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Knowledge plus series i 021113


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"Knowledge Plus for Wealth + " will give you the overview of the recent happenings in the financial market.
Life Insurance is critical because your responsibilities as an income earner don’t end with you. You need to create safety net for your family which will help them to be financially secured in case of your absence. For this purpose, Life Insurance is the best financial tool.

In this issue, we will cover:
- Latest Happenings in the Financial Markets
- Introduction To Life Insurance
- Understanding Need of Life Insurance
- Factors to consider for taking Adequate Cover
- Types of Life Insurance
- Conclusion
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Knowledge plus series i 021113

  1. 1. VALUE PLUS - The Family Office KNOWLEDGE PLUS For Wealth Plus+ From Research Desk 02nd November 2013
  2. 2. Hot Topic Of The Week Life Insurance – Creating Safety Net for Your Family Knowledge Plus for Wealth +
  3. 3. Last week at the Financial Markets!!! News Impact • Core industries, (which include coal, • natural gas, refinery products and crude • oil, with a weight of about 38% in the Index of Industrial Production (IIP)) grew at a • year high of 8% in September against 3.7% growth in August 13. • RBI announced 1)Hike Repo rate by 25 bps, 2)Reduce MSF rate and bank rate by 25 bps, 3)Increase short term liquidity for banks • • Positive impact on IIP number Sentiment may turn positive for economy growth Import of energy products may reduce. Null impact on 10 year G-sec yield. Short term cost of borrowing will decrease Positive for banking sector. • • • SENSEX was up by 513 points (+2.48) and closed to 21196 at end of the week. (FIIs) remained net buyers in equity with net inflow of Rs. 5378.90 crore and net sellers in debt segment with net outflow of Rs. 1919.1 crore. Knowledge Plus for Wealth +
  4. 4. Last week at the Financial Markets!!! Price Performance of Different Asset Class Post event (RBI and FED meeting) adjustment was seen in financial market. Knowledge Plus for Wealth +
  5. 5. Next Week in the Financial Markets...? • HSBC Service PMI will be released on November 5th, 2013. • Cement dispatch data number will be released in next week. Knowledge Plus for Wealth +
  6. 6. Hot Topic Of The Week Life Insurance – Creating Safety Net for Your Family Knowledge Plus for Wealth +
  7. 7. Introduction • Life Insurance is critical because your responsibilities as an income earner don’t end with you. • When your family members/dependants depend on you financially, it is imperative for you to buy life insurance and ensure a financially secure future for your dependants. • Life Insurance is best instrument to provide same lifestyle to family by providing eternal legacy. Knowledge Plus for Wealth +
  8. 8. Why Life Insurance? • As life insurance provides protection for uncertainties of life, it will bring you and your family peace of mind. • This also helps to add more financial security to your family as well as leave an inheritance. • It can assist in supplementing your retirement by making sure your retirement savings lasts as long as you do. • It can safeguard business from financial loss, liabilities or instability in the case of the death of business partner/owner. Knowledge Plus for Wealth +
  9. 9. Factors to be considered • Insurance Cover must change with change in following factors: – Change in Income – Change in Spending Habits/ Life style – Changes in Liabilities like Housing Loan – Changes in Goals like Child’s Education, Marriage Knowledge Plus for Wealth +
  10. 10. Types of Life Insurance • Term Insurance – It is a pure risk cover policy that protects the insured for specific period of time. – In case the insured survives the specific period, the premium paid are not returned back. • Unit Linked Insurance Plans – They are market linked insurance products that provide combination of life cover and wealth creation options. – It involves high cost due to various charges like premium allocation charges, administration charges and fund management charges. Knowledge Plus for Wealth +
  11. 11. Types of Life Insurance • Endowment Plans – It is combination of risk cover with financial savings. – Policy holder benefits in two ways from a Pure Endowment Plan. In case of death during the tenure, the beneficiary gets the sum assured. If the individual survives the policy tenure, he gets back the premium paid with other investment returns and benefits like bonuses. – Other variant is Whole Life Policy in which cover is provided throughout his life term. – Other endowment plan is Money Back Policy where it gives periodic payments during the term of policy. In other words, a portion of the sum assured is paid out at regular intervals. Knowledge Plus for Wealth +
  12. 12. Way Ahead • In the next quarter, Insurance industry may come with unique products and unique concepts. Knowledge Plus for Wealth +
  13. 13. Conclusion • Different plans are suitable for different people. • The selection of the plan is to be done taking into consideration your income, spending habits/lifestyle, liabilities, past investments and such other factors. • For this purpose, you need an unbiased advice of expert. Knowledge Plus for Wealth +
  14. 14. THANK YOU Research Desk @ VALUE PLUS - The Family Office Office: (0265 -2324600,6629800) Email: Website: Knowledge Plus for Wealth +