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Bastiaan van de Werk, innovation expert and strategy consultant at bransoncompany shares some tips, tricks and thoughts about creative thinking and ideation. Most ideas are applicable for groups as well as individuals wanting to stretch their creative potential.

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Creativity 101 vandewerk - bransoncompany

  1. 1. Creativity 101, Bastiaan van de Werk
  2. 2. Blue Ocean?
  3. 3. Fuzzy Logic?
  4. 4. The Creative Process facts problems ideas solutions acceptence order diverge converge CPS model! Parnes, 1992!
  5. 5. Building Better Ideas ADVANTAGES identify strong points and 
 A positive aspects of an idea." LIMITATIONS identify concerns and" L weak points of an idea" UNIQUE what needs
 U QUALITIES to be preserved?" OVERCOME LIMITATIONS o 1. rank limitations" 2. in what ways...? how to…?" Isaksen & Traffinger 1985!
  6. 6. What if… “What if we combine the headphones with the tape player and eliminate the recorder function altogether?” Masura Ibuka
  7. 7. What if… “What if we substitute toddler for housewife, and adapt the bright colours from toys? Joe mcVicker
  8. 8. Building Even Better Ideas Eliminate! Combine it with! something! something else! Modify or! Magnify it! Scamper Adapt! Reverse or! something! Rearrange it! Substitute! to it! Put to some! something! other use! Isaksen & Traffinger 1985!
  9. 9. Mc-ample brand?! menu?! adapt! big mag &! income? paper bags! new items! rental! + licence!expansion?! quality?! combined! storage of stacking? ownership! eliminate fries! supplier! differentiate?! lethargy?! rearrange new partners! architecture!
  10. 10. Playing Tip Michael Michalko 1994!
  11. 11. 6 Thinking Hats positivity & optimism facts & logic new ideas the big picture feelings & caution intuition Edward ! de Bono 1985!
  12. 12. WWWWW W W W1.  Who are the most important players?2.  What’s their role or stake?3.  What action should be taken?4.  Who will do this (and when)?
  13. 13. Forecasting ?! ?! present situation! ?! now! future!
  14. 14. Backcasting envisioned! future! BHAG stage! stage! stage! 2010! 2020!
  15. 15. Backcasting Workshop headline headline headline headline headline headline headline headline headline ambition situation 1Q 1Y 3Y now future