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Smart Metering Europe Sample


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Smart Metering Europe Sample

  1. 1. Smart Metering - Europe June 2009
  2. 2. Executive Summary Total XX mn installed in Europe in 20--; Expected to reach YY mn by 20-- a% of European consumers are expected to have smart energy meters installed in their homes by 20-- Market Smart metering initiatives are more advanced in Western Europe and Nordic region Full compulsory SM roll out policy in country U,V and W LE Drivers: Challenges: EU directive and energy conservation goals Huge investment required Drivers & Challenges P Liberalization of energy market in Europe Cost benefits leading to favorable market conditions M Lack of standardization Security issue A Lack of acceptability among small Demand side management S consumers Utilities: Reduces operational costs, control levels during peak demand, easy identification of faults, demand side management and forecasting additional generation levels Opportunities Manufacturers: Favorable government policies and expected standardization of technology & Benefits Government and Public: Improve energy efficiency and facilitating micro-generation ICT: Demand for enhanced M2M communication and demand for consulting services There exists a large number of players across the value chain focusing largely on country specific growth due to varied government regulations and the lack of standardization Competition Utilities Company U,V,W Manufacturers Company X,Y,Z IT Firms Company A, B, C SMART METERING - EUROPE.PPT 2
  3. 3. • Introduction • Market Overview • Drivers and Challenges • Opportunities & Benefits • Key Players • Key Developments • Appendix SMART METERING - EUROPE.PPT 3
  4. 4. Smart Metering industry in Europe is expected to boost with increasing focus on efficient energy consumption Market Overview Market Size • Installed base of smart electricity meters in Europe is expected to reach XX mn by 20-- • a% of European consumers are expected to have mn smart energy meters installed in their homes by 20- - 100 LE • Activity focused on Electricity Smart Metering (SM) Z 80 a% Y Gas tends to follow, with some minor activity in Water and Heat • Smart metering initiatives are more advanced in MP 60 40 U V W X A Western Europe and Nordic region S Full compulsory SM roll out policy in U,V,W 20 • Recent EU joiners tend to have no formal policy of legislation in place for SM 0 Trials are underway in many of these countries, even if 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 only small scale • Countries with partial SM policy X,Y,Z New installations will reach a rate of ZZ mn units annually in these countries by 20-- New installations will reach a rate of ZZ mn units annually in these countries by 20-- Source: SMART METERING - EUROPE.PPT 4
  5. 5. Italy and Sweden are leading the adoption of smart meters in Europe, with others planning on large scale implementation Timeline 2009 2012 2015 2018 2020 A The government plans to make the installation of smart meters in all homes compulsory by 20-- B PLE Spain to replace all meters <u kW by Smart Meters by 2018 C D 20-- SAM Netherlands plans on installation of smart meters and replace existing meters by Regulatory authority proposes replacement to be concluded by 20-- Finland requires that utilities install smart E meters for v% of Finnish homes by 20-- France replace X mn meters F starting 20-- G y% installation by 20-- z% H installation by 20-- Source: SMART METERING - EUROPE.PPT 5
  6. 6. Drivers and Challenges Challenges Huge Investment Required Drivers Lack of Standardization EU Directive and Energy Conservation Goals Security Issue Liberalization of Energy Market in Lack of acceptability among small Europe consumers Cost benefits leading to favourable market conditions Demand Side Management SMART METERING - EUROPE.PPT 6
  7. 7. Competition – Utility Firms (1/2) Company Business Overview Future Outlook A • Focuses on the Portugese market, owns approximately a% of • Plans full rollout of its smart grid project - Inovgrid the electricity distribution networks in mainland Portugal • Project involves the upgradation of the company's a km fibre–optic network, b telemeters, and c mn meters B • World's largest smart meter deployment was undertaken by • Expanding into wind power generation U • Initiatives have been taken through its French • Between 20-- - -- it deployed smart meters to its entire subsidiary Z adding X MW capacity customer base with Capgemini as its main partner • By 20--, total investment of USD YY bn expected • It has a generation capacity of V MW towards developing new technologies • In 20--, revenues amounted to USDW bn C • A global investor-owned power and gas companies operating • Investment of USD YY bn is planned in 20-- - -- across the value chain towards maintenance, replacement of existing • Other than Europe, operations have expanded to Russia and infrastructure and expanding generating and network North America capacity • Approximately, a GW of installed generating capacity • By 20--, plans on generating u% of energy from • In 20--, revenues amounted to USD XX bn renewable sources • By 20--, plans on reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by v% Note: This list in not exhaustive Source: SAMPLE SMART METERING - EUROPE.PPT 7
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