Mediaaaaaaaaaaaa how the aims of the production have been met


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Mediaaaaaaaaaaaa how the aims of the production have been met

  1. 1. How the aims of the production have been metI achieved what I set out to do which was to finish a film magazine for teens of both genders. I havemet all my aims that I set in my proposal which was to create a film magazine like Empire and TotalFilm with the social grade of B-D. I have changed a few things since I had made my proposal forexample, making the magazine not just about horror movies but the magazine theme I made wasabout a horror movie so I kept that the same.How the magazine applies appropriate codes and conventions and uses appropriate medialanguageMy magazine uses many types of conventions that real magazines use such as a main image for myfront cover, sell lines, a masthead, the price of the magazine, main images are scenes from themovie, the, release date, contents page including regulars, features, in cinemas, editors note andnew media. My front cover contains sell lines, a main image, a masthead, a date, a price, articles thatare going to be in the magazine, a main sell line and a barcode, these are codes and conventions youwould usually find on a front cover for example in the empire magazine I annotated has a masthead,other images, sell lines, main sell line, barcode, an obvious colour scheme, other sell lines, mainimage and a date/issue No./price. Most of these conventions are included on my front cover.My contents page includes features, regulars, an editor’s note, in cinema, article preview,subheadings, text / a clear colour scheme, new media, cover feature and a page number. The emipremagazine I annotated includes features, article preview,cover feature, text/colour scheme, regulars,in cinemas, at home, page number, date and subheadings. The codes and conventions mine and the
  2. 2. empire magazine share are in cinemas, sunheadings, page number, text/colour scheme andfeatures.My double page consist of a main image, another image, text, pull quote, a colour scheme, newmedia, interview and a page number whereas the empire magazine consists of a main image, asecond image, text, a pull quote, interview, colour scheme, a wolverine briefing and a page number.Both mine ansd the emoire magazine share some of thr same codes and conventions such as a mainimage, text, a colour scheme, interview, a page number and a pull quote.White back ground souless lack of representatiotion
  3. 3. Flowery field sun set good representstion happy clothes she wears show theres another side to thecharacter shes a normal girl LOCATIONHow the magazine represents people, places or eventsWhen I dressed my model in a white shirt and black flowery tights with dark make up around hereyes representation my model gives is negative as it shows the character is dark and scary, thelocation emphasises the negative representation because all the places the photos are taken of thischaracter are plain dark soulless places which reflect the characters persona. As for when I dressedthe character in a flowery play suit it gave a positive representation as flowers are positive and thecharacter has bright natural make up making her look pure and clean. The location is a flowery fieldand the sun set which both have a good representstion. She wears happy clothes she which showtheres another side to the character and she is an ordinary girl.How the magazine would be distributedMost magazines are distributed monthly because of the amount of the magazines and the amountof money people are willing to pay monthly. Promotions that can be used for magazineadvertisement are, TV adverts, on the side of a bus, train stations, news papers, the internet,billboards and in other magazines. My magazine has new media making it easier for teens to contactthe magazine. The publishing company that would be my distributor is IPC because its one of themain publishers in the UK.What regulations and controls might be applied to the product and how these have been takeninto considerationMy magazine is not offensive to any of the readers and if this was the case PCC (press complaintscommission) and the ASA (advertising standards agency), deal with any problems a customer would
  4. 4. have, suggestions and questions about the magazine. My magazine also has the new media accountsfor people to put their views and comments on the magazine so the same mistake would not bemade twice, also the magazine would be double checked.The strengths and weaknesses of the product in term of meeting the needs of its audienceThe pictures I’ve chosen, the font, the text written in the magazine, the house style and the layoutare the areas that make my magazine professional. Some of my target audience think my magazineis; “the magazine has an evolving sense of what are the best block buster movies”, “one of the bestmovie magazines I have read in a while”. My magazine does support the uses and gratificationstheory as it helps with people’s needs as to have an influence on what media they would or shouldchoose. My magazine withholds information the target audience would need to fulfil their needs inthis certain part of media.