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REVERSED	  CREATIVITY	  CREATIVE	  BRAINSTORM,	  WARMING	  UP	  EXERCISE	  Bas6aan	  van	  de	  Werk	  June	  20th	  2012	  
THE	  PURPOSE	  OF	  THIS	  EXERCISE	  This	  is	  a	  warming	  up	  exercise	  intented	  to	  be	  used	  with	  any	  ...
HOW	  TO	  USE	  THIS	  EXERCISE?	  ›  At	  the	  start	  of	  your	  crea6ve	  brainstorm	  hand	  out	  a	  different	  s...
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Creative tool: Reversed Brainstorm
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Creative tool: Reversed Brainstorm


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This is a warming up exercise intented to be used with any type of creative brainstorm.

› To warm up participants and get their brains into a creative mindset.
› To have them feel comfortable generating new (and sometimes crazy) ideas.
› To teach them share those ideas freely with eachother.

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Creative tool: Reversed Brainstorm

  1. 1. REVERSED  CREATIVITY  CREATIVE  BRAINSTORM,  WARMING  UP  EXERCISE  Bas6aan  van  de  Werk  June  20th  2012  
  2. 2. THE  PURPOSE  OF  THIS  EXERCISE  This  is  a  warming  up  exercise  intented  to  be  used  with  any  type  of  crea6ve  brainstorm.  ›  To  warm  up  par6cipants  and  get  their  brains  into  a  crea6ve  mindset.  ›  To  have  them  feel  comfortable  genera6ng  new  (and  some6mes  crazy)   ideas.  ›  To  teach  them  share  those  ideas  freely  with  eachother.  
  3. 3. HOW  TO  USE  THIS  EXERCISE?  ›  At  the  start  of  your  crea6ve  brainstorm  hand  out  a  different  sheet  with   a  fic6onal  brand  name  on  it  to  each  par6cipant  ›  Have  each  par6cipant  write  down  as  many  types  of  brands  (products  or   businesses)  they  think  the  name  may  stand  for.    ›  Encourage  par6cipants  to  be  imagina6ve  and  descrip6ve.  (I.E.  a  shoe   shop  in  Italy,  a  Danish  mother  selling  home  made  cup  cakes  et  cetera.)  ›  Have  par6cipants  work  hard:  have  them  aim  for  quan6ty  (a  list  of  more   than  15  types  of  brands  and  business  is  not  uncommon).  This  should   take  about  five  minutes.  ›  Have  each  par6cipant  share  his  or  her  best  ideas  with  the  others.  
  4. 4. “ALEN  É  CRYSANTI”  
  5. 5. “BREKS”  
  6. 6. “BRAVNBORG”  
  7. 7. “TIJUANA  TORNADO”  
  8. 8. “TRIPLE  TREAT”  
  9. 9. “BLUE  BALLOON”  
  10. 10. “AFTENTID”  
  11. 11. “ROMESSE”  
  12. 12. “VERUNA  CLASSIC”  
  13. 13. “ULTRACURVE”  
  14. 14. “PANZA  KATEME”  
  15. 15. “T-­‐TIME”  
  16. 16. “TOBA  NAULI”  
  17. 17. “SCHUYNE  SCHUYTEN”  
  18. 18. “RAZORMARK”  
  19. 19. “BLUETONE”  
  20. 20. “REGEN”  
  21. 21. “VERTIGO”  
  22. 22. “STETSON  &  NAVARRA”  
  23. 23. “ZING!”