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Unity: Introduction


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Introduction to Unity game engine and platform.

* Vaclav Vancura (@vancura)
* Michal Hotovec (@mhotovec)

Presented on 1st Indie Games Czech meetup in Prague on October 18, 2011.

More info on the meetup on @indiegamescz.

Published in: Design, Technology, Art & Photos
  • Demo scenes (for videos, which are not included) Physics - Detonator, Physics Cloth & Ropes, Prefabs
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Unity: Introduction

  1. 1. Unity: IntroductionVáclav Vančura – @vancura Michal Hotovec –
  2. 2. What The Unity?‣ Games Mainly 3D (with acceleration), but 2D as well‣ Apps Augmented Reality apps Medical apps Architectural visualizations
  3. 3. Platforms‣ Desktop Windows, OS X‣ Game consoles Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Xbox‣ Mobile devices iOS, Android, Union‣ Web
  4. 4. What Unity Does?
  5. 5. Workflow‣ Project structure‣ Drag & Drop Visual programming‣ Browsers Textures, objects, sounds, scripts, animation clips etc...‣ Snapping
  6. 6. Importing 3D Assets‣ Import without a 3rd party app FBX, OBJ, 3DS, Collada DAE‣ When a native app is needed Maya, Blender, Modo, Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Cheetah 3D
  7. 7. Automatic File Change Detection‣ 3D objects including textures, bones, animations and UV Watches for file changes and automatically updates assets
  8. 8. Texture Import‣ Formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, IFF, PICT... and PSD‣ Video & video textures Camera texture Ogg Theora MOV, AVI, ASF, MPG, MPEG, MP4VIDEO transcoded‣ Automatic generation Mip-Map, Height Map to Normal Map, Bitmap to Bump Map PVRTC
  9. 9. Audio Import‣ Live preview‣ 2D & 3D audio Sound sources & listeners One sound listener attached to scene camera Multiple sound sources Environment settings Room settings Doppler effect Filters – DSP effects High-pass / low-pass, distortion, chorus / echo / reverb
  10. 10. Audio Formats‣ Music MP3 & Ogg Vorbis (depending on platform)‣ Sounds AIFF, WAV‣ Trackers FMOD library MOD, IT, S3M, XM‣ Streaming Ogg Theora & Ogg Vorbis streaming from network
  11. 11. Font Import‣ TrueType‣ 3rd party scripts‣ Font sheets
  12. 12. Editors‣ MonoDevelop‣ Microsoft Visual Studio‣ TextMate‣ any other editor
  13. 13. MonoDevelop (OS X / Windows)
  14. 14. Microsoft Visual C# (Windows)
  15. 15. TextMate (OS X)
  16. 16. Unitron (OS X)
  17. 17. Components & OOP JavaScript‣ Languages C# C# JavaScript Boo‣ Scripts as components Boo‣ Prefabs‣ Rich API
  18. 18. Visual ScriptingUseful for designers and not so nerdy programmers
  19. 19. Kismet / uScript
  20. 20. Play / Pause‣ Debugging & Profiling Instant launch, recompilation in background‣ No need to recompile Changes visible immediately‣ Debugging and Profiling Unity MonoDevelop Xcode
  21. 21. Unity Remote‣ Realtime preview‣ Mobile device features transferred to Unity Multitouch Accelerometer / gyroscope‣ Lower FPS and visual quality
  22. 22. Asset Server‣ Team cooperation, shared assets‣ Versioning‣ Needs a free server, but a separate client license Linux, Windows, OS X‣ Can be installed locally
  23. 23. Asset server
  24. 24. Conflict diffing in FileMerge
  25. 25. Surface Shaders‣ A lot of Shaders both built-in and on Asset Server‣ Do your own shaders‣ Mobile shaders
  26. 26. Fullscreen Postprocessing Filters‣ Most interesting filters Bloom + Lens Flare, DOF, Sun Shafts, Color Correction, Glow, SSAO, Motion Blur, Noise, Twirl, Vortex‣ Hardware consumption‣ Not supported on mobile devices
  27. 27. Physics‣ NVIDIA PhysX GPU hardware accelerated‣ Rigidbodies Physical materials Triggers‣ Colliders & collisions Box, Mesh, Sphere, RayCasting, Wheel colliders...
  28. 28. Physics‣ Joints‣ Softbodies‣ Cloth simulation
  29. 29. Animation‣ Animation editor‣ Animation clips‣ Bones, IK‣ Animation & Pose blending
  30. 30. Animation‣ Biped editor‣ Mixamo
  31. 31. Respect the Platform‣ Optimization Mobile hardware Fill rate RAM Drawcalls‣ Batching Dynamic batching Static batching‣ Game budget
  32. 32. Lightmapping — Beast (before)
  33. 33. Lightmapping — Beast (after)
  34. 34. Batching & Caching‣ Occlusion Culling & Penumbra‣ Light-mapping / Beast‣ Terrains Now on mobile devices Tree Creator
  35. 35. Asset Store‣ Buy 3rd assets 3D Models Characters, environments, vehicles, vegetation... Textures Shaders, bricks, fabric, metal, nature, paper, roads, wood... Audio Music, sound FX, ambient sounds... Example projects Tutorials, templates, demos, games...
  36. 36. Asset Store‣ Buy 3rd assets Editor extensions Animation, audio, modeling, painting, utilities... Scripting AI, GUI, network, effects, physics... Particle systems‣ Build and sell your own and be rich :]
  37. 37. Future: Unity 3.5‣ HDR rendering with gamma correction‣ Native level-of-detail support‣ Shuriken A completely curve driven particle effects system‣ Integrated GPU profiler‣ Pathfinding and crowd simulation built in‣ Integrated version control support for Perforce and SVN
  38. 38. Flash Stage3D Export
  39. 39. Thank you.Václav Vančura – @vancura Michal Hotovec –