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VA SOL Science 4.8 Earth, Moon, and Sun SlideShare


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VA SOL Science 4.8 Earth, Moon, and Sun SlideShare

  1. 1. Virginia SOL Science 4.8 Earth, Moon, and Sun
  2. 2. Earth’s Rotation and Revolution  365 ¼ days to revolve around sun  24 hours rotate on axis
  3. 3. Moon’s Rotation and Revolution  Rotation and Revolution are synchronous  29.5 days rotates on axis
  4. 4. Sun’s Rotation and Revolution  Rotates different speeds from 27 to 31 Earth days  Revolves around Milky Way every 230 million years
  5. 5. Earth’s Seasons Earth's tilt causes seasons as it revolves around sun
  6. 6. Phases of the Moon Phases of the moon caused by position relative to Earth and Sun
  7. 7. Basic Characteristics Size Position Age Makeup Sun 869,959 miles around Center 4.6 billion years Average-sized yellow star Earth 8,000 miles around Third Planet from Sun 4.6 billion years Rocky / Water / Oxygen Moon 2,000 miles around Satellite of Earth 4.6 billion years Rocky Size Position Age Makeup Sun Earth Moon
  8. 8. Historical Contributions Earth-Centered Model Sun-Centered Model Aristotle Ptolemy Copernicus Galileo
  9. 9. Past, Present, Future National Aeronautics and Space Administration Apollo missions understand moon USA only country to land on moon Mars Land Rover
  10. 10. Works Cited  Bill Frymire load/earthmoonspacesun_o_ 41892.jpg   http://matthewsegall.files.wo earth-moon-and-sun.png  https://encrypted- bn:ANd9GcQ605YAJ2rgDgG Gy3A6jaYosuYHQWj3S8QNw QwxePyEetnhME2Z