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Issues related to child development using a tablet computer for Thailand's Computer Tablet Policy. Presented at the ASEAN Scenario Analysis 2015-2020 Conference Bangkok University May 25, 2012

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  1. 1. Child Development Issues Related to Thailand’s Computer Tablet Policy within the ASEAN Community Connecting with the worldPrepared byWillard Van De Bogartfor: The ASEAN Scenario Analysis 2015-2020 ConferenceBangkok University May 25, 2012 Web2Thai Foundation
  2. 2. The ASEAN Community
  3. 3. Thai Society in preparation for the ASEAN Community • Branding of Thailand • Cross-border cooperation • Sufficiency Economy philosophy • Understand cultural diversity • Preserving local way of life • Develop potential of the people
  4. 4. What is Thailand’s Computer Tablet Policy?Provide one tabletper child to allprathom 1 studentsAllow students to haveaccess to othermaterialsProvide a 21 centurylearning tool PM Yingluck Shinawatra
  5. 5. Web2Thai FoundationTeaching Children English with Tablet Computers Per Algot Enevoldsen - President Right; Sven Sprogoe Petersen -Director 2nd right: Amm Chantaplaboon – Teacher Trainer 3rd right: Willard Van De Bogart
  6. 6. Thailand’s Computer Tablet Policy Lets log in:www.pressmart.comHyderabad, India
  7. 7. 1st Who are the stake holders?• Families of Thailand• Educational representatives of Thailand• Teachers of Thailand• Producers of Thailand• Thailand as an ASEAN nation member• Thailand’s Diaspora 2nd What are the objectives?Cognitive developmentCritical ThinkingKnowledge acquisition and managementAssociative learning
  8. 8. Child Development Issues• Child Development using Digital Media• Preparing teachers and students• Pedagogy and Cultural difference in learning• Software Development and the use of apps• Teaching Thai Children to excel as digital natives within the ASEAN Community Howard Gardner
  9. 9. Child Development using digital media• The Use of Digital Media• Cognitive development• Scaffolding• Student learning• Digital literacy skills• Transfer skills
  10. 10. Preparing teachers and students * Teachers learn about apps * Students explore apps* Lessons developed with apps* Parents, teachers, students collaborate
  11. 11. Pedagogy and cultural difference in learningLesson plans incorporating apps Choosing apps for children
  12. 12. Classroom managementTeachers are students – Students are teachers
  13. 13. Cultural Differences• The way kids learn – Is there a Thai way?
  14. 14. Software development and the use of appsVariationReward stimulusEasy interfaceLevel complexityIntuitiveEntertainingFun
  15. 15. Teaching Thai Children to Excel as Digital Natives in the ASEAN Community ASEAN Youth Forum – April 2, 2012 Stimulate sharing information, greater access, and deeper understanding of ASEAN and its origin.
  16. 16. Thank you – And go help the children