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Presentation made on 30 July 2012 at the launch event of the Humberside Safer Future Communities Network. This presentation showcases the work done within the Humberside region by organisations in the Voluntayr andcommunity sector.

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Hsfc nrollingslides

  1. 1. Showcasing Humberside
  2. 2. East Riding of Yorkshire
  3. 3. East Riding of YorkshireThe Boothferry Road Project, Goole
  4. 4. East Riding of YorkshireThe Boothferry Road Project, Goole The Migrant Rights and Responsibilities in Goole project has been funded through the CommunityAction Against Crime Innovation Fund. Working outof the Boothferry Road Project in Goole the project aims to reduce re-offending rates by working with Migrants in the area.
  5. 5. East Riding of YorkshireVolunteers voices need to be heard
  6. 6. East Riding of Yorkshire Neighbourhood WatchNeighbourhood watch is without a doubt the most successful residentinspired and led community safety initiative in the UK.Neighbourhoods are safer and stronger when people who live in themwork together as good neighbours to reduce crime and anti-socialbehaviour.Across our region there are many hundreds of groups ranging from just ahandful of people through to several streets working as a coordinatedwhole.
  7. 7. East Riding of Yorkshire
  8. 8. East Riding of Yorkshire Crimestoppers
  9. 9. East Riding of YorkshireCommunity groups work at grassroots level
  10. 10. East Riding of Yorkshire MIND East Riding – Reach Out“We aim to give you the tools you may need to empower youto move forward and lead a more fulfilling life. We will reach out to those who feel or have felt isolated, vulnerable or lonely. Our person centred approach aims to offer a reliable service that bridges the gap between you and your community. We will help you to take control of your life and move forward to achieve your goals and increase your confidence”
  11. 11. East Riding of YorkshireWe have experience on the frontline
  12. 12. East Riding of Yorkshire The Hinge Centre“Chance for Life” project
  13. 13. East Riding of Yorkshire The Hinge Centre“Chance for Life” project
  14. 14. Hull
  15. 15. Hull Neighbourhood NetworkThe Neighbourhood Network is a charitable trust made up ofHull based neighbourhood groups – residents groups, trader groups, neighbourhood and business watch, tenants groups, and any other groups - however big or small – that are interested in community safety.
  16. 16. HullWe work together to reducecrime, develop a good communityspirit and create a saferenvironment where people areneighbourly and look out for eachother.
  17. 17. HullWe work at the heart of our communities
  18. 18. Hull Goodwin TrustCommunity Wardens Scheme 4 areas of focus: • Environment • Crime Prevention • Community Cohesion • Engagement.
  19. 19. Hull Goodwin TrustCommunity Wardens Scheme
  20. 20. Hull Goodwin TrustPreventing Re-offending Project
  21. 21. Hull Goodwin TrustPreventing Re-offending Project
  22. 22. HullCommunities specific needs are met
  23. 23. Hull PROBE (Hull) LtdProtection against violent experiencePROBE has a mission to work with local people to help build prosperous, safe and attractive neighbourhoods. The PAVE project (Protection Against Violent Experience)will deal directly with reducing violence against women and girls.
  24. 24. Hull Minerva- The Shires Project Instances of ASB, nuisance crime and fly tipping will bereduced due to the security gates, improving residents quality of life.
  25. 25. Hull
  26. 26. HullVolunteers help provide workable solutions
  27. 27. Hull Hull Street Angels TrinityHull Street Angels Trinity will make a really positive impact on crime and anti-social behaviour in theTrinity Quarter of Hull, particularly in the vicinity ofbars and clubs, by providing a calming presence on the streets late at night.
  28. 28. North Lincolnshire
  29. 29. North Lincolnshire Westcliff Drop-in CentreWestcliff Intervention& Support Project (WISP)WISP was developed in partnership with SaferNeighbourhoods and Humberside Police in response toongoing concerns about anti-social behaviour in the Westcliffprecinct.The project will provide local access for members of thecommunity to navigate pathways to recovery from substanceuse.
  30. 30. North Lincolnshire Westcliff Drop-in CentreWestcliff Intervention& Support Project (WISP)The centre offers diversionary activities and opportunities forcapacity-building such as training and mentoring, and willwork with the wider community to develop environmentalprojects to promote community cohesion on the estate.
  31. 31. North LincolsnhireCommunity groups help reduce re-offending
  32. 32. North LincolnshireNew Life Church Scunthorpe ‘Gifted’
  33. 33. North Lincolnshire
  34. 34. North LincolnshireVANL – Street talk
  35. 35. North LincolnshireVANL – Street talk
  36. 36. North LincolnshireLocal solutions for local issues
  37. 37. North Lincolnshire Street Pastors North Lincs Street Pastors are a group of Christian volunteers from various churches across Scunthorpe. Working independently, but with the full support of the LocalAuthority and the Police, and working closely with securityand door staff of the pubs and clubs, they patrol the Town Centre on Saturday nights between 10pm and 4am.
  38. 38. North Lincolnshire
  39. 39. North LincolnshireNeighbourhood Watch
  40. 40. North LincolnshireSupporting each other in the community
  41. 41. North LincolnshireProbation: Community Payback
  42. 42. North LincolnshireBefore and after…
  43. 43. North East Lincolnshire
  44. 44. North East Lincolnshire Safer Homes ServiceProtects the residents of North East Lincolnshire by offering security advice and carrying out general security measures at the address, either after a crime has been committed or if the resident has a fear of crime or anti social behaviour.
  45. 45. North East LincolnshireSafer Homes Service
  46. 46. North East Lincolnshire Positive results withchallenging young people
  47. 47. North East Lincolnshire Harbour Place Day CentreStreet Outreach Worker Project
  48. 48. North East Lincolnshire Harbour Place Day CentreStreet Outreach Worker Project
  49. 49. North East LincolnshireHarbour Place Day Centre : Street Outreach Worker Project 123 people supported
  50. 50. North East Lincolnshire Harbour Place Day CentreStreet Outreach Worker Project
  51. 51. North East Lincolnshire EMPOWERSupporting pathways to positive lifestyles and employment
  52. 52. EMPOWER - North East Lincolnshire Mentoring Aiming HighChallenging Targets Training Work Trials Employment
  53. 53. North East Lincolnshire EMPOWERThe Empower Programme has;• Contributed to significant reduction in re-offending by the more prolific re- offenders and non-statutory offenders• Been a key support partner in the Integrated Offender Management framework• Provided active mentoring support for over 300 offenders.• Supported more than 100 offenders into improved health and mental health• Assisted 70 offenders with transport solutions to access training and work• Supported 48 individuals into sustained tenancies• Supported 92 offenders in substance misuse treatment services• Supported 62 individuals into sustained and formal training / qualifications• Progressed 26 offenders into work trials and work based training• Developed volunteering opportunities for ex-offenders• Supported 48 ex-offenders into sustained employment
  54. 54. North East LincolnshireNeighbourhoods working together to fight crime
  55. 55. North East Lincolnshire Communities Together“Hate Crime? So do we” What is hate crime?
  56. 56. North East Lincolnshire Communities Together“Hate Crime? So do we”
  57. 57. North East Lincolnshire West Marsh Community Centre Community Payback1200 clients annually.Supporting the centre, ground works and maintenance.
  58. 58. North East LincolnshireWest Marsh Community Centre Community Payback
  59. 59. North East LincolnshireTackling tough times in partnership
  60. 60. North East Lincolnshire North East Lincolnshire Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT)Part of Safer Stronger Communities Partnership
  61. 61. North East LincolnshireNorth East Lincolnshire Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) The JunctionThe Junction Community Drug Service provides: Brief interventions, needle exchange, advice and information and triage assessment Comprehensive assessment, structured counselling, nursing support by qualified personnel and prescribing by sessional GP’s.
  62. 62. North East LincolnshireNorth East Lincolnshire Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) North East Lincolnshire Community Alcohol Team (NELCAT)Providing a service that can identify and then supply a range of information, support, advice and treatment for people experiencing problems as a result of their alcohol use in North East Lincolnshire.
  63. 63. North East Lincolnshire Thank you