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  1. 1. Merchandise Rock Band This includes; t-shirts, AC / DC were featured on keyrings, linen, wall the video game, ‘Rock clocks, bags, hats, Band 2’ in 2008. This canjewellery, posters, mugs, be played on consoles guitar picks, ash trays, including the Sony madeshow laces, belts, gloves Radio more Synergy ‘Playstation’. This and promoted AC / DC to a In September of 2008, younger, wider audience AC/DC music and who would enjoy and play interviews were debuted on this game. Later in on their own radio 2008 AC / DC were channel, Sirius 19 and XM honoured with their channel 29. It was ‘No Bull – the directors cut’ version of Rock Band, expected to run through In 2008 Sony released the bands 1996 made as part of a series to at least January with Spanish concert ‘No supplemental discs. of bull’ on Blu-ray rare music being played DVD. Blu-Ray is a popular product sold and songs from their exclusively by Sony. newest album, which was released alongside the launch of the radio