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This is latest version of Tablet, that is PaperTab.

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Vamsi krishna

  1. 1. ARTIFACT On PaperTabBy:- S.Vamsi Krishna
  2. 2. Contents:- Introduction What is PaperTab? Features Configuration Working Advantages Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction:- PaperTab is developed to overcome the failures of the devices like the Que and the PL 100 of PlasticLogic.
  4. 4. Cont… PaperTab’s, created at Queens University of Canada in partnership with Intel Labs and Plastic Logic, look similar to sheets of paper with black printing.
  5. 5. What is PaperTab?• Tablets form as a flexible, paper-like touch screen computer called PaperTab.• The PaperTab, which looks and feels just like a sheet of color paper.• The tablet form factor is typically smaller than a notebook computer but larger than a smartphone.• PaperTab is a full-fledged tablet, able to send an email with a flick of a corner.
  6. 6. Cont… PaperTabs are actually flexible computers powered by the latest Intel chips with 10.7-inch touchscreens and the ability to interact with other pieces of electronic paper. The main aim of PaperTab is to Display several app’s (or) windows on a Single sheet of paper.
  7. 7. Features: Simple 10.7-inch high-resolution screen Plastic logic & Flexible touchscreen Can be used as 10 or more multiple display Plastic touch screen display Interactive Display
  8. 8. Configuration:- Operating System : WindowsCE Processor : Intel Core i5 CPU Speed : 800MHz Flash Storage : 4GB
  9. 9. Working: PaperTab relies on an interface that lets the user combine and merge elements from disparate applications with intuitive dragging, dropping, pointing and folding. Using several PaperTabs makes it much easier to work with multiple documents The Intel i5 processor is housed in an outside unit, which connects to all of the PaperTabs
  10. 10. Cont… Unlike tablets, which switch between apps on a single display, multiple PaperTabs are designed to be used together. Each tab acts as a window for separate applications, but they still interact with each other.
  11. 11. How to use? For example, to reply to an email within the inbox on one PaperTab, one simply touches the email with another PaperTab and curl the top right corner. A keyboard instantly appears on the PaperTab to type the message; to add a photo, find the photo on another PaperTab and touch it directly to the email reply, The photo instantly appears within the email message. Users also can instantly pick up documents by touching one PaperTab to another distant PaperTab with a group of PDF icons.
  12. 12. Preview
  13. 13. Advantages: Flexible Unbreakable Simple
  14. 14. Advantages:- By using PaperTab we can read e-books easily and turn the pages by bending the screen. Using several PaperTabs makes it much easier to work with multiple documents. Multiple PaperTabs can be placed side by side, in order to create a large display surface.
  15. 15. Microsoft Paper TabletSurface Tablet
  16. 16. Paper Tab comparison with TabletTablet PaperTab Breakable  Unbreakable Somewhat Difficult to  Easy to Carry carry High Cost  Less Cost High power consumption  Low power consumption
  17. 17. Conclusion: