Team Based Learning


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Team Based Learning

  1. 1. Team Based Learning (TBL)
  2. 2. Online PD Assignment • I recently attended an ELI session on Team-Based Learning. The following presentation is a summary of the material presented by Dr. Larry Michaelsen in this Adobe Connect webinar.
  3. 3. What is TBL? • According to Wikipedia: “A term first used by Larry Michaelsen, the central figure in the development of the system while at Oklahoma State University, to describe an educational strategy that he developed for use in academic settings”
  4. 4. What does it look like? • TBL scorecard (chart) • Larry Michaelsen introduces TBL (4 min video)
  5. 5. Myths • A team and a group are not the same thing • Team work limits the amount of content covered • Better students carry less motivated peers • Teams are ineffective unless you teach them how to work together • Top students are held back
  6. 6. How to use it? • Student do most content work pre/post class time • Great care is used forming diverse group of 4-7 • 20-30% of class time is used for individual test, team test, team appeals, and instructor input on key concepts • 70-80% of class time is used for the development of student’s critical thinking
  7. 7. Why use it? • It promotes student engagement • More time is spent critically thinking and less time covering course content • This instructional strategy can be used with a variety of delivery modes
  8. 8. Results • Every team scored better that its own best member! • Lowest team is 5 points higher than the highest individual in the entire class. • This is the usual outcomes over a series of semesters (8 classes, 335 students, 3.5 years). • Once the student’s jell as a team they can do really do great things.
  9. 9. How I would use it? • Within the limitations of my institutions Course Management System: • Have students email a bio • Form teams • Create team forums and team chat areas • Assign an individual assignment • Then have them do the same assignment as a group in the above team forums/chat • Have teams submit final work to a separate team wiki • After all team work is submitting make the team wiki visible for whole class to see
  10. 10. Resources • Team-Based Learning website • FAQ’s • Student reaction