Storytelling And Grandparents


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Background on the impact of storytelling and children and grandfathers

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Storytelling And Grandparents

  1. 1. Once Upon a Time…. VDS Brink “Once upon a time there was a .. and a… and then…” Age old words that always immediately grabs the attention of everyone, no matter what age. “Once upon a time” gives the storyteller the right to make animals speak, turn frogs into princes and rescue grandma from inside a wolf! The greatest mind of a thousand years, Albert Einstein said: ”If you want clever children tell them stories, if you want brilliant children, tell them many stories..” Sadly in our age, technology kills so much. All replaced by flickering lights and ready made gimmicks. Television kills imagination of a child as words and pictures are given leaving little to imagination. Bonding between us is rudely interrupted by mobile phones, endless appeals for our attention leaving our children growing up remote and distracted. The great Madiba said “Our generation will be judged on how we treated or children.” A grandparent has a life of many accomplishments, yet when we hold our grandchild in our arms, can share love, emotion, and build that child to one day be a person of value, are our greatest contribution ever. The mind becomes dumb if its attention is scattered. Confusing images and sound are doing that to us. Yet.. if we build central theme the neurons of the mind group around it and we become more clever and wise in the process. Nothing in this world does it better than a great story. 1
  2. 2. Only one thing you can do that tops a great story, is a story you created yourself. Creating your own story has an impact on your own mind as you stretches your imagination and becomes a wiser person in the process. More importantly, with that child on your lap, drinking in every word, going with you into miraculous places, fighting evil witches, wizards and dragons with a magic wand, are building a bond between you as nothing else. She will for ever cherish these moments and always remember the wonders that you brought in her life. It is a skill that can be learnt. We can learn that a story needs three main characters, a setting, a climax, a viewpoint and a happy ending. We can learn how to tell it with the right voice and body language. The best way to learn it is by doing it amongst others sharing the same passion. This can indeed, as Churchill said; “Be our finest hour” For more, go to VDS Brink is a happy grandfather who obtained the highest education qualification of Toastmasters International on Storytelling. He works as a strategic facilitator for businesses and as educator at several universities. To argue and download more detail or just go to 2