Wind presentation v4 by Tim Ryan


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Draft (4) of Tim Ryan's Presentation on 5th Nov 2013 at The Beehive, Co.Wicklow. Ireland.

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Wind presentation v4 by Tim Ryan

  1. 1. Ballynagran – Communtiy wind turbine project 5th November 2013 Proposed Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine
  2. 2. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine Introductions: •Ballynagran Energy + Community • Established to assist the Ballynagran Community benefit from the Community Landfill Levy Who are we? • Various smaller projects including Household Energy Survey, BER Ratings, Energy monitors etc. •MosArt • MosArt is an architectural design practice owned by Tomas O’Leary and Art McCormack • Christoph Walter has acted as Project Manager for the Ballynagran Energy + Project and is currently Chairman of the Energy Sub-Committee Tim Ryan ( • Independent Chartered Energy Advisor (part time, voluntary basis). • Volunteer in Ballynagran Energy +, member of the Energy Sub-Committee • Coordinated all Glenealy Village Hall Projects 2011- 2013 • Advised O’Hanlon Herbs on selection and installation of biomass (woodchip) heating system for their large herb producing greenhouses in Glenealy.
  3. 3. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine What is in this for the us? •Mosart: •MosArt is involved in a European INTERREG co-funded ZECO2S (Zero Emission Certification Scheme) project which aims to assist communities to lower their carbon footprint. Ballynagran is MosArt’s research community for this ZECO2S project. The proposed wind turbine would be an important demonstration project for ZECO2S. •Assistance to the wind turbine project by MosArt is being provided free of charge to the community and MosArt will not benefit financially from the project. •Tomas O’Leary, co-founder of MosArt lives in the basin area and could eventually benefit from the project in the same way as any other resident in this community. •Energy+ Volunteers : •No members of the Energy+ Committee will receive fees or financial benefit for assistance provided with this project. Those who live in the basin area could eventually benefit from the project in the same way as any other resident in this community. So why help? My personal reasons are : •Improving the planet for my children and future generations. •Assisting a local community to benefit from a real opportunity •There is potential to replicate this through Ireland which could make a real difference
  4. 4. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine What is proposed? Today’s Proposal: • A small, single wind turbine to generate electricity for sale to the national grid for the benefit of the Ballynagran Basin Community • In the 2011 community survey, 80% of respondents stated that they were, in principle, in favour of a community wind farm. This prompted the Energy SubCommittee to proceed to this stage. • Todays proposal is much smaller and therefore a more realistic proposition.
  5. 5. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine What is proposed? Today’s Proposal: • A Turbine up to 500kw is not required to go through the ESB “Gate” process for connection, and has less planning requirements. These two factors greatly reduce costs and time to installation. (6-12 months Vs 10+ years). • It is proposed that this project would be developed by the community for the benefit of the community.
  6. 6. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine What is the scale of the proposed Turbine? Arklow Bank 75m Hub Height 100m Diameter Ballynagran Turbine 40m Hub Height 40m Diameter 220kV Pylon 45m High Dublin Spire 125m Height
  7. 7. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine Where is the proposed location?
  8. 8. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine Why was this location selected? • The area identified has a good wind resource, sufficient to make this project viable & provide income for the community. • The area is furthest away from residential houses within the Ballynagran Basin (minimum 500m so potential for noise and shadow flicker is minimised) • There is potential to lease land from a land owner within the community (open fair competition). The land owner would receive a small rental income for the site and access. • A small area is required for the turbine base and sub-station building (turbine does not compromise remainder of field). A solid access road is required for cranes to install.
  9. 9. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine Why was • The area proposed is close to an existing HV electricity line this location thereby reducing connection costs. selected? • The area is accessible through existing or new access roads for installation & maintenance • The area is well screened from most locations within the Ballynagran Basin through either topology or hedgerow . • We will demonstrate likely views from all areas later in evening.
  10. 10. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine What will it look like in the location? View D: from Kilkandra
  11. 11. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine What will it look like in the location? View A : from N11 north of Beehive
  12. 12. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine What will it look like in the location? View C: from N11 north of Beehive
  13. 13. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine What will it look like in the location? View B: from Wicklow road east of Beehive
  14. 14. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine What are the costs? (Based on a used, but fully reconditioned Vestas Turbine.) Why a used Turbine? Due to the size of turbine proposed, there are many reconditioned models available which generate a significant amount of electricity. A new turbine would generate slightly more, but not enough to justify the additional costs involved in purchasing a new one.
  15. 15. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine What is the generation capacity •While the proposed Turbine is small, and an older design, it has been proven to generate a high level of electricity •Based on available wind levels, it is estimated that the turbine will generate approximately €82,000 worth of electricity per annum (based on current electricity rates) •This is equivalent to enough electricity for approximately 250 homes •It can be quickly connected to the grid (due to small scale <500kw)
  16. 16. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine Are there ongoing costs? • Financing costs (depending on level of grant support): €20,000 €50,000 per annum over 15 years @ 5%. • Maintenance Costs: €4,000 YES: (*all costs approximate) • Insurance: €1,000 • Land Lease :€2,000 • Accountancy Fees (Trust): €1,000 • Sinking Fund (Future repairs etc.): €4,000 • Profit: €20,000 - €50,000 Per Annum (depending on % grant funding) for the community.
  17. 17. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine What is in this for the Ballynagran Community? •Potential for an income stream, generated within the Ballynagran Community for the sole benefit of the Ballynagran Community. •All profits would be owned and controlled by the community through a trust (with charitable status), run by members of the community. •The community can agree how the income/benefits are allocated, i.e. those most effected by the Landfill (or the turbine) could benefit the most. •What could the Ballynagran Community use the net income for?
  18. 18. You Control Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine 3rd Level Grants Free Calls So what's new there? Internet Business The Money…
  19. 19. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine Free or reduced cost Electricity, Heating Oil or Waste Collection, through bulk purchase and Community Fund discounts.
  20. 20. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine Why Not Cash??
  21. 21. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine What are the down-sides of this proposal? Common arguments against wind turbines are: •Visual Impact •Shadow Flicker •Noise •Electro-magnetic effects (power lines)
  22. 22. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine 15% 35% 13 % Also consider wind direction, Turbine only fully visible if up or down wind. % Minimal from most directions due to screening, detailed views from throughout the community available after this presentation. 15 Visual Impact: 45m Pylons
  23. 23. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine 33% Sun always to South Changes height in the sky through the year 15% Turbine can be programmed to stop at set times on set days every year if required. 10 % Screening prevents shadow flicker. % Very short term effect caused by the turbine blades turning in the direct path between the sun and the viewer. 10 Shadow Flicker:
  24. 24. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine Noise: 10 % Noise is caused by swish of turbine blades and shaft rotation. 33% Relatively low, worst down wind, can increase with which screens it. 15% background noise 10 % speed, but so does
  25. 25. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine ElectroMagnetic Effects: Not applicable as MV & HV Power Lines are already in place. HV -------MV
  26. 26. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine Next Steps? Ask Community for feedback on proposal (feedback form). •If feedback is positive: •Commence discussions with landowners re exact location. •Confirm proposed turbine location & agree rental SPP. •Proceed with Planning Permission & Grid Connection Applications •If Planning and ESB Connection are approved, community will need to establish a Trust, we will assist. •Grant Applications, Funding, Installation – Power….. •If Feedback is negative: •No further progress on this proposal.
  27. 27. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine Conclusion •We believe that this is a real opportunity for the community most effected by the landfill to finally benefit from the community levy fund, which to date has mostly gone elsewhere. •If this Turbine is installed, regardless of the future of the landfill, the Ballynagran Basin Community will have a source of income into the future. •This project could lead to other opportunities for this community to benefit from other grants or initiates, or expand the range of discounts etc. available to residents.
  28. 28. Ballynagran Community Wind Turbine Thank you. Any Questions?