YouTube News - October 2013


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A round up of the latest new features and updates on YouTube summarised in one handy little presentation!

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YouTube News - October 2013

  1. 1. YOUTUBE NEWS FROM October ’13 Monday, 28 October 13
  2. 2. API Blog Creator Blog Global Blog OCTOBER YOUTUBE NEWS 1/10 CREATOR PULSE 2/10 INVIDEO PROGRAMMING API On October 1st, YouTube launched the first ever newsletter for creators, called the Creator Pulse. InVideo Programming lets you reinforce your channel’s brand and drive viewers to other videos or social channels. The newsletter will highlight creative uses of YouTube, plus the latest in product programs and education. The v3 Data API is now offering a number of additional options, including updating a message to tease your latest tweet. Creators can access this by checking “All YouTube Newsletters” on the account notifications page, as well as on the Creator Hub. The API makes it easy for your team to integrate InVideo Programming into your tools and workflow to make them more dynamic and interesting. Source: 2013/10/plug-in-with-the-creator-pulse.html Monday, 28 October 13 Source: spice-up-your-channel-with-invideo.html 21/10 YOUTUBE MUSIC AWARDS Actor and musician Jason Schwartzman is joined by comedian and musician Reggie Watts to host the first-ever live YouTube Music Awards on November 3rd. YouTube Award Nominations across six categories have recently been announced at and you can vote for your favourites as of October 21st. Source: 2013/10/calling-all-music-fans-youtube-music.html
  3. 3. API Blog OCTOBER YOUTUBE NEWS 22/10 EXPANDING PAID CHANNELS In response to requests for flexibility in monetizing content, YouTube have been working with a pilot group of partners to launch their first paid channels; with monthly subscription fees starting at $0.99. This offering is now being made available to eligible partners in good standing with a channel that has least 10,000 existing subscribers. Visit your Account Features page to enable the feature. Source: 2013/10/expanding-paid-channels-to-more.html Monday, 28 October 13 23/10 COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER In an effort to help creators manage their channels, YouTube have announced a new specialised ‘role’ - the communications manager. Page owners can now assign the “communications manager” role to people in charge of engaging followers without giving full access to the connected YouTube channel or permission to edit their overall Google+ page appearance - giving creators more control over what channel managers can access. Source: communications-manager-new-channel.html Creator Blog Global Blog