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Evangelism tools


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In Evangelism, why do I say 'Structures' are so important? In fact what do mean by the term 'Structures'? One aspect that The Macquarie Dictionary states

structures are is "a complex system considered from the point of view of the whole rather than of any single part". I believe we often have lots of 'single

parts' with no 'system' we can view as a whole.

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Evangelism tools

  1. 1. What are some of the methods of evangelism that we can implement in our ministry?
  2. 2. In order to keep church members motivated and willing toparticipate in evangelism, it is important to have and implement different methods of evangelism in your ministry.
  3. 3. What aboutstreetevangelism?Should weeven investenergy instreetevangelism?
  4. 4. If we do, how do we make street evangelism work?
  5. 5. And what kind ofevangelism toolsshould we equip our members with?
  6. 6. These are all good questions and we take time to addresseach one ofthem in our blog.
  7. 7. If you want to learn more about: Methods of evangelism •Effective street evangelism •Evangelism tools
  8. 8. Head out to our blog
  9. 9. Evangelism tools To Know More Evangelism tools :