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Cross media convergence and synergy in production ditribution


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Cross media convergence and synergy in production ditribution

  1. 1. Cross media convergence and synergy in production distribution, marketing and exchange. Definitions: Right, If you don’t know what any of these are, that’s not going to be very helpful is it? So here are the definitions, Cross Media Convergence: When different types of technology come together (converge) to create a new technology. For example, Sony and Ericsson. Synergy: When one media product promotes another media product, For example, when Cadburys Chocolate has the Fair Trade sign on their product. Production: The process in which things are made. Distribution: The course in which things are given out. (Distribute) Marketing: The manner in which things are promoted. Exchange: The means of how a product has reached a consumer. Sony’s Different Pies. – Example of Cross Media Convergence and Synergy. Online Walkman Stereo CDVinyl Tristar PlayStation Naughty dog productions Columbia
  2. 2. Cross media convergence and synergy in productiondistribution, marketing and exchange in an independentband.Case Study; You love her ‘cuz shes dead.Synergy Within this band:As of December 2009. ‘You love her ‘cuz shes dead’, Are now in involvement with‘Dust and bones’ Series DVD, This is an example of synergy because this DVD givesthe band a wider audience when they watch the DVD, therefore wider advertisingof their songs. So as said before, a product promoting another product, in this caseDust and Bones promoting YLHCSD.Synergy within product distribution, exchange, and marketing.As independent groups don’t belong to a conglomerate and they own their ownrecord label, they pay for everything they need on their own account. Brett and oneother person pays for everything from down to lights and staging to merchandise.Again because everything is independently paid for, ‘Innit for the money’, who ownYLHCSD produce everything on their own accord. They do this through Vinyl, as CD’sdon’t have a such a high demand anymore, and rather than distributing a lot ofVinyl’s at once, they have them to order and go from their to prevent wastedmoney.Cross Media Convergence.Again because this independent group are not owned by a conglomerate andwork independently , they obviously won’t be coming together with newtechnologies compared too Sony, and other industries from the big 4. Therefore inIndependent groups, there is very little existence of cross media convergence.
  3. 3. Cross media convergence and synergy in productiondistribution, marketing and exchange in a case studyfrom Sony Music.Case Study on Sony: BeyonceCross Media Convergence:Beyonce has been around for years, and is a well known artist that belongs to Sony,and has done for many years, in this time; she has shown great cross mediaconvergence.As described above, cross media convergence is the process of different types ofproducts or technologies coming together. Beyonce has shown this through hermusic and how she’s promoted the films she’s starred in. For example, her musicvideos for the Pink Panther, and the process of film and music converging together.Other examples include her DreamGirls Film, and the Austin Powers Film. Another example of this is that these videos will be shown online. Thereforethe technologies of the internet and music and film have converged to promoteBeyonce.Synergy within product distribution, exchange, and marketing.Since Sony is a bigger and higher budget company they would pay for most of theprice for production, distribution and marketing and would leave little for the artist topay. However this would result in the artist having a contract to produce a numberof albums for a certain amount of money but, gaining less for each album or single.As a result of this Sony could either gain or lose money depending on the sales of thefinished product but yet the artist would still have the same amount or maybe a bitmore from the product sales, also depending on how they sell. Sony produces theirsongs as mp3, CD or vinyl. With a wide range of product they are able to sell more tosuit people’s needs from listening to it on a stereo or iPod and where they can buy itfrom, (iTunes, HMV).