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Simplici tee

  1. 1. SimpliciTEE: 100% Organic Cotton T Shirts and BasicsKelli Brogdon, Sandra Cuellar, Vanessa Giron & Jennifer
  2. 2. SimpliciTEETeam 4Mation chose to build a store featuring a merchandise lineof 100% organic cotton t-shirts and basics in Dallas, TX.The store name, SimpliciTEE, reflects Team 4Mation’sgoal of portraying a brand image that is simple, organic andback to basics to a potential client.SimpliciTEE intends to be true to nature by backing
  3. 3. Target Market  Gender: Female  Age Range: 25-40  Education: College student or graduate Lifestyle: Lives a casual, yet active lifestyle with an emphasis placed on leisure and weekend activities Occupation: Students, or any professional position during the week that allows for casual clothing and basics during the weekend  Income: 25K+There are an estimated 2,368,139 people in Dallas County as of 2010, and 50.6% of them are women. 20% of them have college degrees and the average per-capita income is $26,185 per year (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010).
  4. 4. Store Logo This logo was designed to present the store’s name as well as a representation of what type of products the store carries. The color and bamboo depicts the store’s theme. The “simplici” describes how simplistic and basic are items in the store and “tee” describes the basic t-shirts that everyone would need.
  5. 5. Description of Merchandise organic sustainablecomfortable khaki pretty feminine natural softEco-friendly responsible flowy cotton basic green leisurely denim
  6. 6. Atmospherics The plants and natural resources used for the recycled hardwood flooring, wooden furniture and bordered mirrors promote the sustainability and environmental responsibility of the SimpliciTEE brand. The green color palate chosen for the store walls represent the eco- friendly brand image while the accent wall and small accent colors add a fun, vibrant variation. Calm earth tones and soft textures are incorporated in fabrics for seating cushions, pillows and curtains to reflect the gentle lines and natural materials of the merchandise. Accent lighting is placed strategically throughout the store to accompany the energy efficient overhead lighting. The large textured windows also allow for a complement of natural lighting. An open, comfortable seating area is featured in the store to allow for guests to relax and enjoy their shopping experience at SimpliciTEE.
  7. 7. Atmospherics
  8. 8. Conversational Signs This conversational sign is to be placed by the comfort yoga pants and comfy, baggy tops to influence the essence of being comfortable. Everyone loves their comfort days and there-fore this sign portrays the love of comfort, while going green and feeling good about it.
  9. 9. Conversational Signs This conversational sign will be placed near the store’s most fashionable items of the season, the latest trends. “Green is the new Black,” is intended for customers to think that not only can we make a difference in our society but be trendy while doing so. Therefore it is used to tempt the customer to purchase the latest trend.
  10. 10. Fixtures Two Way Fixture Four Way Fixture A B(4) Two and (8) four way fixtures will be presented in an informal and non-linear pattern throughout the store. These fixtures will facilitatemerchandise presentation by housing new arrivals and current trends The light color of the wood on the fixtures fits in with SimpliciTEE’s natural and organic image.
  11. 11. Fixtures “H” Fixture Shelving Unit C D (2) “H” Fixtures and (2) Shelving Units will also be presented through out SimpliciTEE’s free flow store layout. They will serve a great presentationfor merchandise because basics are displayed very well when folded. The fixturemade of a light colored wood, which fits in with the organic aesthetic at Simplic
  12. 12. Fixtures Wall Shelving Wooden Crates E F(5) Wall shelving units will be scattered throughout the perimeter of the storeWhile (5) wooden crates will serve as focal points for clothing being displayed in behind the display windows. The organic look of the wood is in line with the image of nature at SimpliciTEE.
  13. 13. Fixtures Round Racks G(3) Steel round racks will be used near the back of the store to house hanging marked down clothing. The steel fixtures will serve todifferentiate mark downs from regular priced merchandise which will be displayed on wooden fixtures.
  14. 14. Floor Plan DA CLEARANCE EB FC G
  15. 15. LightingSimpliciTEE will be utilizing three types of lighting throughout the store: -Ambient Fluorescent lighting -Accent lighting and -Priority lighting
  16. 16. Lighting Ambient Fluorescent lighting will be used to give merchandise great color rendition and keep a lighting balance through out the store. (20) Quorum Fluorescent light strips in a cream finish were chosen for the Energy Star rating. Accent lighting will consist of incandescent recessed lighting fixtures to help add atmospheric focus and emphasis on certain areas throughout the store, such as trend fixtures or new arrivals on the wall elevations. (10) Incandescent Line Voltage Adjustable Eyeball with a 30 degree tilt, in a cream finish were chosen for the Energy Star rating.Priority lighting will be used as well. (3) of these three light,flush mount ceiling fixtures will be used to highlightwindow displays as well as the check out.
  17. 17. Lighting Plan
  18. 18. Wall Elevation The straight arm and waterfall face-outs are used to draw attention to the featured garments The tops are merchandised above the bottoms to simulate a full outfit Opinion leader, Emma Watson, is featured in the wall graphic to influence shoppers with celebrity promotion of the product. Her outfit also corresponds with the surrounding merchandise Display tables for pants and display benches for shoes are used to have these products available at a convenient level for customers
  19. 19. Wall Elevation Straight arm face-out Celebrity Graphic Straight arm face-outWaterfall Waterfallface-out face-outs Pants display table Pants display table Shoe display benches
  20. 20. Sketch of Window Display Concept 1: Element of Design, Shape and Form Team 4Mation decided to create a window display revolving around The elements of design: shape and form. The shape chosen was a square and the form chosen was a cube. These elements were continuously used throughout the display window through the wall covering, props as well as the garments. Props used included: (7) Boxes, cubes, (2) Cubed baskets,(2) Signs, Store and Team Name, (1) Bamboo Plant (1) Mannequin Types of Merchandise used: (1) ¾ Length sleeve T shirt, (2) Tank Tops for layering(1) Floral Scarf, (1) Pair of Blue Jeans, (6) Rolled T shirts, (1) Pair of TOMS, (2) Necklaces
  21. 21. Sketch of Window Display Concept 2: Nautical Trend Team 4Mation is planning to create a window display revolving around the Fall 2012 Nautical Fashion. Team 4Mation and SimpliciTEE will portray Nautical fashion through the use of the colorsOlympian Blue, Honey Gold and Tangerine Tango, as well as stripes, anchors and various Props that will be used include: nautical images. (1) Box, cube, (1) Trifold picture frame , (2) Signs, Store and Team Name, (1) Anchor (3) Mannequins Types of Merchandise to be used: (2) T shirts, long or short sleeved (1) Pair of Blue Jeans, (1) Skirt, (1) Dress, (1) Pair of TOMS, (2) Necklaces
  22. 22. Nautical Trend Board
  23. 23. MannequinsHeadless Abstract