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How is the audience targeted


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How is the audience targeted

  1. 1. Charlotte Mcgiff , Becky Baker, Eve PearsonHow is the audience targeted?Case study: AC / DC We chose the rock band AC / DC for our case study because their latest album, the soundtrack to Iron Man 2, shown left, has just gone to number one in the UK album charts showing convergence between two conglomerates. The members of the band first saw the name AC / DC from a label on a sewing machine, the abbreviation for this is „alternating current / direct current‟. They did there first live performance on New Years Eve 1973 in Sydney, Australia and were then signed to EMI records. Their debut album was releasedin February 1975 named „High voltage‟ and sold over 3‟000‟000 copies in the USalone. Since then they have released 14 more studio albums, including „Back inBlack‟ which sold over 49 million units internationally, it‟s currently the highest-selling album by any band and the 2nd biggest sellingalbum ever behind Michael Jacksons „Thriller‟. As of2002 AC / DC have been signed to Sony music on amulti-album deal and in 2004 the magazine, “RollingStones” listed AC / DC as 72 on their „100 greatestartists of all time‟. Synergy is a term used when two differenttechnologies combine together to “feed of each other”and evidently produce more together than they woulddo separately. An example of this technique is ACDCforming an alliance with Harmonix music systems tofeature their music onto “rock band 2” a video gamewhere the consumer can become one of their favouriterock band members via their TV. ACDC also have theirown version of Rock Band developed by the samecompany but distributed by MTV and Electronic arts(EA games). Another form of synergy would be through their merchandise. Theband has a variety of different gifts and memorabilia ranging from: t – shirts toguitar picks. In 2009 Brian Johnson (the lead singer of the band) went onto carshow programme Top Gear, where he became “the star is the reasonably pricedcar”. In his interview with the host Jeremy Clarkson, Johnson discussed his bandsupcoming tour promoting his band to a wide audience, through the form of synergy. Convergence is term used by different industries combine their owntechnologies together, so make their produce moreproducts to the market. An example of convergencewould be when Columbia Pictures released a doubleand triple DVD titled “Plug me in”, a DVD which had5 to7 hours of rare footage of ACDC performancesand live gig‟s.