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Real Estate company office presentation.

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  1. 1. Powered by N.E. Michigan MLO
  2. 2. What is an Association of Realtors?• Realtor is the trademark of the National Association of Realtors.Anyone who desires to be a member of the Association ofRealtors must first be a member of NAR. This gives them theright to use the trademark name.
  3. 3. What is a Real Estate Association?Anyone can get a license to sell real estate from theirperspective state, as long as they pass that state exam andmeet its requirements. They then get a license that says thatthey are licensed real estate agents.As a licensed real estate agent the person can join a realestate association. A REALTOR can join a real estateassociation and an association of Realtors. One of theadvantages of the real estate association is that any communitymember can join the association i.e.. Plumbers, appraisers,bankers, and home inspectors.
  4. 4. What are we?NEMREA is a real estate association, but it is also much morethan that. Its purpose is not only to make available the services toreal estate agents and brokers that real estate associations typicallyprovide, but also to benefit everyone who is directly or even indirectlyassociated with real estate. It serves as a platform from which areaprofessionals can make contact with like-minded individuals, serveon committees of interest, and develop personal and businessrelationships, as well as upload their company information onto theassociation website at no cost.What is more, NEMREA is a community oriented association. Atthe core of its foundation is the conviction that the strength of asociety is generated from the synergism of its citizens – thatcollectively they are able to do more to benefit the community thanthe total of what each can do individually.
  5. 5. What does NEMREA do forReal Estate Agents?NEMREA is one of a national family of associations that is committed to provide itsmembers the widest range of services of any association anywhere for fees amounting toabout 1/10 those of other associations. It was designed to provide:1. Top-Notch Education• Members can earn their designations as well as fulfill their continuingeducation requirements.• Classes are made available for those who wish to become Real EstateAgents.• Tools to its members that give them a distinct advantage over members of otherassociations.• Political representation for its members by being active in governmental affairs &the Chamber of Commerce• Maintenance of a strong presence in the community by projecting a positiveimage and strong community awareness.• Advertising and promotions of the association in order to gain members, growstronger, and offer more benefits to its members.• The long over-due paradigm shift in a profession that has been reluctant toembrace needed changes.
  6. 6. How does NEMREA Compare to theReal Estate Associations?Function NEMREA Assoc. of RealtorsPermits real estate agents to join YesAllows non-real estate agents to attend meetings Yes NoAllows non-real estate agents to serve on committees Yes NoAllows non-real estate agents members to vote Yes (as a member) NoProvides platform from which members can network Yes NoPromotes building business relationships between members Yes NoContributes monies back to the community Yes NoEducation for its members Yes NoPromotes benefits of NAR Yes No
  7. 7. What is US MLO ?• USMLO is the U.S. Multi-Listing Organization. MLO provides theneeded technical expertise in managing listing data for its affiliateassociations. It differs from the MLS’s inasmuch as it utilizes a singlelisting database thus giving national exposure to all properties uploadedby member agents. The MLO’s are also community driven. That is,their profits are returned to the communities by its owners for purposesdeemed most likely to reflect the attitudes and civic passions of theassociation members.
  8. 8. Welcome to AdvantageML, realestate’s premier data serviceunder exclusive contract withNE Michigan MLO family ofassociations.
  9. 9. What isAdvantageML?Advantage ML is the database used exclusively bythe US Multi-Listing Organization’s affiliateassociations. Because of its wide array of searchfeatures it is poised to be the real estate buyer’s siteof choice. The tools that it provides to affiliateassociation members greatly surpass those of anyother real estate or realtor association.
  10. 10. We’re SynergisticThese three entities are each the premier among those of theirkind. Together they combine to impart a level of services farsuperior to what is made available by the multitude of MLS’sand the associations they partner with. The fact that these threetogether are able to duplicate the services of the realtorassociations and also provide the additional services they do forbut a fraction of the cost of all the other associations is atestimony to the fulfillment of their developers’ commitment toprovide to real estate professionals the highest level of servicesattainable for the lowest possible price.
  11. 11. Who can join NEMREA?All real estate related professionals are invited to join NEMREA. Theyinclude, but are not limited to:1. Realtors2. Real Estate Agents3. Real Estate Brokers4. Builders5. Home Repair & Re-modelers6. Heating & Cooling Contractors7. Plumbers8. Wall Paper Hangers9. Landscapers10. Appraisers11. Printers12. Home inspector13. Mortgage Brokers & Lenders14. Bankers15. Insurance Agents16. CPA’s17. Attorneys18. Title / Escrow companies19. Real Estate Investors20. Property mangers21. Tax assessors22. All other interested persons
  12. 12. What is the cost?The NEMREA / MLO Annual Membershipfee is $250• No additional charges or fees• No monthly dues
  13. 13. How do I join?It’s EASY, Go to:1. or www.nemichiganrealestateassociation.com2. Go to “ Join Now” ( you will need a credit or debit card)