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glosario de palabras referentes al hotel

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  1. 1. Universidad Tecnológica de El SalvadorStudent name: Vanessa de los Ángeles Guzmán Melara 05-0246-2009 Section: 01 Professor’ name: Irma Martinez Subject: English administration Class: Administration on Tourism Due date: 16-02-2012
  2. 2. GLOSARY
  3. 3. Bathroom disig Bed-spread /ˈbedˈspred/Definition:a top cover for a bed, used mainly for decorationnoun [countable].Blind /blaɪnd/- definition[OFTENa window cover that you pull down from thetop to the bottomYou can adjust the blinds to keep out the glare.PLURAL] NOUN [COUNTABLE]
  4. 4. BUNK BEDdefinition: two small beds that are joined together withone above the otherNOUN [COUNTABLE]CALL BACKdefinition[INTRANSITIVE/TRANSITIVE] call someoneback to telephone someone again, or to telephonesomeone who telephoned you earlierI’ll call you back when I’ve heard something.PHRASAL VERB
  5. 5. Chambermaid /ˈtʃeɪmbərˈmeɪd/definitiona woman whose job is to clean the bedrooms in a hotelNOUN [COUNTABLE]CHARTCOMMISSIONAIRE /kəˈmɪʃəˈner /Definitionsomeone whose job is to stand at the entrance to a hotel or other public building and welcome peopleNOUN [COUNTABLE]
  6. 6. COT /kɑt/DefinitionAMERICAN a small narrow bed that can be folded upNOUN [COUNTABLE]EMPLOYEE- definitionNOUN [COUNTABLE] /ɪmˈpl ɪi/ ɔsomeone who is paid regularly to work for a person or an organizationTheir employees worked a ten-hour day.
  7. 7. HEADBOARD /ˈhedˈbɔrd/definitionan upright board at the top end of a bed NOUN [COUNTABLE]HOLIDAYa day that is a celebration of something special, on with youdo not have to work or to go to school
  8. 8. LENS /lenz/definitionNOUN [COUNTABLE]a piece of curved glass or plastic that makes things seemsmaller, bigger, or clearereyeglasses with thick lenses PORTER /ˈpɔˈ(r) ə(r)/ tdefinition: someone in a station, airport, or hotel whose job ishelping people with their bags and showing them where to goNOUN [COUNTABLE]
  10. 10. WAITER- definition /ˈweɪtər/a man or boy who brings food and drink to your table in arestaurant or barNOUN [COUNTABLE]WAITRESS- definition NOUN [COUNTABLE] /ˈweɪtrəs/a woman or girl who brings food and drink to your table in a restaurant or bar