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Meet online with unlimited users in Google+ Hangout

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Meet online with unlimited users in Google+ Hangout

  1. 1. Meet online using Google Hangouts on Air with unlimited participants Tue Nov 19 1500 GMT Vance Stevens at GlobalEd13 -a-community-of-educators-meets-online-using-google-hangout
  2. 2. • Start with Google + • Select Hangouts on Air • Start the HoA • Name and start your HoA • Here • You can get the URL for your session • You can get the YouTube link of the stream • You can get the embed code in case you want to allow people to click on a PLAY button to hear the stream Vance Stevens at GlobalEd13 Set up a Hangout
  3. 3. Vance Stevens at GlobalEd13 Start at Google+
  4. 4. Vance Stevens at GlobalEd13 Select Hangouts on Air
  5. 5. Vance Stevens at GlobalEd13 Start the HoA
  6. 6. Vance Stevens at GlobalEd13 Name and start your HoA
  7. 7. Vance Stevens at GlobalEd13 Get HoA and YouTube links
  8. 8. Sample Embed Codes <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Etherpad <iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="450" width="950" src=""></iframe > Vance Stevens at GlobalEd13 YouTube stream and subsequent recording
  9. 9. Set up your streaming page • Instructions on how to embed the YouTube video and Etherpad chat into your blog or wiki web page, here: Set up your Etherpad space • You can still comment here: • • More information at Vance Stevens at GlobalEd13
  10. 10. • Here you can find examples of the different kinds of text chats in the four spaces available • In the hangout itself • In chat associated with being logged in to Google • In the EtherPad chat sidebar at right • In the EtherPad main display space Vance Stevens at GlobalEd13 Unique interaction in 4 spaces
  11. 11. Thank you Join us in Hangout some time Find out when and where at Or Vance Stevens,
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