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Global Recruiters Association has a memorable history to be shared with you all. It was started as an Online Facebook Community in the name of 'Cross Border Recruiter Exchange' on 31st March 2011.

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Global Recruiters Association

  1. 1. Global Recruiters AssociationWelcomes You All
  2. 2. GRA HistoryHistoryGlobal Recruiters Association has a memorablehistory to be shared with you all.It was started as an Online Facebook Communityin the name of Cross Border RecruiterExchange’ on 31st March 2011.
  3. 3. GRA HistoryFirst Meet in Bangalore – May 20th 2011
  4. 4. GRA HistoryFirst Meet in Chennai – June 25th 2011
  5. 5. GRA HistoryFirst Meet in Delhi – June 27th 2011
  6. 6. GRA HistoryFirst Meet in Mumbai – October 9th 2011
  7. 7. GRA HistoryFrom there onwards NO LOOKING BACKWe Created Several Valuable Discussions on Recruitment Topics.
  8. 8. GRA Moments
  9. 9. GRA Moments
  10. 10. GRA Moments
  11. 11. GRA MomentsWe Create SMILES  We Share JOY
  12. 12. GRA Moments
  13. 13. GRA Moments
  14. 14. GRA MomentsWe Celebrate our Memorable Moments
  15. 15. GRA Moments
  16. 16. GRA Moments
  17. 17. GRA MomentsUnity is our Strength
  18. 18. GRA Moments
  19. 19. GRA Moments
  20. 20. GRA LaunchFinally, we became a registered NGO Inaugurated on 29th September 2012
  21. 21. GRA, The New BeginningThe Plan• To enhance and contribute for the growth of Recruitment Industry.• GRA would create a best learning environment for the recruiters.• Increase the ability of the recruiters to with stand in the industry.• Work closely with the government and other organizations in the recruitment industry to create better recruitment policies.• To increase the quality of recruiters by conducting seminars, trainings, workshops, etc.• Creating awareness on the bad practices and abolish them from the recruitment Industry.
  22. 22. GRA, The New BeginningThe Plan• Job opportunities for the recruiters associated with GRA India.• To frame and maintain a code of professional ethics and general standards of professional conduct and practice and promote fair competition and healthy trade practices in the recruitment industry.• To institute awards, scholarships etc., for outstanding work to an individual or company in the executive recruitment industry in any selected sphere, such as research and development, export, etc.• Involve in promotional activities and create a brand for us. Welcome sponsors to help our events get financially supported.
  23. 23. GRA, The New BeginningThe Execution• Conduct monthly GRA meetings for the Recruiters to create productive discussions.• Share the industry happenings, issues, suggestions, feedback pertaining to recruitment.• Conduct FREE monthly GRA meetings on the recruitment topics.• A platform to connect the freshers, juniors with the Industry Experts to clarify their doubts.• Create job opportunities for the right person through GRA India.• Conduct job fairs for the specially-abled and other verticals of the industry.• Unite to abolish all the bad practices in the recruitment industry.
  24. 24. GRA, The New BeginningThe ExecutionGRA is not about ME, it is about YOU, WE and US.We are open for suggestions from the experts to improve the quality of GRA.We have not yet completed, This is just the new beginning for us. Come, Lets grow together..!!!