Marketing Savant Thought Leadership Marketing Practice


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Thought Leadership Marketing Practice

Attaining market leadership through an intellectual, competence based approach to business development.

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Marketing Savant Thought Leadership Marketing Practice

  1. 1. Thought Leadership Marketing Practice The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771 Attaining market leadership through an intellectual, competence based approach to business development.
  2. 2. Thought Leadership Marketing MarketingSavant’s Thought Leadership Marketing™ approach provides a sustainable go-to-market strategy based on your organizational competence and Thought Leadership intellectual capital employing elements of insurgent Marketing marketing principles and delivering value to the marketplace through a balanced digital and traditional channel approach to create market capital and demand generation. Insurgent/Underdog Social Media &  Thought Leadership Marketing turns organizational activity into intellectual Marketing Digital Marketing capital that supports relevant advocacy positions, tacit domain expertise and point- of-view platforms to shape and influence market perceptions and establish your organization a thought leader, knowledge resource, subject matter expert and ultimately, a trusted client advisor  Social media and digital marketing combine with trusted, classical marketing tools to form a foundation for sharing and relevant dialogue with clients and markets that builds market capital and provides the insights, access, and influence required to create demand generation  Effective Thought Leadership Marketing employs insurgent marketing principles that deliver immediate and measurable lead and prospect opportunity improvements and drives demand generation by focusing on delivering wins and competing on higher ideals, not lower prices, in the age of the empowered buyer.
  3. 3. The Thought Leadership Marketing Equation Competence, purpose and Strategic use of TLM tools Thought leaders and core market and channels with media trusted advisors occupy understanding inform the collaboration garner your the greatest share of mind point of view & thought share voice in the industry among business buyers. leadership platform. and spark the industry Share of mind predicts Thought leaders outshine dialogue around your share of market. Thought their competitors who ideas. Leadership Marketing As buyers seek out more compete on price and steadily increases your real market dialogue, SOV advertising. SOM with buyers, is an increasingly important growing your share of factor contributing to market. marketplace success.
  4. 4. The 4 A’s of Thought Leadership Marketing Assets – Attitude – Acceptance – Alignment Attitude Alignment •Intellectual capital •Client willingness to listen •Experience & results •Market demand for a •Desire to educate •Clients embrace thought thought leader •People, process, products leadership •Long-term industry •Sufficient credibility to gain stewardship mindset •Front line embraces POV, industry leadership channels & tools •Altruistic, willingness to share •Relevant conversations in the industry Assets Acceptance
  5. 5. Thought Leadership Gets Attention • 9 of the top 11 effective ways of getting a business buyer’s attention of involve Thought Leadership Marketing How would you rate the effectiveness of the following marketing vehicles in getting your attention? Mean Rating (N~344) 3.7 Speech or presentation at a conference or trade show 3.7 Case studies describing successful customer solution implementations 3.4 Article in the business or trade press 3.4 Invitation to a Webinar, seminar, or workshop 3.3 Analyst firm recommendation (such as Gartner/IDC/Forrester) 3.2 Search engine hits when doing research or surfing the Web 3.1 White paper offered on the Internet 2.9 Electronic newsletter from the service firm 2.8 Conference sponsorship 2.5 Direct mail brochure Email from a sales representative from the service firm 2.3 Phone call from a sales representative from the service firm 2.3 TV or print advertisement 2.3 Vendor's blog 2.3 Online advertisement 2.2 Sporting or cultural event sponsorship 2.0 Source: ITSMA, How Customers Choose Study, North America, 2007
  6. 6. Thought Leadership Delivers • Coherency out of marketplace chaos • Diminished price resistance • Valid and credible value proposition • Self-qualified leads & opportunities • Shortened sales cycles • Value-forward marketing & selling platform • Ongoing market dialogue • Prospects experience your value before buying • Buyers invested in your ideas before purchasing • Growth in media placements & requests • Search engine find-ability
  7. 7. Thought Leadership Marketing Toolkit
  8. 8. The MarketingSavant Thought Leadership Marketing Engagement Process Assets + Attitude + Thought Acceptance Leadership + Alignment Point-of-View Go-to-Market Channel
  9. 9. Are You Ready for Thought Leadership Marketing? • Do you love what you do? – Passionate enough to push TL – Sustain interest in years to come • Are you willing to teach? – “Educate the market” mentality – Do you “enjoy helping your customers & prospects”? • Are you comfortable with “reaching outside”? – Expand beyond your existing network • Are you will to take a stand with your message? – Do you have a unique position on industry issues? – Can you frame & express those views? – Can you get people to notice?
  10. 10. Are You Ready for Thought Leadership Marketing? • Are you a “confident learner”? – Balance your positions with listening – Ears to the ground for trend shifts & opportunities • Do you have a “long-term” perspective? – Spend time today for reward tomorrow – “Faith in the future” • Are you comfortable with “no end point” to TL? – Willing to work a long time toward this goal – Stay motivated!
  11. 11. Recognizing A Thought Leadership Marketing Opportunity • Significant shifts or changes in your industry or field • Recognition that getting your ideas out ahead of your competitors is critical to success • A mentor leads you to the opportunity • No one’s having the conversation you want to have in the industry or local area • Facing a business crisis • The desire to ‘attract’ more of the right clients than to ‘hunt’ the “right now” clients
  12. 12. Barriers We’ll Help You Overcome In a survey of professional service firms, they identified key barriers to pursuing a thought leadership marketing strategy. • Marketing Resources (time, money, people) • No Incentive (no reward for TL activities) • Lack of Process (ineffective approach to TL capture) • Secrecy (can’t talk about clients or ideas – no “proof”) • No Skills (lack of know-how to capture IC) • Burdensome Approval Process (red tape) • No Recognition (firm doesn’t value TL)
  13. 13. Five Keys to Successful Thought Leadership Marketing • Be Generous With Your Knowledge – Share beyond the marketing speak • Be Consistent – Calendar your activities – daily, weekly, monthly routine • Always Deliver Value – Listen, think, revise, teach, repeat • Take A Stand – Take your strong positions to market • Focus On The Long-term Benefits – Track your results in months & years
  14. 14. Altruism Before Capitalism “In short, this is simply an organization putting the needs of its constituents ahead of its own needs. Or, aligning itself with advancing the welfare of its customers before (and while) advancing its own. “ Dana VanDen Heuvel
  15. 15. Thought Leadership Marketing Success Metrics • Reach – How many hear your message? • Acquisition – Who’s attention did you get? – Did they “get” your point of view? • Conversion – What information did you gather? – Who can you contact as a “lead”? • Retention – Who follows you after the acquisition?
  16. 16. Thought Leadership Marketing Success Metrics
  17. 17. About The MarketingSavant Group The MarketingSavant Group is a specialist company that focuses on developing our clients into the preeminent thought leaders and trusted advisors in their industry. Through our thought leadership marketing approach and deep experience in digital and social media marketing we do extraordinary work for B2B clients to move your entire organization beyond the competitive realm and into the unique niche of industry thought leader. We focus on genuine organizational transformation through marketing, innovation, intellectual capital development and not on producing a campaign that’s merely a quickly forgotten flavor-of-the- month tool. MarketingSavant helps clients leverage thought leadership and social media marketing through precise strategy development, targeted user-centric research, expert resource engagement for content creating and distribution, all using our proprietary Thought Leadership Marketing methodology. Like the thought leading clients we work with and in the spirit of the social media tools we employ, MarketingSavant is a transparent, honest, professional, credible, driven, responsive, hard working, open-minded, and results-oriented team that serves our clients with the utmost integrity and respect and treat their business and success as our own. Our value-forward approach means that our first priority is delivering wisdom to our clients and prospects to make us all better marketers and servants to the customers who trust us. We formed MarketingSavant to work with ethical, intellectual, innovative and challenging clients in the Business-to-Business market sector. Our approach and our philosophy are to always put altruism before capitalism. We do well by doing good, and we like to work with clients who share our philosophy. MarketingSavant’s offerings range from thought leadership strategy development, training and workshops, campaign management, customer community development and anything else that helps to position you as the preeminent thought leader in your industry. Contact us if you’re interested in become your industry’s thought leader!
  18. 18. Thought Leadership Marketing Practice The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771 Attaining market leadership through an intellectual, competence based approach to business development.