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  1. 1. TYPES OF RESTAURANTS Teacher: Lucia Abreu. Student: Colli Cruz Vanessa 12354216 Dzul Rosado Jesús 11354267 Moo Pech Ariana 12354681 Gamix-51
  2. 2. The restaurant is… ◦ A restaurant is a place where you can buy and eat different food, and quality service. there are different specialties and theme.
  3. 3. Cafeteria Main characteristics *the cafeteria is a restaurant serving mostly cooked ready to food arranged behind a food-serving counter *there is little or no table service *food arranged behind a food service counter
  4. 4. Type of food server cooked ready food *salads *cookies *soda *coffee
  5. 5. Patron treatment He she takes a trays push it along a track in front on the counter where the food served to be taken by the customer
  6. 6. Examples of real restaurants Churro manía El pabilo Ah cacao
  7. 7. Fast food restaurant Main characteristics *speed in the service *low costs *lack of cutlery and crockery
  8. 8. Type of food server Tacos Pizza Burger
  9. 9. Patron treatment ◦ the customer is expected to eat the food directly from the disposable container ◦ he/she is expected to food ◦ speed of service and low cost all other considerations
  10. 10. Examples of real restaurants El kiosco verde Hamburguesas Dinnos Carnitas Merchant
  11. 11. Casual restaurants Casual dining restaurant is a restaurant that serves moderately food in a casual the dining comprises of a market segment between fast food and dining restaurants.
  12. 12. Type of food server Tacos Salad Pizza Burritos Pasta
  13. 13. Patron treatment ◦ Except for buffet style restaurant casual dining restaurant typically provide service ◦ They have table service ◦ The costumer waits to be attended
  14. 14. Examples of real restaurants Charlie´s Piaf Grand velas Lorenzillos
  15. 15. Fast casual dining restaurant. ◦ Fast casual is slightly more upscale than fast food. Fast casual restaurants offer disposable dishes and flatware, but their food tends to be presented as more upscale, such as gourmet breads and organic ingredients.
  16. 16. Type of food server. ◦ Salads. ◦ Desserts. ◦ Burgers. ◦ Pastas.
  17. 17. Patron treatment. ◦ A fast casual restaurant take orders at a counter. ◦ The food is made to order, not pre-assembled. ◦ The restaurant is comfortable and well-decorated.
  18. 18. Examples of real restaurants. ◦ Super salads ◦ Capriccio.
  19. 19. Coffeehouse. ◦ It is an establishment specifically dedicated to serving coffee. A place to relax and talk with friends or family.
  20. 20. Type of food server. ◦ French press coffee ◦ iced coffee ◦ espresso coffee ◦ teas.
  21. 21. Patron treatment. ◦ some offer large, soft sofas and comfortable armchairs. ◦ Most coffee houses also offer large and small tables to accommodate groups of any size.
  22. 22. Examples of real restaurants. ◦ Royal Coffee House. ◦ Café Mogagua.
  23. 23. Restaurant Pub. ◦ Short for Public House, pubs date back hundred of years to Europe, especially Great Britain. Pubs have a timeless appeal, for their laid back atmosphere.
  24. 24. Type of food server. ◦ Brewpubs offer beer made in house, as well as a wide selection of other beers and ales. Pubs can offer full menus, as well as appetizers. Many casual style restaurants have a separate pub side to their establishment.
  25. 25. Patron treatment. ◦ Quality service and service American, because all the food prepared in the kitchen goes.
  26. 26. Examples of real restaurants. ◦ Dips. ◦ Bisque's Obregon (cancún).
  27. 27. Restaurant Bistró. ◦ A bistro style is a small, casual restaurant.
  28. 28. Type of food server. ◦ With a European-influenced menu or European-style cafés with a larger selection of food. It may also refer to a small tavern or bar where wine is served to the customers.
  29. 29. Patron treatment. ◦ Quality service and fast, and type of service is American because all food prepared in the kitchen goes, and give welcome for the hostess.
  30. 30. Examples of real restaurants. ◦ Marakame (cancún). ◦ Los tabernacos (playa del carmen)
  31. 31. Restaurant Ethnic. ◦ Informal restaurants that feature foods of different nationality or cuisines.
  32. 32. Type of food server. ◦ Like Cajun food . ◦ Italian. ◦ Chinese. ◦ Mexican.
  33. 33. Patron treatment. ◦ Quality service and fast, and offer service American and service french, because some food prepared in the kitchen or customer facing, and some restaurants give welcome for hostess.
  34. 34. Examples of real restaurants. ◦ Rolandis. ◦ Rino’s (cancún).
  35. 35. Reflection… ◦ Is very important of having different types of restaurants because, everyone has different tastes or your wish has special occasions in environments different. Similarly, the importance is that there are different food trends. Intervenes culture, religion and economy of the customer.