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Hr planning 1.1


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Hr planning 1.1

  1. 1. HR PlanningGreen Recycling Company
  2. 2. Overview “We recycle plastic bottles to make a better life – thats what Green Recycling is all about.” We were established in December 2010, localized in North Carolina. The Company will open a new PET plant located in San Diego, California. ( Initial Hire 10 employees) The initial capacity will be 2 million pounds per year.
  3. 3. Objectives Sales passing $1,5 million in first year, $3,1 million in second year, growing to $4,3 million. Gross margin of 35% or more in first year, 45% in second year then 50% or more. Net profit of 13% in year one, then exceeding 20% annually starting in year two.Mission Green Recycling is a manufacturing company dedicated to converting waste plastic materials into commercially viable products
  4. 4. Staffing PlanningThis HRP aims to get the right number of people with the right skills,experience, and competencies in the right jobs at the right time and at theright cost. This ensures that the Green Recycling’s business productionrequirements are met in an efficient and effective manner.Recruitment SourcesWe use external recruitment sourcing as Professional Social NetworkingSites, Industry Blogs, Discussion Forums and Business Referral informingclients, customers and service providers about open positions. We recognizethat this recruitment source is effective, efficient and one of the lowest coststo our company.
  5. 5. Budget objectiveIncreasing effectiveness and efficiency in support services to the future business directions.CPHI External Notes Cost Facebook $60.00 per 12). LinkedInAdvs. and Mk Expenses $195 per 12). $3,060.00 State of California D. Justice($20 perBackgrounds Checks 12) $240.00Employee Referral Awards/Payments $0.00Pre-screening Fees $0.00Relocation Fees $0.00Technology costsTravel and Expenses, Recruiting/candidate $0.00CPHI Internal Notes CostCost of Recruiting Staff No-Exempt for 30-minutes phone screenwho bills at $90/hour = Interviews 12 = 6 hours x $19=$114, 00.Cost of HRM Exempt for 1 hour to Interview face to face who bills $768.12at $53.76/hour = Interviews 12 x 1hour x $53.76=$645.12.Total interviews time: 114, 00 + 654, 12=$768, 12. CPH= 03 hires (Σ (External Costs) + Σ (Internal Costs))Total Cost External + Internal = $4,068.12 ___________________________________ Total N. Hire in a time period $1,356.04
  6. 6. Electronic System ToolsWe posted jobs and researched for the best candidates using LinkedIn as asocial sourcing for recruitment. In addition Green Recycling Company usesyour own website. Summary This strategic plan is designed as a tool to HRM to achieve successfully the companys missions and objectives. Planning also involves job analysis, which consists of the preparation of job descriptions and job specifications. The CPH form serves as a benchmark for recruiting effectiveness and the efficiency of staffing processes. "having the right people in the right place at the right time“