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Advance production powerpoint


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Advance production powerpoint

  2. 2. Sound Non digetic Digetic sound Soundtrack Getting message across to persuade customers toaphic text popping up over the watch the film.ages , these are bits oformation that the audienceed to be aware of. Background of what the movie is about. Key Elements within a successful movie trailer Get across what type of Props and costumes , this genre the film sends out a good idea about is. the type of genre the film fits. State which certificate audience the film is Different camera angles specified for. of the different types of voice over talking over shots going at different Fast transitions between as the action is paces to try and catch each shot, making trailer happening , specifying your eye , and be glued exciting and intensifying . the date of release of to want to see the film. film.
  3. 3. Marvel Avengers Assemble- cameraangles Film Synopsis "Marvels The Avengers"-the Super Hero team up of a lifetime, featuring iconic Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, Director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins. Cast Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evans Mark Ruffalo Chris HemsworthAction/AdventureSciFi/Fantasy Scarlett Johansson2 hours 22 minutes
  4. 4. Camera angles This shot shows a long shot image of people who live within in the town, caught up in the mishap of war descending upon the town, as complete misery is about to strike as marvel super heroes such as iron men, and the Hulk lead haffock on the town, as peace keeping agency do all they can to stop the town going into a disaster. This is an extreme close up camera angle of the incredible Hulk , he is one of the avengers , who is out to cause mayhem, and destroy the world, it is up to the peace agency to come up with a smart plan to defeat the marvels, and stop them from ruling the town.
  5. 5. Camera angles This is a over the shoulder shot , of which shows 2 characters of which one is feeling the force of the fire going through them, it identifies how dangerous, and how vulnerable the town is , unless the agency can stop the marvels from causing complete chaos. This is a low angle shot of Dr Fury of who is the leader, and is on a mission to get his troops together, and try and save the world from being destroyed. What this camera angle signifies is that he is an important figure , he is a figure of authority , n which everyone follows his orders. What this shot signifies is his authority , and how much power he has, this is also shown in the position of which he takes up, his posture his not slouched, it shows , he is of a demanding personality . This camera angle is an aerial/ establishing shot, what this shot tells us is it identifies what kind of state the area is in, and the establishing shot sets the scene showing all the different surroundings and scenery , us as the audience can identify lots from this
  6. 6. MISE EN – SCENCE- PROPSHere are 4 screenshots from the movie, of which all describe the different props in whichthe different characters had at their disposal, for example in the first image there is apicture of a fire , where cars have been blown up this suggests un rest in the town, andaction is about to take place. The second image describes people dressed up as armypeople are destroying the town throwing, rifle shots through the air , and causingdisharmony and worry among town pedestrians, the next image shows off some of theavengers with armed weaponry, ready to disrupt the city, finally the last image showsanother avenger in which he is shown showing off a borrow arrow. Of everything inwhich i have discussed all the goings on really makes me as a watcher take in the moodand the atmosphere around in the movie, the images give a clear indication of therepresentation of the message in which the movie aims to get across , in creating theright mood and atmosphere shows of the representation in what props the charactersare armed with also gives us the opportunity as viewers to judge weather the film isbeing portrayed correctly to fits it’s genre it is trying to represent.
  7. 7. CostumesEach screenshot shows the different types of costumes in whichthe different characters in the film wear, what the characters weargives us the audience a big signification into the personalities ofeach individual, for example straight away we can identify thatmost costumes worn in the film are black, from this we representblack as danger, i also represent black as either detectives, or badguys on a mission to cause mayhem, and disturb the mood aroundthe city.
  8. 8. SOUNDSound in this film is used to very good affect, for example the dialogue in which is usedthroughout the film is of a very worried and threatening nature , as the avengers are on amission to destroy the world, the good guys who are trying to save it speak verydemanding , and director fury heads the procedure, and the way in which he speaks tells usthat he is the man that people look up to, and other characters are in turmoil thinking thatthe job on their hands is impossible. As a movie trailer this film contains lots of rhythm asthe music which heads the film , is in complete sync to the verbal dialogue and atmosphere, of which the film contains. Straight away at the beginning the audience are eligible toconnect with the film as they can connect with the goings on, as people in the city arerunning away, straight after this there is a voiceover which ensures that you can get aperspective of what is going on. As well as this throughout the trailer there is constantaction this is shown through the digetic sound this sound is of a very vast pace, and is insync with the timing , the sound tells us as the audience that the film is going to be packedfull of entertainment and action. The soundtrack of which the movie is represented by , andthe film uses is a crucial part of the trailer , the reason for this is it sets the pace of what themovie is likely to be like , and you can tell how quick or slow the movie is to get out theblocks. Music tracks also are usually suited to the type of genre the movie is trying toportray, weather it be a comedy , or horror, different vibes are felt through soundtrackwhich is a powerful criteria for a trailer. Within the trailer we see / hear a voiceover, thisvoiceover talks over the action happening at the beginning, however, as the film carries onwe see the image of the person who is doing the voice over from a low angle shot from alow angle shot, up to an angle where we can see the expression on the characters face thisis called a sound bridge.
  9. 9. RepresentationRepresentation is very important when putting together a movie trailer, when looking atrepresentation this means taking into account each of the characters that are going to be taking partin the film and identify what different types of representation they fit in with, and how this particularrepresentation fits in with the chosen genre, in this case action/sci- fi . For example most of thecharacters that appear within in this film wear black costumes, and are dressed up as crime superheroes, which indecently makes you believe that they are villians , and are going to be the vocal pointof the film, and make it difficult, which makes you think that there is going to be a massive job on instopping them from causing mayhem . As well as this the action in which the characters take showsus and tells us a bit about their personalities weather they are in charge and in demand, or weatherthey just wait for instructions, take a back seat and wait for something to happen this can also tell usabout body language and temperament, weather they are patient, or whether they lose their temper, we can then identify which characters will make the most impact in the film and we can decide if theyare sneaky or venerable we can make snap judgements. Also as well we can read what kind ofcharacters we are dealing with through the dialogue in which they speak from this we can identifywhat role in which they take during the film whether they play minor or major parts and discover theirtrue identities. All of this is needed in getting across to the audience watching, if this is done correctlythen the audiences can see as they are watching the evolvement and development of how thecharacters grow and are seen as heroes and villains come out strongly, and can be acknowledged bythe audiences that watch.
  10. 10. GenreFor every film in which is carried out , the films that are created are set out to portray certain genre’sfor example the Marvel avengers is certified as a action, adventure sci fi film , as this is the case theproduction team that put this film together before going out they need to be positive that everyaspect of what the film contained is of the nature of what the certified genre the film is meant to getacross , what this means is all the action that is going on is related to action and adventure, this isthen the expediency of what the audience watching expect to find when observing the film closely .What the audience will be doing is watching to see that the reviews and write ups on the films, andwhat the film describes it contains happens. If this happens then the audience will be satisfied , butmaking sure the film suits the genre is vital because without this being correct, then the feedbackwould get back lashed, and the film would get heavy critics for not being the film designed for what itis shown to represent for those viewing it
  11. 11. Editing- MarvelAvengers When making trailers for movies there are lots of editing which take place the reason for this is because so much needs to happen in the few minutes in which a trailer needs to have, all the different shots are taken at different angles and are moved at various paces the reason for this is so when it is being advertised the viewers who view it at home they are feeling and capturing the tension in which the film is trying to create. At various points through the trailer cuts to different shots, however what is sometimes done as is during this trailer are reverse shots , when a shot is taken it would explain part of what is happening , it would then return to continue the scene later on in that trailer, but still is able to create cliff hangers which then temps the viewing audience to want to check it out. As well as this the type of shot is also zoomed in on the camera lens, what this then shows , is how affective or how dramatic or crucial element of the film is , and makes you think what the film is trying to make you draw out from the action.
  12. 12. Mood , atmosphere , emotional responseWith the movie the Marvel avengers , right from the off the film is fast to get outthe tracks straight away you can identify the storylines, and know theplot/synopsis of what the film will entail, the good thing about knowing about thisis it intensifies your mood from the off , and grips you to your seat where as if it isa slow mover it can take up to 30 minutes until the first eye catching momentappears , which can be a let down for the movie taking too long to get in thestory. Marvel avengers is a prime example of a fast paced action movie as actionis quick to happen as haffolk descends on the town, and war begins, whilstwatching the trailer the response in which the audience receive from this ispositive as throughout the film the action is very consistent as this is an actionfilm the mood in which the audience will have a theme to make sure that theaudience who watch the film are indulging in anticipation, and are left hanging onthe edge of their seats , hence the type of genre action.
  13. 13. effects/ use ofgraphics Here I have stated different images from marvel avengers movie, each of which have a message behind them, these messages indicate the mood, atmosphere that surrounds the film . From each clip we can identify that the film is very action based , for example endless crowds of people results in danger, we can tell this because they a runny in a hurry, next explosions are appearing, we can tell from this that the town is in a unsecure and vulnerable position, and some war against the town in proceeding, then we have all the different superheroes in which we can tell that they are in force together, and look ready for battle, and finally all the explosions give the audience a sense that the city is not safe, and choas will happen as it needs to be resolved.
  14. 14. NarrativeBasically the narrative follows a city which is in perel as it is about to be the point of war, and all thepeople who are in the city are in danger for their lives as war starts, and Marvel super heroes such as ironman, Hulk and friends are in demand to cause chaos and destroy the city. Meanwhile as this is happeningthe peace making agency know as S.H.IELD , head of this is director fury does everything in his power tostop the super heoores from causing unrest in the city and destroying the world,as well as the peopleliving in it, his job is to make the city a peaceful place again, but with the assistance of his agency .However the question is will be able to do it in time before the super heores which include Hulk , Thor,and iron man take over.
  15. 15. bymovie|f The five year engagement Film Synopsis Beginning where most romantic comedies end, a look at what happens when an engaged couple, Violet and Tom, keeps getting tripped up on the long walk down the aisle and the strain it puts on their relationship. Budget: Cast $30,000,000 (estimated) Emily Blunt Opening Weekend: Jason Segel $10,610,060 (USA) (29 April Alison Brie 2012) (2936 Screens) Rhys Ifans Gross: Chris Pratt $28,644,770 (USA) (17 June 2012) Genre- Comedy Distributor- Universal Domestic Total as of Jun. 21, 2012: $28,700,285
  16. 16. Camera Angles This is a 2 shot of the couple violet and Tom who are on the verge of getting married, and tom is about to pop the question at this venue , it is a romantic atmosphere , and this shots shows how passionate they are towards each , and gives off an indication to the audience how close they are to one another. This is a point of view shot of which it has just been announced that violet has received a scholarship , for a placement in which she has to move away for a year in which to start her new job, the expression on tom’s faces a look of concern as the wedding has to be put off while violet pursues her job ambitions for uni of Michigan for 2 years. This shows a close up of violet’s facial expression when tom pops the question and asks violet to marry him, it shows the joy and elation in her face, and shows her eagerness to get the process of marriage started.
  17. 17. Camera angles This is a tracking shot, these shots happen when the camera is moved along to keep up with the continuous camera angles of different girlfriends that Tom has had , this is a fast , and in-depth look which draws the audiences attention in the direction of the screen This is a point of view shot of which violet tells Tom that she has been promoted in her new job, and she will have to stay in Michigan longer, he struggles to get his head round it, and is starting to change his mind about how happy he really is that Violet stay has been exstended, which then grips the audience into wondering what the next step for the couple will be.
  18. 18. Camera angles This is a mid shot of Violet in which shows her facial expressions to the reaction of being told that her stay could be extended longer, however this shot only shows from the waist up, and shows her content with the work that she has been putting in. This is a close up of a web chat with the family of bride to be , of which they have a conversation to see and make sure when the wedding is planned from the expressions on their faces there is worry and concern how long the wedding will take to get underway. This is a subjective angle , this happens when we can see the subject, and this then is able to engage with the audience to involve them to understand and build memorable moments within the film as you can see here Violet and Tom are babysitting , and have aloud the child to get hold of a crossbow.
  19. 19. Mise en scene- Props This prop is a big interactive screen , where the best mate of tom’s is here demonstrating, and digging into tom’s past, in which shows all the different girls in which tom has been with. This prop shows violets family sitting around the table which shows both of the families of Tom and violet who are wondering when their marriage will take place, however as they are talking to family members , us as the audience can see a sense of uncertainty about a finalised date to get wed which is a worry. Here is another prop , in which is used in the film, it is a type of networking , Violet and tom were talking to their parents about the wedding and when it will be taking place, their concern is the amount of time taking to make arrangements for the wedding, warning them if you leave it to late something may happen.
  20. 20. Costumes Here shows the to be couple violet and Tom , here shows them dressed up in a formal, from this representation of how they dress this shows us they are dressing to impress one another, and make good impressions, it also tells us that some big event is about to take place. These out fits show them having a mini party before the actual wedding , the outfits which are on show are very suitable to the event in which is happening they are all dressed smartly for the event, with excitement and joyful time ahead.
  21. 21. SoundAt every point during the trailer of the film, the sound in which has been used to brilliant affect in this film, it isused for different purposes , for example during the film it is a very long journey with ups and downs , and thetrailer wants to express this to the audience watching, for example as Violet and Tom’s wedding plan’s are goingup in the air , background music is played with a Montague of different shots showing the patching times, this isfitting to the type of atmosphere that the movie director wanted to create he used the track it’s OK CREATEDBY CE-LO GREEN , the rhythm of the choice of the choice of music gets out the message whatever happens inyour life and you have plans, plans may get delayed but they will be eventually sorted out , and you will get donewhat you started and were meaning to do, this message was meant to be bolstered out to the viewing audiencewho watched the film. The music that is played for trailers are symbols of moods that are been created within thecharacters frame of mind the camera angles issue the expressions on the characters faces , showing emotion ofhow they are feeling, the viewers watching are then able to identify how the character is coming across andfeeling at this moment. At the begining of the trailer the intro music is again fitting to the type of genre it ispromoting Plan B she said this is fitting song for people who are going to get Wed. Each type of sound that is useis suited to the film, and is in time and in sync with the movie trailer, they also give the viewers expectations ofgoings on in the film , the mood tempered, or happy and relaxed, violent for example.
  22. 22. RepresentationIn this film representation is also vitally important for example the main representations in which the film is trying torepresent and get out to the target audience , in this case the target audience are boy friends and girlfriends , and potentialcouples or married couples who are together , however the comedy element that is put in place makes other type ofaudiences enjoy this film as well. During the film the film represents real life events and shows the process of the marriagecouple and the consistent journey in which they find themselves ups and downs always having problems along the way, ofthe characters within the film having watched the film watching the main characters , the way in which they act for examplebride to be Violet is an ambitious girl, we see this when she recieves the letter from the uni of michigan saying that she hasgot her placement , but will have to move over there in order to per sue this move any further, what this meant was a changefor both violet and Tom, violet who has to change where she is living, and Tom will have to give up his position as a chef, andfind a new job in Michigan. This also went that the wedding which was going to planned would have to be postponed for awhile still not knowing when the most suitable time is for this, as an audience member watching this we identified the unconvincing thoughts on the date’s twice during the film, once when the parents of the to be wed couple were discussingwhen they had arranged for, and when they were on web chat both times we noticed how unconvinced they were of whenthe big day is going to arrive . The representations that I associate from violet is that she is very Driven, Ambitious andfiesty. On the otherside Tom has much more to get to grips the movement to Michigan, the re arranged wedding , newplacement , the extension of her job of which he is not conviced he can be happy where ihe is beyond the orginal point of 2years at the placement of which Violet is studying.
  23. 23. GenreWith this film the five year engagement it clearly shows what type of genre movie in which it is trying topromote we can pick apart lots of different details from the trailer which helps us signify and identify thetype of trailer in which the fiver year engagement is showing us, for example the main basis of the filmfollows the constant journey of 2 people and their family and friends. It takes us through the highs andlows of their relationships and the difficult strains that different situations put on their relationship, andmove them closer to disruption, and thinking that question will we ever get married Also thesoundtracks which play on the trailer whilst you are viewing the film trailer give a big indication to thetype of genre it is following, the five year engagement is all about love, this is promoted quite well duringthe trailer with carefully handpicked music to suit the mood/ atmosphere of the situation in hand or thecharacters point of view how they are feeling at the time of that particular shot, the music is pickedcarefully so the audience know what kind of tempo the movie is at. With genre the movie also has tothink about what type of audience it is going to be generated to, so it has to have the right mixture tomatch and suit the film weather it be a comedy factor, a serious film, or an animated film, the techniquesthat are put in place have to fit the genre of film.
  24. 24. NarrativeThis film follows the ups and downs of a couple called Violet and Tom of who want to get married, however with hersister already wed to tom’s best mate and them not wed yet she cannot believe her sister is married before she is, themassive turning point in the film is when they finally pluck the courage to ask one another and say yes Violet receivesa letter from a Uni of which she has applied for a job in Michigan of which has been accepted for a 2 year course , inwhich means sacrifies have to be made by both parties , delays, misaps, and dissapoint along the way, plus Violetgetting a job extension hence one of the reasons it is called the five year engagement
  25. 25. Atmosphere, Mood, emotional responseHaving been able to watch the film I have got a more solid idea about of how this film makes the audiencefeel, firstly I am going to start with the atmosphere in which the film surrounds straight away by the namethe five year engagement you know what you were expecting, and although It took the couple a while totie the knot the atmosphere which the film had was still a very quirky and upbeat film it did not disappointalthough they did not have the wedding straight away, all the different obstacles in which got in the way ,the action was pretty much none stop , with action all the way which made the atmosphere exciting,however in the film it was a non stop rocky path, with horrific consequences and massive lessons learnt.the mood within the film changed throughout, the mood all depended on the situation of which wastaking place as to the different characters mood and reaction were weather they were happy, sad, or evenangry they changed into different moods depending on the circumstances , with reference to thecharacters moods it was quite easy to identify for a viewer as the body language showed off how theywere feeling at that present moment, and why they were feeling the way they were. This helped theaudience watching understand what the mood was like for some of the characters in the film, and howmuch pressure and frustration they felt, as different obstacles are getting in the way , as the big weddingday arises. Finally as far as emotional response this is shown throughout the film as we grow to see thehighs and the lows of the characters who are getting married and the struggles that they come to face, wethen begin to understand how and why the journey has become so difficult, and as we put together thepieces for ourselves we begin to understand and be able to connect with the storyline of which is trying tobe created, and then see why it has taken the couple so long to be a couple, with some comedy elementsadded to keep the audience on it’s toes.
  26. 26. Editing Here I have shown different clips of the film these are called a Montague of clips in which are clips that are put together in chronological order in which to show a significant key of events that take place , for example each one of the clips in which I have chosen have a significance behind them, the first one the couple are trying to find each other after a night out , but has you can see bad luck has struck as violet gets hit by the car , this can be taken 2 ways as a comedy element, or you feel sorry for everything going wrong for her, next we see the couple sitting down together in a for boyant mood trying not to let anythig get to them, and continue to be upbeat about everything working out, next a look back at when they first met each at the costume party, and how they first went about connecting with one another, finally was the inevitable the delay that it takes to be a couple, the wait was to long as one of the relatives close to Violet had died more bad luck, this is one of the final straws we the audience watching think to themselves is this ever going to happen.
  27. 27. Ted Comedy 1 hours 46 minutes for crude and sexual content, pervasive language, and some drug use Seth MacFarlane Release01/08/2012 Budget: $50,000,000 (estimated) Opening Weekend: $54,415,205 (USA) (1 July 2012) (3239 Screens) Gross: $119,849,740 (USA) (8 July 2012)
  28. 28. Camera angles This is a close up shot of John and his bear sat beside each other, the image portrays how John has grown up , and this shot shows the close bond in which shows how close they have become. This shot is an establishing shot in which sets the scène to where the film is going to take place , and where the film begins the setting is very bright , and looks as if we are going to get an in-depth look into the storyline. This shot is a 2 shot it shows John and Ted close together it shows how much they are close, that they are a very tight bond , which they are together at every point.
  29. 29. Camera angles
  30. 30. Mise en scene - props This is a point of view shot , this shot shows the 2 in the car , and shows the comedy element showing Ted driving the vehicle this is an interesting view point , this is because in real life you would not see this happen a teddy bear driving but it gives the film a sense of humour, and unique with a sense of originality. Here shows a close up shot of Ted in the middle of all his girlfriends having a party, leading a life of luxury, which is quite a quirky and bizarre considering this would not happen in real terms this film very much pushes imagination in a comedy way. Here is a long shot it shows John and Ted walking down the street together, the surroundings give a feeling as to what kind of state the town they live in is, and what type of place that they live in.
  31. 31. costume
  32. 32. costume