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Portfolio web

  1. 1. work Psd Photoshop client AI Illustrator agency ID In Design illustrator FH11 FreeHand 11 photographer FL Flash copywriter FC Final Cut media
  2. 2. logo design AI, FH11
  3. 3. Logo, Corporate Image Minoia Board Co. AI, PSD, FH11
  4. 4. Publications Minoia Board Co. Valentina Verga Psd, FH11, AI,ID
  5. 5. design for t.shirt Minoia Board Co. AI
  6. 6. CD + Booklet Emanuele Maniscalco Valentina Boner Psd, AI, ID
  7. 7. Cirri Valledoro Sara Serena Alberto Mancini Psd, FH11
  8. 8. Claudette Valledoro Sara Serena Alberto Mancini Valentina Verga Psd, FH11
  9. 9. Illustration for packaging Mico sport Raineri Design FH11
  10. 10. Corporate Image Mico sport Raineri Design FH11, Psd, AI
  11. 11. Characters Akuna Matata Akuna Matata AI, fh11, Psd
  12. 12. P/drink Pack Parma F.C. Raineri Design AI
  13. 13. Design for t.shirt Gerosa Outproduzioni AI
  14. 14. Poster Design AI, Psd, ID, Fh11
  15. 15. Skateboard Deck AI, Psd, Fh11