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Austin cleaning services


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VanBroc is a leading cleaning company offering office cleaning services in Austin TX, which can be contacted on (832) 699 0156.

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Austin cleaning services

  1. 1. Why Hire The Cleaning Company Who Use Environmentally Friendly ProductsHow green is your cleaning company? Lots of companies out there claim to use greenproducts. But they dont offer what we do and may even be trying to greenwash you. VanBroc isa straight up green cleaning company with a difference.Youve probably heard the words "eco-safe" and "non-toxic" used by other cleaning companies.Did you know that there are no official standards for these terms? A company can use thesewords to describe their products with no proof to back up their claims. VanBroc products areenvironmentally friendly and we can back this up because they have the Ecolabel certification.This label is only awarded to products that meet stringent criteria in the assessment of theirimpact on the environment.Other companies may claim that their products are biodegradable. Just because a product usesbiodegradable ingredients does not mean it is safe for the environment. Any organic substancewill biodegrade eventually, even if it takes 800 years. Plus, some products are only"biodegradable" in the presence of oxygen. And certain chemicals such as ammonia arebiodegradable but hardly safe. VanBroc cleaning products contain substances that are readilybiodegradable, with or without oxygen, and are guaranteed to be phosphate free. They meetOECD 301 standards and contain no disinfectants.Even if a cleaning product is truly green it can be less effective than one that uses chemicals.Whats the point of using a product thats gentle on the environment but doesnt do the job? Thegreen cleaning products that VanBroc use contains highly effective bacteria (in place ofphosphates) that give them their cleaning power. The products range from carpet cleaners tokitchen de-greasers and their effectiveness is not compromised one bit.Besides the obvious environmental benefits, our commitment to using truly green products hasother pluses. The health and safety of our employees is not compromised by exposure to toxicchemicals. This means we have happier, healthier, more productive employees. And usingVanBroc as your professional cleaning company ensures that you will not be exposed to harshchemicals and toxic substances either.VanBroc is a leading cleaning company offering office cleaning services in Austin TX, whichcan be contacted on (832) 699 0156. By minimising or eliminating using industrial strengthcleaners, you can help create a cleaner and healthier environment. Therefore, use certifiedgreen Austin cleaning services when sanitizing buildings. VanBroc - Best Cleaning Services in Austin TexasThere are a multitude of commercial cleaning companies in Austin and you may be wondering
  2. 2. why you should choose VanBroc. Well, we have three very good reasons and they all have todo with our exclusive services that give us a competitive edge. We have developed essentialfacets of our business using products and technology that the other companies simply donthave. We believe that these three pillars form a solid infrastructure that makes us a top notch,professional cleaning company. 1. Advanced Green Products: The green cleaning products we use feature the latest advances in biotechnology. VanBroc offers a full range of commercial and industrial cleaners with Ecolabel certification. These highly effective, cutting edge products are used by no other Austin based cleaning company. 2. Advanced Employee Security: VanBroc uses a state of the art time tracking service for our employees. They clock in and out remotely from any cell phone or landline using voice authentication. It is an incredibly efficient, effective and secure system that other Greater Austin, Texas based cleaning companies dont use. 3. Advanced Work and Resource Management: Our cutting edge cleaning system software uses applications such as dynamic floor plans linked to the VanBroc database, space inventory and extensive maintenance schedules. All the information we need to clean your premises is right in front of us. Once again, we are the only cleaning company in Austin to use this technology.VanBroc has invested serious time and money into these areas of our company. We believe thisputs our services light years ahead of the others by providing you with the perfect blend oftechnology, customer care and environmental support. Despite this, our prices remain verycompetitive. We have made our operations so efficient and effective that we can afford to offeryou unbeatable rates. Contact us now for a free estimate and to compare our prices with thecompetition. We think youll be pleasantly surprised that a company, which uses these exclusiveproducts, can offer such competitive rates.The Cleaning Service Austin TX never fails to let you down, making your place in anexceptionally clean and comfortable state. It is just after hiring VanBroc, the leading AustinCommercial Cleaning service provider, you commence to realise that you can have your placeglowing clean and beautiful. Austin Professional Cleaning ServicesAt VanBroc we believe that our commitment to efficiency helps make us one of the mosteffective cleaning companies around. Were on a mission to ensure that everything from thelevel of cleaning ingredients to our analysis of your premises is carefully calibrated. Thisbenefits you in a number of ways: it saves you money, it makes us more effective and ourservices have less impact on the environment.VanBroc uses efficiently produced green cleaning products that have a low environmentalimpact from start to finish. The company that manufactures these products is committed toreducing environmental impact on all levels. From recycling manufacturing waste to providinggroup shipments and keeping packaging to a minimum, these products are created in anenvironmentally conservative manner. In addition, the product formulations are carefullymeasured so the minimum dosage of ingredients is used to do a job effectively. For example,using the same amount of ingredients to clean a mirror that you would use to de-grease a range
  3. 3. hood would be incredibly wasteful. VanBroc believes that maximum results can be achievedwith minimal concentrations of cleaners.VanBroc uses a state of the art cleaning and services management program. This is visualplanning software that allows us to access precise floor plans and detailed room records of yourbuilding. We can quickly and easily calculate exactly how much supplies, time and personnel toassign. Not just to your building, but to each room in your building. This translates into targeted,effective services that cost you less because were not wasting time or resources by guessing.VanBroc efficiency extends to our availability and response times. If you contact our office duringbusiness hours (8 AM to 8 PM weekdays and 10 AM to 3 PM on Saturdays) we can guarantee asame day response time. But since life goes on outside of business hours, we also have a 24hour customer support line. Were there for you, day or night.Best of all, we are local. VanBroc is a Austin based company so were right there in yourneighbourhood, providing quality cleaning services driven by efficiency.We are open 7 days per week and you can effortlessly get in touch with our professional officestaff either over the phone or via e-mail. For any further information about our Janitorial SupplyAustin and San Antonio Cleaning Services visit our website ( We believethat superior solutions exist and we are dedicated to create healthier workplaces. Our JanitorialServices Austin provides natural cleaning that cares about your health and well-being. Why Use a Professional Austin Commercial Cleaning Company?VanBroc understands that everyone has different cleaning needs. We offer a wide range ofAustin cleaning services but we specialize in distinct commercial and professional cleaningareas. Since we specialize, you know that the services we provide are just right for you.We offer targeted cleaning solutions for 5 different environments: 1. The Office 2. Educational Institutions 3. Bars and Restaurants 4. Retail 5. Processing and ManufacturingCleaning out a kitchen grease trap obviously requires different equipment, experience andproducts than cleaning an office. This is why VanBroc pledges to work with you to develop aprogram that is tailored to your sanitation needs. Youll be assigned a Customer RelationsManager who will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that our services aremeeting your expectations.Every facet of what we offer is specialized and this has helped us become an industry leader.Our targeted cleaning ranges from janitorial and carpet cleaning to sanitation specially designedfor the food processing industry. VanBroc offers an incomparable, one time deep cleaning orregular, scheduled visits from our janitorial staff. We train our employees extensively so theybecome experts in the type of cleaning you need them to do. We use brand new, specialized
  4. 4. equipment for each site. Our cleaning products range from degreasers and odour eliminators toseptic tank cleaners. And the dosage of our cleaning products is specially calibrated to matchthe particular task they are being used for. All of our environmentally sound products areguaranteed green, phosphate free and highly effective.While our cleaning methods may vary, our standards do not. All VanBroc services, no matterwhat the type, are held up to the same rigorous criteria using Cleaning Method Statements andQuality Assessment Lists. These measurable standards are completely available to our clientsand are constantly reviewed and updated to match your changing needs. You evolve and so dowe. Just another example of why we became the industry leader in commercial and professionalcleaning.We understand that every home or business is unique - including yours. Whether you’re lookingfor Austin Commercial Cleaning or Janitorial Service Austin TX, our customized servicecontract will give your working environment the complete care it requires. Hiring A Reliable Cleaning CompanyWhen you hire a cleaning company, its about more than just cleaning. Its about trust. Trust thatthe services they are offering are what you paid for. Trust that the cleaners they allow into yourpremises are reliable. And trust that the products they use are safe for everyone.VanBroc has combined advanced technology, exclusive products and an investment in ouremployees to offer you services that you can trust. We understand that letting us into yourpremises is important and we want to do everything we can to honour this. Heres how webelieve we can win your trust.Letting our cleaners into your offices or schools is akin to letting them into your homes. Ourcarefully selected employees are fully insured, trained, and legal to work in the Greater Austin,TX. We use a cutting edge attendance tracking system with voice authentication that ensuresour control over who is being sent to your buildings. We can also track absences and well knowexactly how long an employee has spent cleaning your premises. And we are always availablefor discussion if one of our employees does not meet your expectations.The Ecolabel certified green cleaning products that we use are not only good for theenvironment, theyre safe for you as well. They contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds)from solvents that can be found in other cleaners. VOCs are responsible for compromisedindoor air quality. They can also compromise your health by causing eye, nose and throatirritation, nausea, loss of coordination and liver damage. Obviously, no one wants thesepoisons in their environment. Children and pregnant women are a special concern as they arethe most vulnerable members of the population. VanBroc cleaning products use absolutely nosolvents and a minimal amount of fragrances. So you can trust that your health is beingrespected.We are so confident about earning your trust that we offer you this guarantee: if you are notsatisfied with the job VanBroc does, well dedicate additional resources until its done to yoursatisfaction. There will be no additional cost to you. If youre still not happy, well refund yourmoney.
  5. 5. A professional Austin Cleaning Service company would not just offer cleaning on regularbasis, but will also be one call away. Austin Janitorial Services offers everything at yourdoorstep with reliable specialized services. Austin TX Cleaning Service ProviderTalk to us! VanBroc recognizes the importance of clear, consistent communication between youand your cleaning company. We understand that a cleaning contract is an ongoing, dynamicentity where unexpected issues can arise and situations can change. This is why we insist onopen lines of communication with our clients. Every step of the way.When you sit down with us to discuss your cleaning needs we will work with you to design acustomized cleaning package. We know that every premise is different and a one - size - fits -all cleaning routine is not going to cut it. You will be assigned a Customer Relations Managerwith whom youll have pre-scheduled meetings. Our VanBroc manager will also deal with allyour questions and concerns within 24 hours. Guaranteed. In addition, we have a 24 hourcustomer service line so you are never left waiting and wondering if your concerns are beinglooked into.VanBroc will keep you in the loop regarding the details of your contract as well. If you haveissues with one of our employees, just let us know. Well provide quick resolutions and feedbackso youll know exactly how the situation was handled. If an employee is sick or going to be awayon holiday well give you as much advanced notice as we can and supply a suitablereplacement. Youll even be privy to our guaranteed measurable service levels. They are alwaysavailable for you to examine so youll know exactly what standards are being used and if theyare being met.If you want to know more about our services, you can contact us today for a free, no obligationquote on our competitive prices. We also offer a proposal package complete with an informativeDVD that details our services and benefits. Email us or contact our office any time duringbusiness hours (8 AM - 8 PM weekdays and 10 AM to 3 PM on Saturdays) at 0845 055 9751.Were ready to listen.VanBroc is proud to be distinctive from any other Austin Commercial Cleaning Service. Ourphilosophy is to offer a cleaning service and Janitorial Supply Austin designed from theclient’s perspective with the maximum service levels at exceptional value.