILWAUKEE RESCUE MISSIONEach day, the Milwaukee Rescue Mission providefood and shelter up to 400 men, women, andchildren who might have nowhere else to turn to.The Milwaukee Rescue Mission also provide thetraining, support and guidance they need to rebuildtheir
  17. 17. MILWAUKEE RESCUE MISSIONThe Milwaukee Rescue Mission receives no money from thegovernment. They rely solely on the public
  18. 18. MILWAUKEE RESCUE MISSIONWhat can youdo to help???You can donate!
  19. 19. MILWAUKEE RESCUE MISSIONWhat can you doto help???You canvolunteer!
  23. 23. Our Action PlanWe collected 361 pairs of socks during the week ofApril 22nd, 2013 to April 26th, 2013.We visited the Milwaukee Rescue Mission on May 1st,2013.We donated socks to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.We took a tour inside the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.We helped clean their school busses and vans.
  24. 24. Things Learned 104 employees at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission 151 students in K4 to 6thgrade in Cross Trainers Academy, whichis a choice school for at risk kids Opens 24 hours Any person who needs a place to stay can come there and stay aslong as they need People there are placed in 6 months or one year programs to helpget them back on their feet Have had doctors, lawyers, engineers, pregnant teens Two moms and their children may have to share rooms due to thelimited space, but it is betterthan living in the streets or car People there are encouraged to go outand not just stay in their rooms all dayThere is a hospital close by but doctors andnurses volunteer their time to do medical checksPeople there get well fed with breakfast,lunch, and dinner; a variety of choices; buffet style
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