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The media academy3 story


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Published in: Education
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The media academy3 story

  2. 2. Quick questions • Can anyone name an employability skill? • • • What do you think professional identities are? • • • Who knows what they want to do at college and beyond?
  3. 3. Employability
  4. 4. Reasons for research • Observations of students who have worked ‘professionally’ • The opportunity for ‘academic’ students to develop ‘employability skills’ or ‘professional identities’ seemed limited
  5. 5. A new learning environment • Working on live briefs as a separate enrichment activity links a ‘real’ working environment with a programme of study
  6. 6. Benefits • Development of professional identities • Development of employability skills • Increased selfconfidence
  7. 7. Why? • All benefits can help aid progression to employment or university • Developing professional identities can help you make decisions about career and academic paths • Employability skills help you develop attributes which help you learn and increase your confidence socially or in a workplace.
  8. 8. Student experiences •